group: org.overturetool.core

fresh name packaging artifact id
The Overture Abstract Syntax Tree jar ast
Test Framework for Overture jar testframework
The VDM Interpreter jar interpreter
The VDM parser jar parser
The VDM Type Checker jar typechecker
The Proof Obligation Generator jar pog
Overture Core Command Line Tool jar commandlinetool
VDM Code Generator Runtime jar codegen-runtime
VDM Proof Obligation Generator jar pog-string-based
Overture Core VDMJ Client jar vdmjc
Code Generation pom codegen
Combinatorial Testing pom combinatorialtesting
Overture GUI Builder jar guibuilder
POG - Isagen Integration jar isapog
Model Checkers for VDM pom modelcheckers
New Pretty Printer jar npp
VDM Pretty Printing pom prettyprinting

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