group: org.opengis.cite

fresh name packaging artifact id
Schema Validation Utilities jar schema-utils
Geomatics Utilities (Geotk v3) jar geomatics-geotk
GML (ISO 19136:2007) Conformance Test Suite, Version 3.2.1 jar ets-gml32
WFS 2.0 (ISO 19142:2010) Conformance Test Suite jar ets-wfs20
CITE-1 Testing Utilities jar cite1-utils
KML 2.2 Conformance Test Suite jar ets-kml22
OGC Catalogue 3.0 Conformance Test Suite jar ets-cat30
GeoPackage 1.2 Conformance Test Suite jar ets-gpkg12
OWS Context 1.0 Conformance Test Suite jar ets-owc10
Conformance Test Suite - OGC Web Map Service Client jar ets-wms-client13
OGC KML 2.x Conformance Test Suite jar ets-kml2
SensorThings API (STA) jar ets-sta10
Test suite: ets-cat20-dgiwg10 jar ets-cat20-dgiwg10
Test Suite Archetype - TestNG Framework maven-archetype ets-archetype-testng
GeoPackage 1.0 Conformance Test Suite jar ets-gpkg10
Common ETS POM pom ets-common
NSG GeoPackage 1.1 Conformance Test Suite jar ets-gpkg12-nsg
TEAM Engine jar teamengine
OGC Test Suite Resources pom ets-resources
Test suite: ets-wfs30 jar ets-wfs30
Conformance Test Suite - OGC Web Map Service 1.3.0 jar ets-wms13

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