group: org.kitesdk

fresh name packaging artifact id
Kite Morphlines Core jar kite-morphlines-core
Kite Data Core Module jar kite-data-core
Kite Morphlines Solr Core jar kite-morphlines-solr-core
Kite Morphlines Dependency Aggregator jar kite-morphlines-all
Kite Data HBase Module jar kite-data-hbase
Kite Hadoop CDH5 Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop-cdh5-dependencies
Kite Hadoop Compatibility Module jar kite-hadoop-compatibility
Kite Hadoop CDH5 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop-cdh5-test-dependencies
Kite Data Hive Module jar kite-data-hive
Kite Data MapReduce Module jar kite-data-mapreduce
Kite Morphlines Avro jar kite-morphlines-avro
Kite HBase CDH5 Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase-cdh5-dependencies
Kite HBase CDH5 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase-cdh5-test-dependencies
Kite Morphlines JSON jar kite-morphlines-json
Kite Morphlines Twitter jar kite-morphlines-twitter
Kite Morphlines Tika Decompress jar kite-morphlines-tika-decompress
Kite Morphlines Tika Core jar kite-morphlines-tika-core
Kite Hadoop Default Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop-dependencies
Kite Hadoop Default Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop-test-dependencies
Kite Data Crunch Module jar kite-data-crunch
Kite Morphlines Saxon jar kite-morphlines-saxon
Kite Morphlines Hadoop Sequence File jar kite-morphlines-hadoop-sequencefile
Kite Morphlines Hadoop Core jar kite-morphlines-hadoop-core
Kite Morphlines Metrics Servlets jar kite-morphlines-metrics-servlets
Kite Morphlines Hadoop Record Columnar (RC) File jar kite-morphlines-hadoop-rcfile
Kite Morphlines UserAgent jar kite-morphlines-useragent
Kite Morphlines Maxmind jar kite-morphlines-maxmind
Kite Morphlines Hadoop Parquet Avro jar kite-morphlines-hadoop-parquet-avro
Kite Data S3 Module jar kite-data-s3
Kite HBase Default Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase-test-dependencies
Kite Minicluster jar kite-minicluster
Kite Morphlines Solr Cell jar kite-morphlines-solr-cell
Kite HBase Default Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase-dependencies
Kite Tools Runtime Module jar kite-tools
Kite Data HCatalog Module jar kite-data-hcatalog
Kite Morphlines Dependency Aggregator (Excluding SolrCell) pom kite-morphlines-all-except-solrcell
Kite Hadoop CDH4 Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop-cdh4-dependencies
Kite HBase CDH4 Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase-cdh4-dependencies
Kite Data Flume Module jar kite-data-flume
Kite Morphlines Dependency Aggregator (Excluding Solr) jar kite-morphlines-all-except-solr
Kite Data Spark Module jar kite-data-spark
Kite Morphlines Parent jar kite-morphlines
Kite Application POM Modules pom kite-app-parent-modules
Kite Application POM for CDH5 pom kite-app-parent-cdh5
Kite Development Kit pom kite-parent
Kite Tools CDH5 Module pom kite-tools-cdh5
Kite Hadoop CDH4 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop-cdh4-test-dependencies
Kite Tools Module pom kite-tools-parent
Kite Hadoop-2 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop2-test-dependencies
Kite Hadoop Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop-deps-parent
Kite Hadoop-2 Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop2-dependencies
Kite HBase Hadoop-1 Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase1-dependencies
Kite HBase Hadoop-1 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase1-test-dependencies
Kite HBase Hadoop-2 Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase2-dependencies
Kite HBase Hadoop-2 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase2-test-dependencies
Kite HBase CDH4 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase-cdh4-test-dependencies
Kite Hadoop-1 Test Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop1-test-dependencies
Kite Hadoop-1 Dependencies Module pom kite-hadoop1-dependencies
Kite HBase Dependencies Module pom kite-hbase-deps-parent
Kite Maven Plugin maven-plugin kite-maven-plugin
Kite Flume Avro Event Serializer jar kite-flume-avro-event-serializer
Kite Morphlines Dependency Aggregator (Excluding Tika) pom kite-morphlines-all-except-tika
Kite Application POM for CDH4 pom kite-app-parent-cdh4
Kite Data Oozie Module jar kite-data-oozie
Kite Morphlines Metrics Scalable jar kite-morphlines-metrics-scalable
Kite-morphlines-protobuf jar kite-morphlines-protobuf
Kite Data Module pom kite-data

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