group: org.knowm.xchange

fresh name packaging artifact id
XChange Core jar xchange-core
XChange Poloniex jar xchange-poloniex
XChange GDAX jar xchange-gdax
XChange BitFinex jar xchange-bitfinex
XChange Kraken jar xchange-kraken
XChange Bitstamp jar xchange-bitstamp
XChange Bittrex jar xchange-bittrex
XChange OKCoin jar xchange-okcoin
XChange Coinmate jar xchange-coinmate
XChange jar xchange-cexio
XChange Coinbase jar xchange-coinbase
XChange Hitbtc jar xchange-hitbtc
XChange ANX jar xchange-anx
XChange The Rock Trading jar xchange-therock
XChange BTCMarkets jar xchange-btcmarkets
XChange ItBit jar xchange-itbit
XChange Bitbay jar xchange-bitbay
XChange Binance jar xchange-binance
XChange Quoine jar xchange-quoine
XChange Independent Reserve jar xchange-independentreserve
XChange jar xchange-bitcoinde
XChange Vircurex jar xchange-vircurex
XChange Bitcoin Bitmarket jar xchange-bitmarket
XChange Bitso jar xchange-bitso
XChange Bleutrade jar xchange-bleutrade
XChange Ripple jar xchange-ripple
XChange BtcTrade jar xchange-btctrade
XChange CampBX jar xchange-campbx
XChange Mercado Bitcoin jar xchange-mercadobitcoin
XChange LakeBTC jar xchange-lakebtc
XChange CryptoFacilities jar xchange-cryptofacilities
XChange Cryptonit jar xchange-cryptonit
XChange Gatecoin jar xchange-gatecoin
XChange Bitcoinium jar xchange-bitcoinium
XChange C-Cex jar xchange-ccex
XChange Blockchain jar xchange-blockchain
XChange Paymium jar xchange-paymium
XChange BitcoinAverage jar xchange-bitcoinaverage
XChange Open Exchange Rates jar xchange-openexchangerates
XChange Bitcoin Charts jar xchange-bitcoincharts
XChange YoBit jar xchange-yobit
XChange Livecoin jar xchange-livecoin
XChange taurus jar xchange-taurus
XChange DSX jar xchange-dsx
XChange EmpoEX jar xchange-empoex
XChange Cryptopia jar xchange-cryptopia
XChange Bitcurex jar xchange-bitcurex
XChange Examples jar xchange-examples
XChange Huobi jar xchange-huobi
XChange BTCE jar xchange-btce
XChange Wex jar xchange-wex
XChange jar xchange-gateio
XChange Liqui jar xchange-liqui
XChange Koineks jar xchange-koineks
XChange BitFlyer jar xchange-bitflyer
XChange Paribu jar xchange-paribu
XChange BitMex jar xchange-bitmex
XChange BTC Turk jar xchange-btcturk
XChange BTER jar xchange-bter
XChange ACX.IO jar xchange-acx
XChange Koinim jar xchange-koinim
XChange BTC38 jar xchange-btc38
XChange BTC China jar xchange-btcchina
XChange Jubi jar xchange-jubi
XChange Bitz jar xchange-bitz
XChange CoinEgg jar xchange-coinegg
XChange CHBTC jar xchange-chbtc
XChange Gemini jar xchange-gemini
XChange Kucoin jar xchange-kucoin
XChange Zaif jar xchange-zaif
XChange Bibox jar xchange-bibox
XChange Abucoins jar xchange-abucoins
XChange CoinMarketCap jar xchange-coinmarketcap
XChange BitKonan jar xchange-bitkonan
XChange Loyalbit jar xchange-loyalbit
XChange CoinOne jar xchange-coinone
XChange Coinfloor jar xchange-coinfloor
XChange QuadrigaCx jar xchange-quadrigacx
XChange Coingi jar xchange-coingi
XChange Coindirect jar xchange-coindirect
XChange meXBT jar xchange-mexbt
XChange Coinbene jar xchange-coinbene
XChange Coinbase (Exchange) jar xchange-coinbaseex
XChange Coinsetter jar xchange-coinsetter
XChange Cobinhood jar xchange-cobinhood
XChange CleverCoin jar xchange-clevercoin
XChange CA VirtEx jar xchange-cavirtex
XChange Cointrader jar xchange-cointrader
XChange BTCC jar xchange-btcc
XChange Cryptsy jar xchange-cryptsy
XChange Upbit jar xchange-upbit
XChange Vaultoro jar xchange-vaultoro
XChange Yacuna jar xchange-yacuna
XChange Bitcoin Central jar xchange-btccentral
XChange Idex jar xchange-idex
XChange Exmo jar xchange-exmo
XChange Kuna jar xchange-kuna
XChange Luno jar xchange-luno
XChange pom xchange-parent
XChange BX.IN.TH jar xchange-bx
XChange Bity jar xchange-bity
XChange Bitcoin Core jar xchange-truefx
XChange BitcoinToYou jar xchange-bitcointoyou
XChange Bitcoin Core jar xchange-bitcoincore
XChange FCoin jar xchange-fcoin

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