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This service implements the Indexer and Searcher interface of WebLab and connect to a remote SOLR engine in order to realize the functions. The connection is mandatory and thus the remote SOLR server should be started beforehand. Configuration of the SOLR server URL is found in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/cxf-servlet.xml . See in particular "indexerServiceBean" and "searcherServiceBean". Moreover, the service implements several "Analyser" services that could be included in a complete search chain in order to: - enrich a ResultSet with metadata about Hits (see resultSetMetaEnricherServiceBean) - highlight snippet in ResultSet (see highlighterServiceBean) - provide facets related to the current results (see facetSuggestionServiceBean) - suggest spell correction of the original query (see spellSuggestionServiceBean)

homepage: weblab.ow2.org
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