group: org.openimaj

fresh name packaging artifact id
The OpenIMAJ Image Feature Extraction Library jar image-feature-extraction
The OpenIMAJ Face Detection + Recognition Library jar faces
The OpenIMAJ Local Image Features Library jar image-local-features
The OpenIMAJ Core Library jar core
The OpenIMAJ Image Processing Library jar image-processing
OpenIMAJ Xuggle Video Wrapper jar xuggle-video
The OpenIMAJ Core Hadoop Library jar core-hadoop
The OpenIMAJ Core Image Library jar core-image
The OpenIMAJ Video Processing Library jar video-processing
ImprovedArgs4J jar ImprovedArgs4J
The OpenIMAJ Clustering Library jar clustering
OpenIMAJ Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi Tracker jar klt-tracker
OpenIMAJ Unit Test Resources jar test-resources
The OpenIMAJ Audio Processing Library jar audio-processing
The OpenIMAJ Nearest Neighbour Library jar nearest-neighbour
The OpenIMAJ Core Video Library jar core-video
OpenIMAJ Demos jar demos
The OpenIMAJ Core Video Capture Library jar core-video-capture
The OpenIMAJ Image Feature Extraction Library jar image-annotation
The OpenIMAJ Core Math Library jar core-math
The OpenIMAJ Core Features Library jar core-feature
Common Stream Utilities and Providers jar common-stream
The OpenIMAJ Core Experiment Library jar core-experiment
Core RDF Support jar core-rdf
The OpenIMAJ Core Audio Library jar core-audio
The OpenIMAJ General Machine Learning Library jar machine-learning
twitter jar twitter
The OpenIMAJ Core Citation Library jar core-citation
core-web jar core-web
Object Detection jar object-detection
image-indexing-retrieval jar image-indexing-retrieval
readability4j jar readability4j
FaceTracker jar FaceTracker
JTransforms jar JTransforms
Tutorial DocBook XML and Figures jar tutorial-content
data-scraping jar data-scraping
geocoder jar geocoder
The OpenIMAJ Vector Image Library jar vector-image
processing-core jar processing-core
IREval jar IREval
Sioc jar sioc
The OpenIMAJ NLP Library jar nlp
MatrixLib jar MatrixLib
sandbox jar sandbox
FaceTools jar FaceTools
camera-calibration jar camera-calibration
Core Aspect Oriented Programming Support jar core-aop-support
webpage-analysis jar webpage-analysis
gstreamer-video jar gstreamer-video
OpenIMAJ Third Party Ported Libraries pom thirdparty
CityLandscapeClassifier jar CityLandscapeClassifier
core-gpgpu jar core-gpgpu
OpenIMAJ Examples jar examples
HadoopEXIFTool jar HadoopEXIFTool
multiview jar multiview
OCR Tools jar OCRTools
OpenIMAJ master project xml openimaj
OpenIMAJ Audio Processing Libraries pom openimaj-audio
OpenIMAJ Content Creation Libraries pom openimaj-content-libs
OpenIMAJ Core Libraries pom openimaj-core-libs
OpenIMAJ Demos Subproject pom openimaj-demos
OpenIMAJ Documentation pom openimaj-documentation
OpenIMAJ Hadoop Subproject pom openimaj-hadoop
OpenIMAJ Hadoop Tools pom openimaj-hadoop-tools
OpenIMAJ Hardware Subprojects pom openimaj-hardware
OpenIMAJ IDE Integration Plugins pom openimaj-ide-integration
OpenIMAJ Image Processing Libraries pom openimaj-image
OpenIMAJ Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Libraries pom openimaj-knowledge
OpenIMAJ Machine Learning Subprojects pom openimaj-machine-learning
OpenIMAJ Maven Archetypes pom openimaj-maven-archetypes
A Set of ontologies pom openimaj-ontologies
openimaj-quickstart-archetype maven-archetype openimaj-quickstart-archetype
OpenIMAJ Storm Subproject pom openimaj-storm
OpenIMAJ Storm Tools pom openimaj-storm-tools
OpenIMAJ Streams Subproject pom openimaj-streams
openimaj-subproject-archetype maven-archetype openimaj-subproject-archetype
OpenIMAJ Text Analysis Subprojects pom openimaj-text
OpenIMAJ Tools pom openimaj-tools
OpenIMAJ Tutorial pom openimaj-tutorial-parent
OpenIMAJ Video Processing Libraries pom openimaj-video
OpenIMAJ web subproject pom openimaj-web
OpenIMAJ Processing jar processing
ReferencesTool jar ReferencesTool
SimpleOCR jar SimpleOCR
ACMMM-Presentation jar ACMMM-Presentation
OpenIMAJ TLD tracker jar tld
touchtable jar touchtable
tutorial-code jar tutorial-code
Tutorial DocBook to HTML Conversion jar tutorial-html
Tutorial PDF Rendering Project jar tutorial-pdf

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