group: org.ow2.bonita

fresh name packaging artifact id
Bonita - Server jar bonita-server
Bonita - Client library jar bonita-client
Bonita - Utils jar bonita-utils
Bonita - Common Util jar bonita-util-common
Bonita - Public Interfaces jar bonita-api
Bonita - Public Interface Objects jar bonita-api-obj
Bonita - PVM jar bonita-pvm
Bonita - Service Interfaces jar bonita-services
Bonita - Runtime classes jar bonita-engine
Bonita pom bonita-runtime
Bonita - Public Interface FullObjects jar bonita-api-fullObj
Bonita - Public Interface Object implementations jar bonita-api-obj-impl
Bonita - Examples jar bonita-examples
Bonita - Public Interfaces Accessor jar bonita-api-accessor
Bonita - Services Implementation jar bonita-services-impl
Bonita - xCmis war war bonita-xcmis-war
Bonita - Environment classes jar bonita-env
Bonita - Core engine jar bonita-core
Bonita - Integration Test Suite jar bonita-tests
Bonita - Public Interfaces Implementations jar bonita-api-impl
Bonita - Client Distribution pom bonita-distrib-client
Bonita - XPDL 1.0 Parser jar bonita-parser-xpdl
Bonita - Identity Service jar bonita-identity
Bonita - Public Interface FullObject implementations jar bonita-api-fullObj-impl
Bonita - Templates jar bonita-template
Bonita - Persistence service based on Hibernate jar bonita-hibernate
Bonita - Process Deployment jar bonita-deployment
Bonita - Documentation pom bonita-doc
Bonita - Common performance module jar bonita-perf-common
Bonita - Performance tests module jar bonita-perf
Bonita - Text Console jar bonita-textui
Bonita - Server Environment Bindings jar bonita-server-env
Bonita - Public Interfaces EJB Implementations jar bonita-api-impl-ejb
Bonita - Integration Tests - Jonas4 pom bonita-tests-jonas4
Bonita - Ant tasks jar bonita-ant-tasks
Bonita Build pom bonita-build
Bonita - xCmis authenticator jar bonita-cmis
Bonita - Distribution pom bonita-distrib
Bonita - Integration Tests pom bonita-integration-tests
Bonita pom bonita-parent
Bonita - templates jar bonita-templates
Bonita - Integration Tests - Easybeans pom bonita-tests-easybeans
Bonita - Integration Tests - Jboss4 / EJB2 pom bonita-tests-jboss4-ejb2
Bonita - Integration Tests - Jboss4 / EJB3 pom bonita-tests-jboss4-ejb3
Bonita - Integration Tests - Jboss5 pom bonita-tests-jboss5
Bonita Distribution pom bonita
Bonita - Integration Tests - Jonas5 pom bonita-tests-jonas5
Bonita - Integration Tests - Package pom bonita-tests-package

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