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OGC XML schemas jar 52n-ogc-schema
OGC GML schema (spec. v3.2.1) jar 52n-xml-gml-v321
W3C xlink schema (spec. v1.1.0) jar 52n-xml-xlink-v110
OGC GML schema (spec. v3.1.1) jar 52n-xml-gml-v311
OGC OWS schema (spec. v1.1.0) jar 52n-xml-ows-v110
OGC O&M schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-om-v20
OGC SWES schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-swes-v20
OASIS XML schemas jar 52n-oasis-schema
OGC SWECommon schema (spec. v1.0.1) jar 52n-xml-sweCommon-v101
OGC SWECommon schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-sweCommon-v20
INSPIRE XML schemas jar 52n-inspire-schema
INSPIRE base schema (spec. v3.3) jar 52n-xml-inspire-base-v33
OGC Filter schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-filter-v20
OGC SensorML schema (spec. v1.0.1) jar 52n-xml-sensorML-v101
Geographic MetaData (GMD) schema (version 2012-07-13) jar 52n-xml-gmd-v20120713
W3C XML schemas jar 52n-w3c-schema
OGC Sampling schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-sampling-v20
OGC O&M schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-om-v100
OGC SOS schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-sos-v20
W3C WS-Addressing specification schemas (v1.0) jar 52n-xml-wsa-v10
OGC OWS schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-ows-v100
OGC Filter schema (spec. v1.1.0) jar 52n-xml-filter-v110
OGC WaterML schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-waterML-v20
INSPIRE Geographical Name schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-gn-v40
OGC SOS schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sos-v100
W3C SOAP specification recommondation (v1.2 part 1) jar 52n-xml-soap-v12
OGC GML Coverage schema (spec. v1.0) jar 52n-xml-gmlcov-v10
INSPIRE Base Types 2 schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-base2-v20
OGC SOS DeleteObservation schema 1.0 jar 52n-xml-sosdo-v10
OGC InsertFeatureOfInterest schema 1.0 jar 52n-xml-ifoi-v10
OGC SOS DeleteObservation schema 2.0 jar 52n-xml-sosdo-v20
OGC SensorML schema (spec. v2.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sensorML-v20
OGC SOS DeleteResultTemplate schema 1.0 jar 52n-xml-drt-v100
Geographic Common (GCO) schema (version 2012-07-13) jar 52n-xml-gco-v20120713
OGC Sampling schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sampling-v100
OGC SWECommon schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sweCommon-v100
OGC WaterML DR schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-waterML-dr-v20
ISO 19139 CV_DiscreteCoverage model (spec. v0.2.2) jar 52n-xml-cv-v022
INSPIRE OM Process schema (spec. v3.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-ompr-v30
OGC GML schema (spec. v3.3) jar 52n-xml-gml-v33
INSPIRE OM Specialised Observation schema (spec. v3.0.1) jar 52n-xml-inspire-omso-v301
OASIS ebXML Registry Information Model (RIM) schemas v3.0.0 jar 52n-xml-rim-v300
OGC SOS RelatedOfferings schema 1.0 jar 52n-xml-sosro-v10
OGC GWML 2.0 schema (spec. v2.2) jar 52n-xml-gwml-v22
OGC SOS GetDataAvailability schema 1.0 (OGC Best Practice 14-004r1) jar 52n-xml-sosgda-v10
OGC SOS GetDataAvailability schema 2.0 jar 52n-xml-sosgda-v20
INSPIRE Environmental Monitoring Facilities schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-ef-v40
Portele Schape Change schema (spec. v3.0) jar 52n-xml-portele
OGC SOS Result Filtering schema 1.0 jar 52n-xml-sosrf-v10
OGC SOS Spatial Filtering schema 1.0 jar 52n-xml-sossf-v10
OGC CSW schema (spec. v2.0.2) jar 52n-xml-csw-v202
OGC TimeseriesML schema (spec. v1.0) jar 52n-xml-timeseriesML-v10
OGC OWS schema (spec. v2.0) jar 52n-xml-ows-v20
INSPIRE OM Observation References schema (spec. v3.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-omor-v30
INSPIRE Administrative Units schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-au-v40
OGC SOS Result Filtering schema 2.0 jar 52n-xml-sosrf-v20
OGC WPS schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-wps-v100
OASIS WS-N specification schemas - including WS-BrokeredNotification (v1.3) jar 52n-xml-wsn-v13
OASIS WS-Resources specification schemas v1.2 jar 52n-xml-wsrf-v12
OGC WMS schema (spec. v1.3.0) jar 52n-xml-wms-v130
OGC WFS schema (spec. v1.1.0) jar 52n-xml-wfs-v110
OGC SLD schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sld-v100
OGC Filter schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-filter-v100
OGC EML schema 0.0.1 (OGC Discussion Paper 08-132) jar 52n-xml-eml-v001
OGC GML schema (spec. v2.1.2) jar 52n-xml-gml-v212
ISO/TC 211 XML schemas jar 52n-isotc211-schema
INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-cp-v40
INSPIRE Common Transport Elements schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-tn-v40
Portele XML schemas jar 52n-portele-schema
INSPIRE Network schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-net-v40
OGC XML Best Practise schemas jar 52n-ogc-bp-schema
INSPIRE Building base schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-bu-base-v40
INSPIRE Addresses schema (spec. v4.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-ad-v40
AIXM 5.1 schemas (adjusted to support metadata by reference) jar 52n-xml-aixm-v511
OGC WNS schema 0.0.9 (OGC 06-095) jar 52n-xml-wns-v009
OGC WFS schema (spec. v2.0.0) jar 52n-xml-wfs-v20
OGC PubSub SOAP schema (spec. v1.0) jar 52n-xml-pubsub-v10
OGC SLD schema (spec. v1.1.0) jar 52n-xml-sld-v110
OGC Context schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-context-v100
OGC SPS schema (spec. v2.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sps-v20
OGC SPS schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sps-v100
OGC SOS UpdateResultTemplate schema 1.0 jar 52n-xml-urt-v100
OGC SOR schema 0.3.1 (OGC Discussion Paper 09-112r1) jar 52n-xml-sor-v031
W3C SOAP specification recommondation (v1.1) jar 52n-xml-soap-v11
OGC WCS schema (spec. v1.1) jar 52n-xml-wcs-v11
OGC SIR schema 0.3.2 (OGC Discussion Paper 10-171) jar 52n-xml-sir-v032
OGC SES schema 0.3.0 (OGC Discussion Paper 08-133) jar 52n-xml-ses-v00
OGC SensorML schema (spec. v1.0.0) jar 52n-xml-sensorML-v100
OGC EML schema 0.0.2 (OGC Discussion Paper 08-132) jar 52n-xml-eml-v002
Event Model schema version 0.2.0 jar 52n-xml-em-v020
OGC CSW-ebRIM schema (spec. v1.0.1) jar 52n-xml-wrs-v101
OGC Keyhole Markup Language schema (spec. v2.2.0) jar 52n-xml-kml-v220
INSPIRE OM Specialised Observation schema (spec. v3.0) jar 52n-xml-inspire-omso-v30
52North XML Schema Bindings pom 52n-common-xml
ISO 19115-2:2009 Geographic information -- Metadata -- Part 2: Extensions for imagery and gridded data schema (v0.1) jar 52n-xml-gmi-v01

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