group: org.opensourcebim

fresh name packaging artifact id
PluginBase jar pluginbase
Shared jar shared
BimServer jar bimserver
BimServerClientLib jar bimserverclientlib
BuildingSMARTLibrary jar buildingsmartlibrary
Bcf jar bcf
BIMsurfer jar bimsurfer
IfcPlugins jar ifcplugins
BimServerJar jar bimserverjar
BIMServer JavaScript API jar bimserverapi
Tests jar tests
PluginBase jar PluginBase
Shared jar Shared
BimServer jar BimServer
BimServerClientLib jar BimServerClientLib
IfcOpenShellPlugin jar ifcopenshellplugin
BuildingSMARTLibrary jar BuildingSMARTLibrary
Console jar console
DemoPlugins jar demoplugins
FixedFileService jar fixedfileservice
Gltf jar gltf
IfcAnalyses jar ifcanalyses
IfcEngine jar ifcengine
IfcEngine jar IfcEngine
IfcOpenShellPlugin jar IfcOpenShellPlugin
IfcPlugins jar IfcPlugins
IfcValidator jar ifcvalidator
JavaModelChecker jar javamodelchecker
JavaModelChecker jar JavaModelChecker
JavaQueryEngine jar javaqueryengine
JavaQueryEngine jar JavaQueryEngine
Mergers jar mergers
Mergers jar Mergers
OAuthClientTest jar oauthclienttest
Build pom parent
Tests jar Tests
WebGL-threeJS jar threejsplugin
BimQL jar bimql
BimQL jar BimQL
BimServerJar jar BimServerJar
BimServerWar war bimserverwar
BimServerWar war BimServerWar jar bimviews
BinarySerializers jar binaryserializers
BinarySerializers jar BinarySerializers
BresaerBot jar bresaer
Build pom Builds
CesiumLoader jar cesiumloader
Charting jar charting
CityGML jar citygml
ClashDetection jar clashdetection
Collada jar collada
Collada jar Collada

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