group: org.langrid

fresh name packaging artifact id
Common Library jar jp.go.nict.langrid.commons
Service Container jar jp.go.nict.langrid.servicecontainer
Client Library jar jp.go.nict.langrid.client
Common Service Interface Definition jar jp.go.nict.langrid.service.common_1_2
Language Code Libraries jar jp.go.nict.langrid.language
Language Service Interface Definition jar jp.go.nict.langrid.service.language_1_2
Client Test Library jar jp.go.nict.langrid.client.test
Common Library for ProtocolBuffers RPC jar jp.go.nict.langrid.commons.protobufrpc
Client Library for SOAP jar jp.go.nict.langrid.client.soap
Axis1.4 Java8 jar axis-java8
Client Library for SOAP using Apache Axis jar jp.go.nict.langrid.client.axis
Common library for wrapping resources jar jp.go.nict.langrid.wrapper.common
Common Test Library jar jp.go.nict.langrid.commons.test
Service Executor Common Library and JSONRPC support. jar jp.go.nict.langrid.servicecontainer.executor
BilingualDictionary services jar jp.go.nict.langrid.serviceexecutor.db.bilingualdictionary
Client Library for SOAP with Axis Stubs jar jp.go.nict.langrid.client.ws_1_2
Service Container Protocol Handler for SOAP based on Apache Axis jar jp.go.nict.langrid.servicecontainer.handler.axis
Service Container jar jp.go.nict.langrid.composite.common
Service Container Protocol Handler for ProtocolBuffer RPC jar jp.go.nict.langrid.servicecontainer.handler.protobufrpc
Service Container Cache Decorator jar jp.go.nict.langrid.servicecontainer.decorator.cache
Client Library for ProtocolBuffers RPC jar jp.go.nict.langrid.client.protobufrpc
Management Service Interface Definition jar jp.go.nict.langrid.service.management_1_2
Root Artifact pom servicegrid
Support libraries for workflows jar jp.go.nict.langrid.wrapper.workflowsupport
LAPPS Grid Service Interface Definition jar org.langrid.service.api.lapps_nlp
SOAP Service Executor jar jp.go.nict.langrid.servicecontainer.executor.soap

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