group: org.kohsuke

fresh name packaging artifact id
Java binding for jar libpam4j
Custom Access Modifier annotations jar access-modifier-annotation
GitHub API for Java jar github-api
PuTTY support for Trilead SSH2 library jar trilead-putty-extension
Embeddable daemonization library jar akuma
windows-package-checker jar windows-package-checker
Groovy Sandbox jar groovy-sandbox
Graph Layout Library jar graph-layouter
WordNet Random Name Generator jar wordnet-random-name
OWASP HTML Sanitizer jar owasp-html-sanitizer
asm5 jar asm5
libzfs-java jar libzfs
asm3 jar asm3
Custom Access Modifier Checker maven-plugin access-modifier-checker
Cucumber Annotation Indexer jar cucumber-annotation-indexer
Tomcat AJP Client jar ajp-client
graphviz-api jar graphviz-api
TestSuite run in parallel jar parallel-junit
GeoIP Java API jar geoip
asm4 jar asm4
PGP Maven plugin maven-plugin pgp-maven-plugin
Doxia :: Markdown module jar doxia-module-markdown
asm6 jar asm6
File Leak Detector jar file-leak-detector
StopForumSpam API for Java jar stopforumspam
Root POM for Kohsuke's projects pom pom
offline-issuetracker jar bokobai
YouDebug jar youdebug
doklet jar doklet
SSHD for EC2 Windows jar ec2-sshd
ExceptionInInitializerError logger jar eiie-logger
elb-dns jar elb-dns
File Leak Detecter jar file-leak-detecter
Custom access modifier for Java pom access-modifier
Annotation to cappture javadoc jar javadoc-capture
asm2 jar asm2
maven-junit-plugin Maven Mojo maven-plugin maven-junit-plugin
Maven skin for Kohsuke jar maven-skin
apt-ftparchive-merge Maven plugin maven-plugin apt-ftparchive-merge
Maven Wagon GitHub Pages Provider jar wagon-gitsite
Ajaxterm for Java pom ajaxterm4j
XML Patcher jar xml-patcher

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