group: org.mortbay.jetty

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jetty Server jar jetty
Jetty Utilities jar jetty-util
Jetty Management jar jetty-management
Servlet Specification API jar servlet-api
Servlet Specification 2.5 API jar servlet-api-2.5
Glassfish Jasper jar jsp-2.1
Jetty SSLEngine jar jetty-sslengine
Glassfish Jasper API jar jsp-api-2.1
Jetty Plus jar jetty-plus
Jetty Naming jar jetty-naming
Servlet Annotations jar jetty-annotations
Embedded examples jar jetty-embedded
Glassfish :: Jasper JSP 2.1 jar jsp-2.1-glassfish
Jetty Servlet Tester jar jetty-servlet-tester
Glassfish Jasper jar jsp-2.1-jetty
Jetty HTTP Client jar jetty-client
Jetty AJP jar jetty-ajp
Jetty start jar jar start
Maven Jetty Plugin maven-plugin maven-jetty-plugin
Glassfish :: Jasper API JSP 2.1 jar jsp-api-2.1-glassfish
Jetty :: Jetty Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetty-maven-plugin
Jetty :: Runner jar jetty-runner
Jetty SetUID Java jar jetty-setuid-java
Jetty :: Jetty JSP Additions jar jetty-jsp-2.1
Cometd :: Bayeux jar cometd-bayeux
Jetty :: Reverse HTTP :: Client jar reverse-http-client
Example :: Jetty Spring jar jetty-spring
Jetty :: Hightide Distribution pom jetty-hightide
JSP 2.0 API dependencies jar jsp-api-2.0
Jetty SetUID Native so libsetuid
Jetty JRE 1.5 Utilities jar jetty-util5
Cometd :: Jetty :: Client jar cometd-client
Cometd :: Jetty :: Server jar cometd-server
Jetty :: Logback Logging jar jetty-logback
Cometd :: Jetty :: Servlet jar cometd-jetty
Jetty :: Reverse HTTP :: Gateway jar reverse-http-gateway jar
Example :: Async Rest Webapp war example-async-rest-webapp
Jetty :: Servlet Specification 3.0 API jar servlet-api-3.0
Jetty HTML jar jetty-html
Org.mortbay.jetty jar org.mortbay.jetty
jetty-rewrite-handler jar jetty-rewrite-handler
Jetty :: XML utilities jar jetty-xml
Jetty :: Webapp Application Support jar jetty-webapp
Jetty Plus :: JNDI Naming jar jetty-jndi
Javax.servlet jar javax.servlet
Jetty :: SSL Engine jar jetty-ssl
cometd pom cometd
cometd api jar cometd-api
Jetty :: Annotations Test Webapp war test-annotation-webapp
Jetty :: JNDI Test Webapp war test-jndi-webapp
Jetty :: JAAS Test Webapp war test-jaas-webapp
Jetty :: Start jar jetty-start
Jetty XBean jar jetty-xbean
Jetty :: Atomikos Dependencies jar jetty-atomikos
Jetty Plus :: JMX Management jar jetty-jmx
Cometd :: Jetty :: Demo war cometd-demo
Jetty :: Security jar jetty-security
Jetty :: Reverse HTTP :: Server jar reverse-http-server
JSP 2.0 Jasper dependencies pom jsp-2.0
Plugin Utilities for Maven2 jar maven-plugin-utils
Jetty Extra :: Utility Servlets and Filters jar jetty-servlet
Test :: Jetty Test Webapp war test-jetty-webapp
Jetty Java5 Threadpool jar jetty-java5-threadpool
Servlet 3.0 Annotations api jar servlet-annotation-spec
JSP 2.0 API dependencies jar jsp-api
Jetty :: J2SE6 Http Server jar jetty-j2se6
Jetty Contrib :: SetUID Source jar jetty-setuid-source
Jetty :: Deployers jar jetty-deploy
Jetty :: ServletContainerInitializer Test Jar jar test-container-initializer
Jetty :: Servlet 3.0 Annotations Webapp Fragment jar test-fragment
Glassfish: JSP 2.2 implementation jar jsp-impl
Jetty :: Ant Plugin jar jetty-ant
Jetty SetUID pom jetty-setuid
Jetty Extra :: Java5 Threadpool jar jetty-threadpool
Jetty :: Reverse HTTP :: Connector jar reverse-http-connector jar
Embedded examples jar embedded
Jetty GWT Test Webapp jar jetty-gwt
Jetty :: JSP Modules pom jetty-jsp
Jetty :: Codehaus Parent pom jetty-parent
Jetty Contrib :: Wadi Session Cache jar jetty-wadi-session-manager
Maven Jetty JSPC Plugin maven-plugin maven-jetty-jspc-plugin jar
Org.mortbay.jmx jar org.mortbay.jmx
Jetty Server Project pom project
Jetty Test Webapp war jetty-test
Terracotta Sessions for Jetty jar jetty-terracotta-sessions
Cometd :: Jetty pom cometd-project
Jetty SetUID Test jar jetty-setuid-test
Jetty :: Centralized WebApp Logging jar jetty-webapp-logging
Jetty :: Webapp Verifier Tool jar jetty-webapp-verifier
Jetty Win32 Service - Java jar jetty-win32-service-java
Jetty Contrib :: SetUID Parent pom jetty-setuid-parent
Jetty Extra :: Rewrite Handler jar jetty-rewrite
Glassfish Jasper jar jsp
Jetty :: Project Parent pom jetty-project
Jetty :: PKCS12 Import jar jetty-pkcs12
Jetty :: JMX Monitoring jar jetty-monitor
Jetty Extra :: Maven JSPC Plugin maven-plugin jetty-maven-jspc-plugin
Jetty LDAP Jaas jar jetty-ldap-jaas
Jetty :: Jetty JSPC Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetty-jspc-maven-plugin
Jetty :: JMX Rest Interface war jetty-jmx-ws
Jetty :: JAX-WS 2.x HTTP server SPI jar jetty-jaxws2spi
Jetty Java5 Statistics jar jetty-java5-stats
Jetty :: Sun HTTP server SPI jar jetty-j2sehttpspi
Jetty Contrib :: SetUID Native :: Linux so libsetuid-linux
Jetty Contrib :: SetUID Native :: MacOSX so libsetuid-macosx
Maven Jetty6 Plugin maven-plugin maven-jetty6-plugin
Cometd :: Parent pom cometd-parent
Jetty :: Integration Tests jar jetty-integration-tests
Maven Jetty Plugin maven-plugin maven-Jetty-plugin
Jetty :: Codehaus Integration Project pom jetty-integration-project
Jetty Extra :: Extra Modules pom modules-extra
Jetty :: JSP Modules pom modules-jsp
Jetty Plus :: Plus Modules pom modules-plus
Jetty :: Server Modules pom modules-server
Org.mortbay.ftp jar org.mortbay.ftp
Org.mortbay.j2ee jar org.mortbay.j2ee
Org.mortbay.jaas jar org.mortbay.jaas
Jetty Contrib :: Grizzly Integration jar jetty-grizzly
Org.mortbay.jetty-jdk1.2 jar org.mortbay.jetty-jdk1.2 jar
Cometd :: Jetty :: Oort jar cometd-oort
Jetty Test Webapp war test-jndi
Org.mortbay.jmx-jdk1.2 jar org.mortbay.jmx-jdk1.2
Org.mortbay.jsr77 jar org.mortbay.jsr77
Cometd :: Jetty :: Install pom cometd-install
Local Repository for Artifacts not in Maven pom repository
Jetty :: Reverse HTTP pom reverse-http
Jetty :: Distribution Assemblies pom jetty-distribution
Cometd :: Jetty Bayeux Java Client jar bayeux-client
Jetty Contrib :: Parent pom jetty-contrib-parent
Jetty :: Reverse HTTP :: Load Test jar reverse-http-loadtest
Jetty :: Build Resources jar jetty-build-resources
Jetty :: BlazeDS jar jetty-blazeds
Jetty Contrib :: Batch HTTP Client jar jetty-batch
Jetty :: Jetty Assembly pom jetty-assembly
Jetty :: JBoss jboss-sar jboss-jetty
extra tests jar extratests
Jetty Start Daemon jar start-daemon
Temp dir sweeper jar sweeper
Jetty Test Webapp war test
Example :: Jetty Spring Example jar example-jetty-spring
Cometd :: HttpSession Replication jar cometd-session
Jetty Test JAAS Webapp war jetty-test-jaas
Jetty :: JAAS Test Webapp war jetty-test-jaas-webapp
Jetty JNDI Test Webapp war jetty-test-jndi
Jetty :: JNDI Test Webapp war jetty-test-jndi-webapp
Jetty :: Annotations Test Webapp war jetty-test-annotation-webapp

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