group: org.kuali.rice

fresh name packaging artifact id
Rice Core API jar rice-core-api
Rice Implementation jar rice-impl
Rice KRAD Application Framework jar rice-krad-app-framework
Rice KRAD Web Framework jar rice-krad-web-framework
Rice Core Impl jar rice-core-impl
Rice Core Framework jar rice-core-framework
Rice Integration Test Internal Tools jar rice-it-internal-tools
Rice KNS jar rice-kns
Rice EDL Impl jar rice-edl-impl
Rice KRMS Impl jar rice-krms-impl
Rice Core Service Impl jar rice-core-service-impl
Rice Core Service Framework jar rice-core-service-framework
Rice KSB API jar rice-ksb-api
Rice KIM API jar rice-kim-api
Rice Location Impl jar rice-location-impl
Rice KIM Impl jar rice-kim-impl
Rice Core Service API jar rice-core-service-api
Rice KEW API jar rice-kew-api
Rice EDL Framework jar rice-edl-framework
Rice Location API jar rice-location-api
Rice KRMS API jar rice-krms-api
Rice KEW Framework jar rice-kew-framework
Rice Location Framework jar rice-location-framework
Rice Web war rice-web
Rice KRAD data jar rice-krad-data
Rice KSB Web Application jar rice-ksb-web
Rice KEW Impl jar rice-kew-impl
Rice Location Web jar rice-location-web
Rice KSB Server Implementation jar rice-ksb-server-impl
Rice KRAD Integration Test jar rice-it-krad
Rice Core Web jar rice-core-web
Rice KIM Framework jar rice-kim-framework
Rice KSB Client Implementation jar rice-ksb-client-impl
Rice KRMS Framework jar rice-krms-framework
Rice Development Tools jar rice-development-tools
Rice KEN API jar rice-ken-api
Rice Core Service Web jar rice-core-service-web
Rice KRAD Service Impl jar rice-krad-service-impl
Kuali Rice API jar rice-api
Rice KRAD Sample Application Implementation jar rice-krad-sampleapp-impl
Rice Sql jar rice-sql
Rice LDAP Connector jar rice-kim-ldap
Rice Impex Master jar rice-impex-master
Rice KRAD Development Tools jar rice-krad-development-tools
Rice KRAD Web war rice-krad-web
Rice Testing Tools jar rice-tools-test
Rice Xml jar rice-xml
Rice Client Contrib jar rice-client-contrib
Rice Deploy jar rice-deploy
Rice DB Config jar rice-db-config
Rice Impex Server Bootstrap jar rice-impex-server-bootstrap
Rice Legacy Web jar rice-legacy-web
Rice Sample App war rice-sampleapp
Rice Integration Test KRMS jar rice-it-krms
Rice Integration Test KEW jar rice-it-kew
Rice Impex Server Demo jar rice-impex-server-demo
Rice Standalone Server war rice-standalone
Rice Location pom rice-location
Rice Archetype pom rice-archetype
Rice Archetype Quickstart Project maven-archetype rice-archetype-quickstart
Rice Checkstyle jar rice-checkstyle
Rice CM pom rice-config
Rice Core pom rice-core
Rice Core Service pom rice-core-service
Rice DB pom rice-db
Rice Distributions pom rice-dist
Kuali Rice Documentation jar rice-doc
Rice EDL pom rice-edl
Rice Framework pom rice-framework
Rice Impex pom rice-impex
Rice Impex Client pom rice-impex-client
Rice Impex Client Bootstrap jar rice-impex-client-bootstrap
Rice Impex Client Demo jar rice-impex-client-demo
Rice Impex Clover Dataset jar rice-impex-clover
Rice Impex Server pom rice-impex-server
Rice Integration Test pom rice-it
Rice Integration Test Config jar rice-it-config
Rice Integration Test Core jar rice-it-core
Rice Integration Test EDL jar rice-it-edl
Rice Integration Test Impl jar rice-it-impl
Rice Integration Test KCB jar rice-it-kcb
Rice Integration Test KEN jar rice-it-ken
Rice-it-kew-s3 jar rice-it-kew-s3
Rice Integration Test KIM jar rice-it-kim
Rice-it-kns jar rice-it-kns
Rice-it-krad-s3 jar rice-it-krad-s3
Rice Integration Test KSB jar rice-it-ksb
Rice Integration Test Location jar rice-it-location
Rice Integration Test Remote jar rice-it-remote
Rice Integration Test Version Compatibility jar rice-it-vc
kcb jar rice-kcb
Rice KEN pom rice-ken
Rice KEW pom rice-kew
Rice KIM pom rice-kim
Rice KRAD pom rice-krad
Rice KRAD Sample Application pom rice-krad-sampleapp
Rice KRAD Sample Application Web war rice-krad-sampleapp-web
Rice KRAD Theme Builder jar rice-krad-theme-builder
Rice-krad-theme-builder-test war rice-krad-theme-builder-test
Rice KRMS pom rice-krms
Rice KRMS Gen jar rice-krms-gen
Rice KSB pom rice-ksb
Rice LDAP Connector jar rice-ldap
Rice License Bundle jar rice-license-bundle
Rice pom rice
Rice Impex Master jar rice-master-db
Rice Middleware pom rice-middleware
Rice KSB Server Registry war rice-serviceregistry

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