group: org.kie.guvnor

fresh name packaging artifact id
Guvnor Data Model API jar guvnor-datamodel-api
Guvnor Core Services API jar guvnor-core-services-api
Guvnor Commons Services jar guvnor-commons-services-api
Guvnor Commons UI jar guvnor-commons-ui
Metadata Widget jar guvnor-metadata-widget
Guvnor Core Services Backend jar guvnor-core-services-backend
Error Messages Widgets jar guvnor-error-messages-widget
Guvnor Project API jar guvnor-project-api
Config Resource Widget jar guvnor-config-resource-widget
Display Sources Widgets jar guvnor-view-source-widget
Guvnor Commons Data Structures jar guvnor-commons-data
Guvnor Project Backend jar guvnor-project-backend
Guvnor Commons Security jar guvnor-commons-security
Guvnor M2_REPO jar guvnor-m2repo-editor-api
Guvnor Data Model Backend jar guvnor-datamodel-backend
Guvnor WorkingSet Client jar guvnor-workingset-client
Guvnor Commons Builder jar guvnor-commons-builder
Decorated Grid Widget jar guvnor-decorated-grid-widget
Guided Rule Editor API jar guvnor-guided-rule-editor-api
Guvnor Globals Editor - API jar guvnor-globals-editor-api
Guvnor M2_REPO Client jar guvnor-m2repo-editor-client
Guvnor Explorer API jar guvnor-explorer-api
Guided Rule Editor Backend jar guvnor-guided-rule-editor-backend
Project Editor Backend jar guvnor-project-editor-backend
Guvnor Inbox jar guvnor-inbox-api
Guvnor M2_REPO Backend jar guvnor-m2repo-editor-backend
Project Editor Client jar guvnor-project-editor-client
Guvnor Explorer Backend jar guvnor-explorer-backend
Guvnor Explorer Client jar guvnor-explorer-client
Guided Rule Editor Client jar guvnor-guided-rule-editor-client
Project Config Editor Backend jar guvnor-project-config-editor-backend
Guided Template Editor API jar guvnor-guided-template-editor-api
Project Config Editor Client jar guvnor-project-config-editor-client
Guided Template Editor Client jar guvnor-guided-template-editor-client
Technical Rule Editor API jar guvnor-drl-text-editor-api
Guvnor Guided Decision Table Editor API jar guvnor-guided-dtable-editor-api
Fact Model Editor API jar guvnor-factmodel-editor-api
Technical Rule Editor Backend jar guvnor-drl-text-editor-backend
Guvnor - Examples jar guvnor-examples
Domain Specific Language Editor API jar guvnor-dsl-text-editor-api
Guvnor Guided Score Card Editor API jar guvnor-guided-scorecard-editor-api
Project Editor API jar guvnor-project-editor-api
Enum Editor API jar guvnor-enum-editor-api
Guvnor documentation jdocbook guvnor-docs
Fact Model Editor Client jar guvnor-factmodel-editor-client
Technical Rule Editor - Client jar guvnor-drl-text-editor-client
Domain Specific Language Editor Backend jar guvnor-dsl-text-editor-backend
Domain Specific Language Editor - Client jar guvnor-dsl-text-editor-client
Categories Editor - Client jar guvnor-categories-editor-client
Enum Editor Backend jar guvnor-enum-editor-backend
Enum Editor Client jar guvnor-enum-editor-client
Fact Model Editor Backend jar guvnor-factmodel-editor-backend
Guvnor Globals Editor - Backend jar guvnor-globals-editor-backend
Guvnor Globals Editor - Client jar guvnor-globals-editor-client
Guvnor Guided Decision Table Editor Backend jar guvnor-guided-dtable-editor-backend
Guvnor Guided Decision Table Editor Client jar guvnor-guided-dtable-editor-client
Guvnor Guided Score Card Editor Backend jar guvnor-guided-scorecard-editor-backend
Guided Score Card Editor Client jar guvnor-guided-scorecard-editor-client
Guided Template Editor Backend jar guvnor-guided-template-editor-backend
Guvnor Inbox Backend jar guvnor-inbox-backend
Guvnor Inbox Client jar guvnor-inbox-client
Default Editor - Backend jar guvnor-default-editor-backend
Query Screen API jar guvnor-search-screen-api
Guvnor distribution wars pom guvnor-distribution-wars
XLS Decision Table Client jar guvnor-dtable-xls-editor-client
Default Editor - Client jar guvnor-default-editor-client
XLS Decision Table Backend jar guvnor-dtable-xls-editor-backend
XLS Decision Table API jar guvnor-dtable-xls-editor-api
Guvnor Showcase WebApp war guvnor-webapp
XLS Scorecard API jar guvnor-scorecard-xls-editor-api
Test Scenario Editor API jar guvnor-test-scenario-editor-api
Query Screen - Client jar guvnor-search-screen-client
Project Config Editor API jar guvnor-project-config-editor-api
Query Screen Backend jar guvnor-search-screen-backend
Default Editor - API jar guvnor-default-editor-api
XLS Scorecard Client jar guvnor-scorecard-xls-editor-client
XLS Scorecard Backend jar guvnor-scorecard-xls-editor-backend
Guvnor distribution pom guvnor-distribution
Work Item Definitions Editor - API jar guvnor-workitems-editor-api
Test Scenario Editor - Client jar guvnor-test-scenario-editor-client
Test Scenario Editor Backend jar guvnor-test-scenario-editor-backend
Work Item Definitions Editor - Client jar guvnor-workitems-editor-client
Work Item Definitions Editor - Backend jar guvnor-workitems-editor-backend
Guvnor Inbox pom guvnor-inbox
Categories Editor pom guvnor-categories-editor
Guvnor Commons pom guvnor-commons
Guvnor Core pom guvnor-core
Guvnor Core Services pom guvnor-core-services
Guvnor Data Model pom guvnor-datamodel
Default Editor pom guvnor-default-editor
DRL Text Editor pom guvnor-drl-text-editor
DSL Text Editor pom guvnor-dsl-text-editor
DRL Text Editor pom guvnor-dtable-xls-editor
Guvnor Editors pom guvnor-editors
Enum Editor pom guvnor-enum-editor
Guvnor Explorer pom guvnor-explorer
Fact Model Editor pom guvnor-factmodel-editor
Guvnor Globals Editor pom guvnor-globals-editor
Guvnor Guided Decision Table Editor pom guvnor-guided-dtable-editor
Guided Rule Editor pom guvnor-guided-rule-editor
Guvnor Guided Score Card Editor pom guvnor-guided-scorecard-editor
Guvnor Guided Template Editor pom guvnor-guided-template-editor
Guvnor NG pom guvnor
Fact Model Editor pom guvnor-m2repo-editor
Guvnor NG pom guvnor-ng
Guvnor - Multi-project pom guvnor-parent
Guvnor Project pom guvnor-project
Guvnor-project-config-editor pom guvnor-project-config-editor
Guvnor-project-editor pom guvnor-project-editor
DRL Text Editor pom guvnor-scorecard-xls-editor
DRL Text Editor pom guvnor-search-screen
Guvnor Showcase pom guvnor-showcase
Test Scenario Editor pom guvnor-test-scenario-editor
Guvnor Widgets pom guvnor-widgets
Guvnor WorkingSet pom guvnor-workingset
Work Item Definitions Editor pom guvnor-workitems-editor

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