fresh name packaging artifact id
BobberPlus Archetype Plugin maven-plugin bobberplus
Mule Module Archetype maven-plugin mule-module-archetype
Mule Transport Archetype maven-plugin mule-transport-archetype
Mule Project Archetype maven-plugin mule-project-archetype
Mule Example Archetype maven-plugin mule-example-archetype
Mule Configuration Patterns Catalog Archetype maven-plugin mule-catalog-archetype
Mule Ant Tasks jar mule-tools-anttasks
Maven Mule plugin maven-plugin maven-mule-plugin
Mule Artifact Archiver jar mule-artifact-archiver
Cloud Connector Generator jar mule-cloud-connector-generator
Mule ESB Maven Plugin maven-plugin muleesb-maven-plugin
Maven MuleForge Deployer Plugin maven-plugin maven-muleforge-plugin
ibean-archetype maven-archetype ibean-archetype
Report for Mule's test exclusion mechanism maven-plugin mule-test-exclusions-report-plugin
Mule Tools jar mule-tools
Mule Cloud Connector Archetype maven-archetype mule-cloud-connector-archetype
Schema Docs jar mule-tools-schemadocs
Mule Config Visualizer maven-plugin mule-tools-visualizer
Maven Plugin for Cloud Connector Generator maven-plugin mule-cloud-connector-generator-maven-plugin
Mule Assembly Verifier Plugin maven-plugin mule-assembly-verifier

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