group: org.nhind

fresh name packaging artifact id
Direct Project common APIs jar direct-common
Direct Project Security And Trust Agent jar agent
NHIN Direct Java config service client proxy jar config-service-client
Direct Project policy enablement engine jar direct-policy
NHIN Direct Java RI - Configuration Persistence Layer jar config-store
NHIN Direct XD* Common Library jar xd-common
NHIN Direct Java RI config service jar jar config-service-jar
Direct Project Agent Gateways. jar gateway
Direct Project DNS services jar dns
NHIN Direct Java Configuration UI war config-ui
NHIN Direct XD* Mail Gateway jar xdmail
NHIN Direct Java RI config service spring boot application jar config-service
NHIN Direct XD* Web Endpoint war xd
NHIN Direct Java RI - Configuration Service Data Model jar config-model
NHIN-Direct Message Monitor Web Application Module war direct-msg-monitor-web
Direct Project auditing interfaces and implementations jar direct-common-audit
Direct Project message monitor jar direct-msg-monitor
NHIN Direct Java configuration manager jar config-manager
Direct Project Message Monitor Data Model Objects jar direct-msg-monitor-model
NHIN-Direct Configuration Service Web Application Module war config-service-war
Direct Project JCE Provider jar direct-jce-providers
Direct Project Message Monitor Client jar direct-msg-monitor-client
Direct Project DNS Server SpringBoot Application jar dns-sboot
NHIN Direct java configuration service parent. pom config
NHIN Direct Java RI message monitor spring boot application jar direct-msg-monitor-sboot
The direct project stock assembly. pom direct-project-stock
The direct project stock assembly installer UI. jar direct-project-stock-installer
NHIN Direct reference implementation components pom parent

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