group: org.ow2.shelbie

fresh name packaging artifact id
OW2 Shelbie :: Core bundle shelbie-core
OW2 Shelbie :: Startup Console bundle shelbie-startup-console
OW2 Shelbie :: Command Build Support pom build-support
OW2 Shelbie :: Gogo Commands jar shelbie-gogocommands
OW2 Shelbie SSH :: Server bundle shelbie-ssh-server
OW2 Shelbie :: Command Testing jar shelbie-command-testing
OW2 Shelbie :: Commands :: Built-in bundle shelbie-commands-builtin
OW2 Shelbie Scheduler :: Service bundle shelbie-scheduler-service
OW2 Shelbie :: API bundle shelbie-api
OW2 Shelbie :: IT jar shelbie-core-it
OW2 Shelbie Scheduler pom shelbie-scheduler
OW2 Shelbie Scheduler :: Commands bundle shelbie-scheduler-commands
OW2 Shelbie SSH pom shelbie-ssh
OW2 Shelbie SSH :: Commands bundle shelbie-ssh-commands
OW2 Shelbie :: Parent POM pom parent
OW2 Shelbie :: Command Archetype maven-archetype shelbie-command-archetype
OW2 Shelbie :: Commands pom shelbie-commands
OW2 Shelbie :: Commands :: Hello bundle shelbie-commands-hello
OW2 Shelbie Reactor pom shelbie
OW2 Shelbie :: Core Blueprint extension bundle shelbie-core-blueprint-extension

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