group: org.nuxeo.ecm.core

fresh name packaging artifact id
Nuxeo Core Test Framework jar nuxeo-core-test
Nuxeo Core API jar nuxeo-core-api
Nuxeo Core SQL Storage Tests jar nuxeo-core-storage-sql-test
Nuxeo Core Event jar nuxeo-core-event
Nuxeo Core jar nuxeo-core
Nuxeo Core Schema jar nuxeo-core-schema
Nuxeo Core Converter API jar nuxeo-core-convert-api
Nuxeo Core Query jar nuxeo-core-query
Nuxeo Core Converter Service jar nuxeo-core-convert
Nuxeo Core IO jar nuxeo-core-io
Nuxeo Core SQL Storage jar nuxeo-core-storage-sql
Nuxeo Core Converter Service default plugins jar nuxeo-core-convert-plugins
Nuxeo Core Persistence jar nuxeo-core-persistence
Nuxeo Core Management jar nuxeo-core-management
Nuxeo Core JCR Storage Tests jar nuxeo-core-jcr-connector-test
Nuxeo Core SQL Storage JCA Resource Adapter jar nuxeo-core-storage-sql-ra
Nuxeo Core Storage jar nuxeo-core-storage
Nuxeo Chemistry OpenCMIS Implementation jar nuxeo-opencmis-impl
Nuxeo MimeType Service jar nuxeo-core-mimetype
Nuxeo Core SQL Storage DB Extensions jar nuxeo-core-storage-sql-extensions
Nuxeo Core Cache jar nuxeo-core-cache
Nuxeo Core JCR Storage jar nuxeo-core-jcr-connector
Nuxeo Core Management JTA/JCA jar nuxeo-core-management-jtajca
Nuxeo Core Redis jar nuxeo-core-redis
Nuxeo Core Facade jar nuxeo-core-facade
Nuxeo Core Query Tests jar nuxeo-core-query-test
Nuxeo Chemistry OpenCMIS Bindings jar nuxeo-opencmis-bindings
Nuxeo Core SQL Storage Management jar nuxeo-core-storage-sql-management
Nuxeo Core Management Test jar nuxeo-core-management-test
Nuxeo Chemistry OpenCMIS Tests jar nuxeo-opencmis-tests
Nuxeo Core Client jar nuxeo-core-client
Nuxeo Core Storage Document-Based jar nuxeo-core-storage-dbs
Nuxeo Core EL jar nuxeo-core-el
Nuxeo Core JCR Storage JCA Resource Adapter rar nuxeo-core-jca
Nuxeo Core BinaryManager Common jar nuxeo-core-binarymanager-common
Nuxeo Chemistry Implementation jar nuxeo-chemistry-impl
Nuxeo Core S3 BinaryManager jar nuxeo-core-binarymanager-s3
Nuxeo Core IO API jar nuxeo-core-io-api
Nuxeo Core Storage MongoDB jar nuxeo-core-storage-mongodb
Nuxeo Core Storage In-Memory jar nuxeo-core-storage-mem
Nuxeo Core Event Compatibility jar nuxeo-core-event-compat
Nuxeo Core MongoDB Connection Service jar nuxeo-core-mongodb
Nuxeo Core Bulk module jar nuxeo-core-bulk
Nuxeo-chemistry-jaxrs jar nuxeo-chemistry-jaxrs
Nuxeo-chemistry-ws jar nuxeo-chemistry-ws
Sample Remote Java jar sample-remote-java
Nuxeo Chemistry AtomPub/SOAP Bindings jar nuxeo-chemistry-bindings
Nuxeo Chemistry Tests jar nuxeo-chemistry-tests
Nuxeo Core Azure BinaryManager jar nuxeo-core-binarymanager-azure
Nuxeo Core BinaryManager for Clouds pom nuxeo-core-binarymanager-cloud
Nuxeo Binary Manager for GridFS jar nuxeo-core-binarymanager-gridfs
Nuxeo Core JClouds BinaryManager jar nuxeo-core-binarymanager-jclouds
Nuxeo S3 Upload Provider for Web UI jar nuxeo-core-binarymanager-s3-web-ui
Nuxeo Core SQL BinaryManager jar nuxeo-core-binarymanager-sql
Nuxeo Core Converter Service default plugins test jar nuxeo-core-convert-plugins-test
Nuxeo Core Event JMS jar nuxeo-core-event-jms
Nuxeo Core Parent pom nuxeo-core-parent
Nuxeo Core JCR Storage Parent pom nuxeo-core-storage-jcr-parent
Nuxeo Core Storage MarkLogic jar nuxeo-core-storage-marklogic
Nuxeo Core SQL Storage Parent pom nuxeo-core-storage-sql-parent
Nuxeo JBoss 5 Deployer jar nuxeo-jboss-jca-configurator
Nuxeo Chemistry pom nuxeo-chemistry

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