group: org.mule.modules

fresh name packaging artifact id
Spring Config jar mule-module-spring-config
Mule Client jar mule-module-client
XML Extensions jar mule-module-xml
JSR-223 Scripting jar mule-module-scripting
JSON Module jar mule-module-json
Mule HTTP Connector jar mule-module-http
Mule Database Connector jar mule-module-db
Configuration Builders jar mule-module-builders
CXF Module jar mule-module-cxf
Management Extensions jar mule-module-management
Spring Extras jar mule-module-spring-extras
JBoss Transactions Integration jar mule-module-jbossts
Jersey Module jar mule-module-jersey
Spring Security jar mule-module-spring-security
Spring Extensions jar mule-module-spring
SXC Module jar mule-module-sxc
Mule Bootstrap jar mule-module-boot
Acegi Security jar mule-module-acegi
All Mule Modules jar mule-modules-all
Annotations jar mule-module-annotations
BPM Support jar mule-module-bpm
OGNL Filter jar mule-module-ognl
PGP Security jar mule-module-pgp
Jaas Security jar mule-module-jaas
Devkit Support jar mule-module-devkit-support
Web Services jar mule-module-ws
Mule 3 Launcher jar mule-module-launcher
Jotm Support jar mule-module-jotm
commonretrypolicies jar commonretrypolicies
HiveMind Extensions jar mule-module-hivemind
Pico Extensions jar mule-module-picocontainer
Web Service Security jar mule-module-wssecurity
Mule 3 Container jar mule-module-reboot
Mule Extensions Support jar mule-module-extensions-support
RSS Module jar mule-module-rss
BPM Support - JBoss jBPM jar mule-module-jbpm
Mule 1 to Mule 2 Migration Support jar mule-module-1to2migration
BPM Support - JBoss Rules (Drools) jar mule-module-drools
Mule Extensions Spring Support jar mule-module-extensions-spring-support
Mule Logging jar mule-module-logging
ATOM Module jar mule-module-atom
Mule Tomcat Integration jar mule-module-tomcat
Mule-module-schedulers jar mule-module-schedulers
Mule IBeans jar mule-module-ibeans
Mule Validation Extension jar mule-module-validation
Mule File Extension Common jar mule-module-file-extension-common
Guice Module jar mule-module-guice
Configuration Registry jar mule-module-registry
Mule-spring-module mule-extension mule-spring-module
Mule OAuth module jar mule-module-oauth
Mule-spring-test-plugin jar mule-spring-test-plugin
JSR-223 Scripting - JRuby jar mule-module-scripting-jruby
Validations Module jar mule-validation-module
OAuth Module jar mule-oauth-module
Scripting Module jar mule-scripting-module
Plexus Extensions jar mule-module-plexus
Activiti BPMN jar mule-module-activiti
Mule Modules jar mule-modules
i18n (Language bundles) jar mule-module-i18n
JCA Resource Adapter jar mule-module-jca
Shiro integration for Mule jar mule-module-shiro
Spring Module pom mule-spring-module-parent
Mule-spring-module-tests jar mule-spring-module-tests
CSV Extensions jar mule-module-csv
Mule Validation Extension jar mule-module-validations

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