group: org.kie.uberfire

fresh name packaging artifact id
KIE Uberfire Social Activities API jar kie-uberfire-social-activities-api
i18n taglib (temporary) jar i18n-taglib
KIE Uberfire Social Activities Backend jar kie-uberfire-social-activities-backend
KIE Uberfire Metadata Commons IO jar kie-uberfire-metadata-commons-io
KIE Uberfire Social Activities Client jar kie-uberfire-social-activities-client
KIE UberFire Widgets Commons jar kie-uberfire-widgets-commons
KIE Uberfure Metadata Lucene Backend jar kie-uberfire-metadata-backend-lucene
KIE Uberfire Metadata API jar kie-uberfire-metadata-api
KIE UberFire Widgets Core Client jar kie-uberfire-widgets-core-client
KIE UberFire Widgets Commons Services API jar kie-uberfire-widgets-service-api
KIE Uberfire Properties Editor Widget API jar kie-uberfire-widgets-properties-editor-api
KIE UberFire Widgets Commons Services Backend jar kie-uberfire-widgets-service-backend
KIE Uberfire Runtime PlugIns Client jar kie-uberfire-runtime-plugins-client
KIE Uberfire Runtime PlugIns Backend jar kie-uberfire-runtime-plugins-backend
KIE Uberfire Perspective Editor Backend jar kie-uberfire-perspective-editor-backend
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Core API jar kie-uberfire-wires-core-api
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Core Client jar kie-uberfire-wires-core-client
KIE Uberfire Runtime PlugIns API jar kie-uberfire-runtime-plugins-api
KIE Uberfire Perspective Editor Client jar kie-uberfire-perspective-editor-client
KIE Uberfire Apps Backend jar kie-uberfire-apps-backend
KIE Uberfire Apps Client jar kie-uberfire-apps-client
KIE Uberfire Servlet Security jar kie-uberfire-servlet-security
KIE Uberfire kie-uberfire-apps API jar kie-uberfire-apps-api
KIE Uberfire Properties Editor Widget Client jar kie-uberfire-widgets-properties-editor-client
KIE Uberfire Perspective Editor API jar kie-uberfire-perspective-editor-api
KIE Uberfire Properties Editor Widget Backend jar kie-uberfire-widgets-properties-editor-backend
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Trees jar kie-uberfire-wires-core-trees
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Parser API jar kie-uberfire-wires-bayesian-parser-api
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Parser Backend jar kie-uberfire-wires-bayesian-parser-backend
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Core Scratch Pad jar kie-uberfire-wires-core-scratchpad
KIE Uberfire Social Activities pom kie-uberfire-social-activities
KIE Uberfire Properties Editor Widget pom kie-uberfire-widgets-properties-editor
KIE Uberfire Security pom kie-uberfire-security
KIE Uberfire Runtime Plugins pom kie-uberfire-runtime-plugins
KIE Uberfire Perspective Editor pom kie-uberfire-perspective-editor
KIE UberFire Widgets Sandbox pom kie-uberfire-widgets-sandbox
KIE UberFire Widgets Commons Services pom kie-uberfire-widgets-service
KIE Uberfire Metadata Backends pom kie-uberfire-metadata-backends
KIE Uberfire Metadata pom kie-uberfire-metadata
KIE Uberfire Wires pom kie-uberfire-wires
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Network pom kie-uberfire-wires-bayesian-network
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Network Client jar kie-uberfire-wires-bayesian-network-client
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Parser pom kie-uberfire-wires-bayesian-parser
KIE Extensions to UberFire Framework tar.gz kie-uberfire-extensions
KIE Uberfire Perspective Editor pom kie-uberfire-apps
KIE Uberfire Wires :: Core pom kie-uberfire-wires-core
UberFire Extensions BOM (Bill Of Materials) pom kie-uberfire-extensions-bom
KIE Uberfire Widgets pom kie-uberfire-widgets
KIE UberFire Markdown Widget jar kie-uberfire-widget-markdown
KIE UberFire Widgets Core pom kie-uberfire-widgets-core

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