group: org.orbisgis

fresh name packaging artifact id
h2spatial-api bundle h2spatial-api
h2spatial bundle h2spatial
spatial-utilities bundle spatial-utilities
h2spatial-ext bundle h2spatial-ext
cts bundle cts
Test-utilities jar test-utilities
Poly2Tri Core jar poly2tri-core
h2gis-test-utilities jar h2gis-test-utilities
h2gis-api bundle h2gis-api
h2gis-functions bundle h2gis-functions
h2gis-ext bundle h2gis-ext
org.orbisgis:java-network-analyzer bundle java-network-analyzer
h2drivers bundle h2drivers
h2gis-utilities bundle h2gis-utilities
jdelaunay bundle jdelaunay
OrbisGIS View API bundle orbisgis-view-api
h2network bundle h2network
commons bundle commons
core-jdbc bundle core-jdbc
h2gis-functions bundle h2gis
orbisgis-view jar orbisgis-view
orbisgis-core bundle orbisgis-core
h2gis-network bundle h2gis-network
postgis-jts-osgi bundle postgis-jts-osgi
core-map bundle core-map
Custom OGC schemas bundle ogc-custom
h2spatial-ext-osgi bundle h2spatial-ext-osgi
h2spatial-osgi bundle h2spatial-osgi
h2trigger bundle h2trigger
legend bundle legend
OrbisGIS Core API bundle orbisgis-core-api
OrbisGIS OSGi Plugin Manager bundle orbisgis-omanager-plugin
orbisgis-sif bundle orbisgis-sif
sql-parser-api bundle sql-parser-api
core-export bundle core-export
OrbisGIS OSGI Shell Frame bundle orbisgis-oshell
toc bundle toc
WMS-Client jar wms-client
sqlconsole-parser bundle sqlconsole-parser
Map Editor bundle mapeditor
map-editor-api bundle map-editor-api
h2trigger-osgi bundle h2trigger-osgi
OSGi Plugin Manager GUI bundle orbisgis-omanager
H2GIS pom h2gis-parent
platform pom orbisgis
orbisgis-dist jar orbisgis-dist
OrbisGIS Nexus Parent pom orbisgis-nexus
h2gis-functions-osgi bundle h2gis-osgi
h2gis-functions-osgi bundle h2gis-functions-osgi
Poly2Tri pom poly2tri
h2gis-ext-osgi bundle h2gis-ext-osgi
h2gis-dist jar h2gis-dist
h2-dist jar h2-dist

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