group: org.mobicents.servlet.sip.examples

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jslee-sips-interop-demo-slee-custom-events jar jslee-sips-interop-demo-slee-custom-events
JSLEE Parent part of the JSLEE-SIPS Demo jar jslee-sips-interop-commons
SIPS Business part of the JSLEE-SIPS Demo jar jslee-sips-interop-demo-sips-business
Shopping Demo Business jar shopping-demo-business-jsr309
SIPS Webapp of the JSLEE-SIPS Demo war jslee-sips-interop-demo-sips-web
Jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-interop-sbb jar jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-interop-sbb
Shopping Demo WebApp war shopping-demo-web-jsr309
Distributable Click2Call Converged Sip Servlet Example war click2call-distributable
Click To Call war click-to-call-servlet
Click To Call Async war click-to-call-servlet3.0
mobicents-sip-servlets-conference-jsr309 war conference-demo-jsr309
Distributable Call Forwarding Sip Servlet Example war custom-call-forwarding-distributable
Diameter Event Charging Sip Servlet Example war diameter-event-charging
Diameter OpenIMS Integration Sip Servlet Example war diameter-openims
Diameter Ro/Rf Sip Servlet Example war diameter-ro-rf
Facebook Click To Call war facebook-click-to-call-servlet
Jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-events-du pom jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-events-DU
JSLEE Parent part of the JSLEE-SIPS Demo pom jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-events-parent
Jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-interop-services-du pom jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-interop-services-DU
JSLEE Parent part of the JSLEE-SIPS Demo pom jslee-sips-interop-demo-jslee-services-parent
JSLEE - SIPS Interoperability Demo Parent pom jslee-sips-interop-demo-parent
SIPS EAR of the JSLEE-SIPS Demo ear jslee-sips-interop-demo-sips-ear
SIPS Parent part of the JSLEE-SIPS Demo pom jslee-sips-interop-demo-sips-parent
Location Service Sip Servlet Example war location-service
Location Service Distributable Sip Servlet Example war location-service-distributable
Simple Media JSR309 Servlet Example war media-jsr309-servlet
JRuby Sip Servlet Demo Application jar pure-jruby-telco
Shootist Sip Servlet Example war shootist-sip-servlet
Shootist Sip Servlet Distributable Example war shootist-sip-servlet-distributable
Shopping Demo EAR ear shopping-demo-ear-jsr309
Shopping Demo Parent pom shopping-demo-parent-jsr309
Simple Sip Servlet Example war simple-sip-servlet
Distributable Simple Sip Servlet Example war simple-sip-servlet-distributable
Mobicents Sip Servlet Examples pom sip-servlets-examples-parent
Speed Dial Sip Servlet Example war speed-dial
UAC Register Sip Servlet Example war uac-register
Alerting Application war alerting-app
Websockets Example war websockets-sip-servlet
JSLEE - SIP Servlets Alerting Application Parent pom alerting-app-parent
Call Blocking Sip Servlet Example war call-blocking
Call Blocking Presence Sip Servlet Example war call-blocking-presence
Call Forwarding Sip Servlet Example war call-forwarding
Distributable Call Forwarding Sip Servlet Example war call-forwarding-distributable
Chatroom Sip Servlet Example war chatroom-servlet

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