group: org.ninjaframework

fresh name packaging artifact id
ninja web framework jar ninja-core
Ninja-standalone jar ninja-standalone
Ninja-test-utilities jar ninja-test-utilities
ninja web framework servlet-container support jar ninja-servlet
Ninja-metrics jar ninja-metrics
ninja web framework test utilities jar ninja-core-test
Google App Engine support for Ninja jar ninja-appengine-module
ninja login logout register module jar ninja-module-loginlogout
Ninja-db-core jar ninja-db-core
Ebean support for Ninja (RDMBS ORM) jar ninja-ebean-module
Ninja-db-hikari jar ninja-db-hikari
Ninja-jaxy-routes jar ninja-jaxy-routes
ninja-websockets-jsr356 jar ninja-websockets-jsr356
ninja-quartz-scheduler-module jar ninja-quartz-scheduler-module
Ninja-metrics-librato jar ninja-metrics-librato
Ninja-metrics-influxdb jar ninja-metrics-influxdb
Ninja-db-flyway jar ninja-db-flyway
Ninja-metrics-graphite jar ninja-metrics-graphite
Ninja Framework Morphia Module jar ninja-morphia-module
Ninja-servlet-archetype-simple maven-archetype ninja-servlet-archetype-simple
Ninja-servlet-jpa-blog-archetype maven-archetype ninja-servlet-jpa-blog-archetype
Ninja-servlet-jpa-blog-integration-test-archetype maven-archetype ninja-servlet-jpa-blog-integration-test-archetype
Demo for Ninja ebean module war ninja-ebean-demo
ninja-appengine pom ninja-appengine
ninja-appengine-blog-archetype maven-archetype ninja-appengine-blog-archetype
ninja demo application that can be deployed to app engine war ninja-appengine-demo
ninja demo application war ninja-core-demo
ninja-core-demo-archetype maven-archetype ninja-core-demo-archetype
ninja-db pom ninja-db
ninja-db-jdbi jar ninja-db-jdbi
ninja demo application war ninja-demo-application
ninja demo application that can be deployed to app engine war ninja-demo-application-app-engine
ninja demo application with mybatis and h2 war ninja-demo-application-mybatis
ninja module demo jar ninja-demo-module
EBean parent module pom ninja-ebean
ninja pom ninja
ninja-jpa-demo-archetype maven-archetype ninja-jpa-demo-archetype
Ninja-maven-plugin maven-plugin ninja-maven-plugin
Ninja-metrics-ganglia jar ninja-metrics-ganglia

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