group: org.ow2.weblab.service

fresh name packaging artifact id
Annotation cleaner component war annotation-cleaner
Blank Lines Remover war blank-lines-remover
contentConsumer-service jar contentConsumer-service
contentProvider-service jar contentProvider-service
Resource Container using file system. war file-repository
folder-crawler-service war folder-crawler-service
folder-source-reader war folder-source-reader
Gate Extraction war gate-extraction
Local file Exposer war local-file-exposer
Language Extraction component war ngramj-language-extraction
Simple Resource Container using file system. war simple-file-repository
Simple Gazetteer war simple-gazetteer
Solr duplicates detector WebLab Web Service war solr-duplicates-detector
Solr Indexer/Searcher WebLab Web Service war solr-engine
String Query Creator war stringquery-creator-service
Normaliser using Tika war tika-normaliser
XML specific normaliser using Xpath. war xml-normaliser

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