group: org.nuxeo

fresh name packaging artifact id
Nuxeo Control Panel and Launcher jar nuxeo-launcher
Nuxeo ECM Projects pom nuxeo-ecm
Nuxeo EP Language Extensions jar nuxeo-platform-lang-ext
Nuxeo Vision Core jar nuxeo-vision-core
Nuxeo HTTP client jar nuxeo-http-client
nuxeo dmk adaptor jar nuxeo-dmk-adaptor
Nuxeo JBoss Interceptors jar nuxeo-jboss-interceptors
Nuxeo Maven Skin jar nuxeo-maven-skin
Nuxeo Exalead WS Connector jar nuxeo-platform-exalead-connector
Nuxeo EP Incomplete Language Extensions jar nuxeo-platform-lang-ext-incomplete
Nuxeo Quality Assurance tools jar nuxeo-qa-tools
Nuxeo-reindex-fulltext jar nuxeo-reindex-fulltext
Nuxeo Samples pom nuxeo-samples
nuxeo-segmentio-connector jar nuxeo-segmentio-connector
Nuxeo Vision AWS Rekognition jar nuxeo-vision-aws
Nuxeo Vision Google jar nuxeo-vision-google
Nuxeo Addons Core parent POM pom nuxeo-addons-core-parent
Nuxeo Vision Parent pom nuxeo-vision-parent
Nuxeo Addons list pom nuxeo-addons-list
Nuxeo Addons parent POM pom nuxeo-addons-parent
Nuxeo adobe connector core jar nuxeo-adobe-connector-core
Nuxeo adobe connector pom nuxeo-adobe-connector-parent

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