group: org.ops4j.pax.cdi

fresh name packaging artifact id
OPS4J Pax CDI Bean Bundle API bundle pax-cdi-api
OPS4J Pax CDI Service Provider Interface bundle pax-cdi-spi
OPS4J Pax CDI Karaf Features pom pax-cdi-features
OPS4J Pax CDI Web Adapter bundle pax-cdi-web
OPS4J Pax CDI Weld Adapter bundle pax-cdi-weld
OPS4J Pax CDI Extender for Bean Bundles bundle pax-cdi-extender
OPS4J Pax CDI Portable Extension for OSGi bundle pax-cdi-extension
OPS4j Pax CDI Web Weld Adapter bundle pax-cdi-web-weld
OPS4J Pax CDI OpenWebBeans Adapter bundle pax-cdi-openwebbeans
OPS4J Pax CDI Servlet Container Integration bundle pax-cdi-servlet
OPS4j Pax CDI Jetty Weld Adapter bundle pax-cdi-jetty-weld
OPS4J Pax CDI Web OpenWebBeans Adapter bundle pax-cdi-web-openwebbeans
OPS4J Pax CDI Samples Reactor pom pax-cdi-samples
OPS4J Pax CDI Test Support jar pax-cdi-test-support
OPS4J Pax CDI Undertow OpenWebBeans Adapter bundle pax-cdi-undertow-openwebbeans
OPS4J Pax CDI Undertow Weld Adapter bundle pax-cdi-undertow-weld
OPS4J Pax CDI Fragment Aggregator pom pax-cdi-fragment
OPS4J Pax CDI Checkstyle Rules jar pax-cdi-checkstyle-rules
OPS4J Pax CDI Integration Tests jar pax-cdi-itest
OPS4J Pax CDI Weld Integration Tests jar pax-cdi-itest-weld
OPS4J Pax CDI Jetty OpenWebBeans Adapter bundle pax-cdi-jetty-openwebbeans
OPS4J Pax CDI Jetty Boot Bundle (patched) bundle pax-cdi-jetty-osgi-boot
OPS4J Pax CDI Manual war pax-cdi-manual
OPS4J Pax CDI Parent POM pom pax-cdi-parent

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