group: org.ow2.cmi

fresh name packaging artifact id
CMI: API: Client jar cmi-api-client
CMI: Load-balancing jar cmi-lb
CMI: Administration jar cmi-admin
CMI: JNDI jar cmi-jndi
CMI: Common Core jar cmi-core-common
CMI: Core Server jar cmi-core-server
CMI: HA jar cmi-ha
CMI: Components: Event jar cmi-components-event
CMI: JGroups jar cmi-jgroups
CMI: RMI jar cmi-rmi
CMI: RPC jar cmi-rpc
CMI: EJB2 jar cmi-ejb2
CMI: Examples: Base jar cmi-example-base
CMI: Core Client jar cmi-core-client
CMI: API: Server jar cmi-api-server
CMI: API pom cmi-api
CMI: Smart Factory jar cmi-smartfactory
CMI: JMS jar cmi-jms
CMI: Config jar cmi-config
CMI: Examples: Interactive: Base jar cmi-examples-interactive-base
CMI: Coordinator jar cmi-coordinator
CMI: All bundle cmi-all
CMI: Loaders bundle cmi-loader
CMI: Examples: Integration tests: Client jar cmi-examples-client
CMI: Components pom cmi-components
CMI: Components: Security jar cmi-components-security
CMI: Examples pom cmi-examples
CMI pom cmi
CMI: Examples: Interactive pom cmi-examples-interactive
CMI: Examples: Interactive: Client jar cmi-examples-interactive-client
CMI: Examples: Interactive: Server jar cmi-examples-interactive-server
CMI: Examples: Integration tests pom cmi-examples-itests
CMI: Examples: Integration tests: Server jar cmi-examples-server
CMI: Modules pom cmi-modules

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