group: org.lucee

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Commons HTTPClient bundle commons-httpclient
Apache Commons IO bundle commons-io
Oswego Concurrent bundle oswego-concurrent
Apache Commons Logging bundle commons-logging
Apache Commons FileUpload bundle commons-fileupload
XML Apis bundle xml-apis
Apache XML Commons Resolver Component bundle xml-resolver
Xerces2 J bundle xml-xerces
Apache Commons Lang bundle commons-lang
Apache HttpCore bundle httpcomponents-httpcore
JTA bundle jta
portlet bundle portlet
Xalan Serializer bundle xalan-serializer
Apache HttpMime bundle httpcomponents-httpmime
Apache Commons Compress bundle commons-compress
Apache Commons Email bundle commons-email
Apache Commons Logging Adapters bundle commons-logging-adapters
Commons Logging API bundle commons-logging-api
Apache HttpClient bundle httpcomponents-httpclient
Xalan bundle xalan
jzlib bundle jzlib
SAAJ bundle saaj
jsch bundle jsch
ESAPI bundle esapi
Axis bundle axis
JAXRPC bundle jaxrpc
Axis ANT bundle axis-ant
WSDL4J bundle wsdl4j
itext bundle itext
Apache Commons Codec bundle commons-codec
DOM4J bundle dom4j
Apache Commons Sanselan bundle commons-sanselan
Postgre SQL bundle postgresql
Lucee Loader Build jar lucee
ANTLR bundle antlr
Apache Commons Collections bundle commons-collections
poi-ooxml bundle poi-ooxml
curvesapi bundle curvesapi
Ehcache bundle ehcache
Javassist bundle javassist
xmlbeans bundle xmlbeans
javax.el bundle javax.el
poi-ooxml-schemas bundle poi-ooxml-schemas
XML Apis Ext bundle xml-apis-ext
cglib bundle cglib
bcprov-jdk15on bundle bcprov-jdk15on
aspectj bundle aspectj
poi bundle poi
jmimemagic bundle jmimemagic
jsr250 bundle jsr250
javax.cdi bundle javax.cdi
HSQLDB bundle hsqldb
lco-maven-plugin maven-plugin lco-plugin
flyingSaucerPDF bundle flyingSaucerPDF
lucene bundle lucene
lucene bundle lucene-analyzers
lucene-highlighter bundle lucene-highlighter
lucene-misc bundle lucene-misc
lucene-snowball bundle lucene-snowball
lucene-spellchecker bundle lucene-spellchecker
metadata-extractor bundle metadata-extractor
metainf-services bundle metainf-services
flyingSaucerCore bundle flyingSaucerCore
pdfbox bundle pdfbox
OWASP AntiSamy bundle antisamy
poi-scratchpad bundle poi-scratchpad
extractor bundle extractor
EhcacheCore bundle ehcacheCore
protoparser bundle protoparser
Lucee Core Build lco core
saxon-he bundle saxon-he bundle
stax bundle stax
Apache Commons Discovery bundle commons-discovery
Oracle XDB bundle xdb
Lucee XML bundle xml
Batik Utility Library bundle batik-util
xmpcore bundle xmpcore
Batik CSS Engine bundle batik
jboss-interceptor bundle jboss-interceptor
javax.inject bundle javax.inject
jboss-jdeparser bundle jboss-jdeparser
jboss-logging-processor bundle jboss-logging-processor
jcip-annotations bundle jcip-annotations
jdom bundle jdom
jdom2 bundle jdom2
JetS3t bundle jets3t

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