group: org.nd4j

fresh name packaging artifact id
nd4j-api jar nd4j-api
nd4j-native jar nd4j-native
nd4j-native-platform jar nd4j-native-platform
nd4j-jblas jar nd4j-jblas
Jackson jar jackson
Canova-api jar canova-api
nd4j-cpu jar nd4j-x86
nd4j-base64 jar nd4j-base64
Canova-nd4j-image jar canova-nd4j-image
Nd4j-jackson jar nd4j-jackson
nd4s jar nd4s_2.11
jcuda jar jcuda
nd4j-native-api jar nd4j-native-api
nd4j-jcublas-common jar nd4j-jcublas-common
nd4j-cuda jar nd4j-cuda-8.0
jcusparse jar jcusparse
nd4j-cuda jar nd4j-cuda-7.5
jcurand jar jcurand
jcufft jar jcufft
nd4j-common jar nd4j-common
nd4j-parameter-server jar nd4j-parameter-server
canova-nd4j-codec jar canova-nd4j-codec
jcublas jar jcublas
nd4j-buffer jar nd4j-buffer
nd4j-jdbc-api jar nd4j-jdbc-api
nd4j-aeron jar nd4j-aeron
nd4j-parameter-server-client jar nd4j-parameter-server-client
canova-data-image jar canova-data-image
nd4j-parameter-server-node jar nd4j-parameter-server-node_2.11
nd4j-context jar nd4j-context
nd4j-cuda jar nd4j-cuda-9.0
Jcuda-windows64 jar jcuda-windows64
nd4j-cuda-platform jar nd4j-cuda-8.0-platform
nd4j-kryo jar nd4j-kryo_2.11
nd4j-parameter-server-model jar nd4j-parameter-server-model
canova-nd4j-common jar canova-nd4j-common
canova-nd4j-nlp jar canova-nd4j-nlp
nd4j-cuda jar nd4j-cuda-9.1
Jcuda-osx jar jcuda-osx
canova-data-nlp jar canova-data-nlp
nd4s jar nd4s_2.10
canova-data-timeseries jar canova-data-timeseries
nd4j-jocl-1.9 Maven Mojo jar nd4j-jocl-1.9
nd4j-java jar nd4j-java
nd4j-parameter-server-status jar nd4j-parameter-server-status_2.11
nd4j-cuda jar nd4j-cuda-9.2
nd4j-bytebuddy jar nd4j-bytebuddy
jcublas-windows64 jar jcublas-windows64
nd4j-parameter-server-node jar nd4j-parameter-server-node_2.10
Nd4j-netlib-blas jar nd4j-netlib-blas
nd4j-jcublas jar nd4j-jcublas
jcufft-osx jar jcufft-osx
jcufft-windows64 jar jcufft-windows64
jcurand-osx jar jcurand-osx
jcurand-windows64 jar jcurand-windows64
jcusparse-osx jar jcusparse-osx
jcusparse-windows64 jar jcusparse-windows64
nd4j-parameter-server-status jar nd4j-parameter-server-status_2.10
nd4j-jcublas-7.0 jar nd4j-jcublas-7.0
nd4j-cuda jar nd4j-cuda-10.0
nd4j-cuda-platform jar nd4j-cuda-7.5-platform
jcublas-osx jar jcublas-osx
nd4j-tensorflow jar nd4j-tensorflow
nd4j-cuda-platform jar nd4j-cuda-9.1-platform
nd4j-jackson-reflectionloader jar nd4j-jackson-reflectionloader
Canova pom canova-parent
Canova-spark_2.11 jar canova-spark_2.11
nd4j-backends pom nd4j-backends
nd4j-kafka jar nd4j-kafka_2.10
nd4j-kryo jar nd4j-kryo_2.10
nd4j pom nd4j
nd4j-jcublas-7.5 jar nd4j-jcublas-7.5
nd4j-cuda-platform jar nd4j-cuda-9.0-platform
nd4j-kafka jar nd4j-kafka_2.11
nd4j-cuda-platform jar nd4j-cuda-9.2-platform
nd4j-jcublas jar nd4j-jcublas-osx-common
Camel canova Component jar canova-camel
Canova-spark jar canova-spark
jcublas2 jar jcublas2
nd4j-jcublas-kernels jar nd4j-jcublas-kernels
canova-data-audio jar canova-data-audio
nd4j-arrow jar nd4j-arrow
canova-nd4j pom canova-nd4j
Nd4j-scala-api jar nd4j-scala-api
nd4j-cuda-platform jar nd4j-cuda-10.0-platform
canova-nd4j-timeseries jar canova-nd4j-timeseries
nd4j-jcublas jar nd4j-jcublas-windows64-6.5
nd4j-jcublas-6.5 jar nd4j-jcublas-6.5
nd4j-api-parent pom nd4j-api-parent
canova-data pom canova-data
canova-cli jar canova-cli
nd4j-perf jar nd4j-perf
Nd4j-jdbc-mysql jar nd4j-jdbc-mysql
nd4j-backend-impls jar nd4j-backend-impls
canova-nd4j-audio jar canova-nd4j-audio
jcublas2-osx jar jcublas2-osx
Canova-spark_2.10 jar canova-spark_2.10
nd4j-parameter-server-parent pom nd4j-parameter-server-parent
nd4j-parameter-server-rocksdb-storage jar nd4j-parameter-server-rocksdb-storage
Canova-hadoop jar canova-hadoop
Nd4j-serde pom nd4j-serde
Nd4j-shade pom nd4j-shade
nd4j-tests jar nd4j-tests
nd4j-tests-tensorflow jar nd4j-tests-tensorflow
Nd4j-uberjar jar nd4j-uberjar
nd4s jar nd4s_2.12.0-M1
nd4j-grpc jar nd4j-grpc
nd4j-examples jar nd4j-examples
Nd4j-gson jar nd4j-gson
nd4j-instrumentation jar nd4j-instrumentation
nd4j-camel-routes pom nd4j-camel-routes
nd4j-jcublas-5.5 jar nd4j-jcublas-5.5
nd4j-jcublas-6.0 jar nd4j-jcublas-6.0
nd4j-jcublas jar nd4j-jcublas-osx-6.0
nd4j-jcublas jar nd4j-jcublas-osx-6.5
nd4j-jcublas-parent pom nd4j-jcublas-osx-parent
nd4j-jcublas-parent pom nd4j-jcublas-parent
nd4j-jcublas jar nd4j-jcublas-windows64-5.5
nd4j-jcublas jar nd4j-jcublas-windows64-6.0
nd4j-jcublas-parent pom nd4j-jcublas-windows64-parent
nd4j-jdbc pom nd4j-jdbc
libnd4j zip libnd4j
nd4j-jdbc-hsql jar nd4j-jdbc-hsql
jcusparse2 jar jcusparse2
Nd4j-jocl-common jar nd4j-jocl-common
nd4j-jocl-parent pom nd4j-jocl-parent
nd4s jar nd4s_2.12.0-M3
samediff jar samediff
jcuda-windows64-parent pom jcuda-windows64-parent
Jcuda-parent pom jcuda-parent
jcuda-osx-parent pom jcuda-osx-parent
jcublas2-windows64 jar jcublas2-windows64

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