group: org.kie

fresh name packaging artifact id
KIE :: Public API bundle kie-api
KIE :: Internal bundle kie-internal
KIE :: CI jar kie-ci
Kie :: Spring bundle kie-spring
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: Core bundle kie-dmn-core
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: API bundle kie-dmn-api
Kie :: Aries Blueprint bundle kie-aries-blueprint
KIE :: Test Utility Classes jar kie-test-util
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: Model bundle kie-dmn-model
KIE Identity And Session Provider jar kie-identity-session-provider
[KIE] Lienzo - Core Framework jar lienzo-core
Kie :: Camel bundle kie-camel
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: FEEL bundle kie-dmn-feel
KIE :: CI for OSGi bundle kie-ci-osgi
KIE :: Maven Plugin maven-plugin kie-maven-plugin
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: Backend bundle kie-dmn-backend
jBPM Process SVG Manipulation jar jbpm-process-svg
Kie-security jar kie-security
KIE :: Infinispan :: Drools persistence jar drools-infinispan-persistence
[KIE] Lienzo - Testing Framework jar lienzo-tests
KIE :: Karaf Features jar kie-karaf-features
KIE Drools Workbench - Distribution Wars war kie-drools-wb-distribution-wars
KIE Workbench - Webapp war kie-wb-webapp
KIE Drools Workbench - Webapp war kie-drools-wb-webapp
KIE Workbench - Distribution Wars war kie-wb
KIE :: OSGi Integration bundle kie-osgi-integration
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: KIE Server Auto Configuration jar kie-server-spring-boot-autoconfiguration
KIE Drools Workbench - Distribution Wars war kie-drools-wb
KIE EAP :: Distribution zip kie-eap-distribution
KIE Workbench - Distribution Wars Parent pom kie-wb-distribution-wars
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: KIE Server Auto Configuration :: Drools jar kie-server-spring-boot-autoconfiguration-drools
KIE Workbench - Webapp Common war kie-wb-webapp-common
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: Validation jar kie-dmn-validation
KIE Workbench - Monitoring Distribution Wars war kie-wb-monitoring
KIE Drools Workbench - Home Page - Community jar kie-drools-wb-home-page-community
KIE EAP :: Config jar kie-eap-config
Kie-karaf-itests-domain-model jar kie-karaf-itests-domain-model
KIE (Drools) Workbench Tests :: REST API jar kie-wb-tests-rest
KIE :: Execution Server :: API jar kie-server-api
KIE Workbench - Home Page - Community jar kie-wb-home-page-community
KIE Workbench Deployment Validation jar kie-wb-deployment-validation
KIE Server :: Spring :: Boot :: Starter jar kie-server-spring-boot-starter
Drools and jBPM introduction documentation jdocbook droolsjbpm-introduction-docs
KIE Tomcat integration jar kie-tomcat-integration
KIE Config command line interface jar kie-config-cli
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: jBPM Auto Configuration jar jbpm-spring-boot-autoconfiguration
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: KIE Server Auto Configuration :: jBPM jar kie-server-spring-boot-autoconfiguration-jbpm
KIE :: Execution Server :: Client jar kie-server-client
KIE Workbench - Example Repositories pom kie-wb-example-repositories
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: KIE Server Auto Configuration :: OptaPlanner jar kie-server-spring-boot-autoconfiguration-optaplanner
KIE :: Takari Plugin takari-maven-plugin kie-takari-plugin
KIE Workbench - Monitoring Webapp war kie-wb-monitoring-webapp
KIE :: Documentation :: Example Code jar kie-docs-code
KIE Theme - Community jar kie-wb-theme-community
KIE :: Execution Server :: Services jar kie-server-services
jBPM :: Spring :: Boot :: Starter :: basic jar jbpm-spring-boot-starter-basic
KIE :: Execution Server :: Distribution Wars pom kie-server-distribution-wars
KIE :: Swagger UI jar kie-swagger-ui
KIE EAP - BPMS layer distribution zip kie-eap-distributions-bpms-layer
KIE EAP - BRMS layer distribution zip kie-eap-distributions-brms-layer
KIE :: Execution Server :: Distribution Wars pom kie-server
Business Central - Distribution Wars war business-central
Business Central - Monitoring Distribution Wars war business-monitoring
KIE JBoss EAP integration - Core jar kie-eap-integration-core
KIE IDE - Home Client jar kie-ide-home-client
KIE IDE - Showcase war kie-ide-showcase
KIE :: Execution Server :: JMS transport jar kie-server-jms
Business Central - Webapp Common war business-central-webapp-common
Business Central - Webapp war business-central-webapp
Business Central Deployment Validation jar business-central-deployment-validation
KIE (Drools, jBPM, OptaPlanner) Platform BOM pom kie-platform-bom
Business Central - Monitoring Webapp war business-monitoring-webapp
KIE Workbench - Home Client jar kie-wb-home-client
KIE (Drools, jBPM, OptaPlanner) parent tar.gz kie-parent
Business Central Tests :: REST API jar business-central-tests-rest
BxMS Fuse Integration: Config jar kie-fuse-config-editor
KIE IDE pom kie-ide
KIE IDE - Showcase Distribution Wars pom kie-ide-distribution-wars
KIE IDE - Home Panels pom kie-ide-home
KIE :: Documentation Guides pom kie-docs-guides
KIE :: Infinispan pom kie-infinispan
KIE :: Documentation tar.gz kie-docs
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: TCK pom kie-dmn-tck
KIE :: Karaf Integration Tests jar kie-karaf-itests
KIE :: Decision Model Notation :: Signavio extensions support jar kie-dmn-signavio
KIE :: KJAR Archetype maven-archetype kie-kjar-archetype
Kie maven plugin example kjar kie-maven-example
Kie DMN BOM (Bill Of Materials) pom kie-dmn-bom
KIE :: Model Archetype maven-archetype kie-model-archetype
KIE :: OSGi Integration Parent Project pom kie-osgi
KIE :: Decision Model Notation pom kie-dmn
KIE (Drools, jBPM, OptaPlanner) parent metadata jar kie-parent-metadata
KIE (Drools, jBPM, OptaPlanner) parent with dependencies pom kie-parent-with-dependencies
KIE Performance Kit jar kie-performance-kit
KIE :: Plugins Testing takari-maven-plugin kie-plugin-testing
KIE :: Build tools jar kie-build-tools
KIE BOM (Bill Of Materials) pom kie-bom
KIE :: Maven Archetypes pom kie-archetypes
KIE :: API Parent tar.gz kie-api-parent
KIE :: Execution Server :: Distribution zip kie-server-distribution
KIE Server Distributions pom kie-server-distributions
KIE Server :: Spring :: Boot :: Keycloak Sample jar keycloak-kie-server-spring-boot-sample
KIE :: Execution Server :: Integration Tests jar kie-server-integ-tests
KIE :: Execution Server :: JMS Tests jar kie-server-jms-tests
KIE :: Execution Server pom kie-server-parent
KIE :: Execution Server :: REST Tests jar kie-server-rest-tests
jBPM :: WorkItems - Camel jar jbpm-workitems-camel
jBPM :: Spring :: Boot :: Sample :: basic jar jbpm-spring-boot-sample-basic
jBPM server distribution zip jbpm-server-distribution
KIE :: Infinispan :: jBPM persistence jar jbpm-infinispan-persistence
KIE :: Documentation :: jBPM jdocbook jbpm-docs
KIE Server :: Spring :: Boot :: Integration Tests Sample jar kie-server-spring-boot-integ-tests-sample
KIE Server :: Spring :: Boot :: Sample jar kie-server-spring-boot-sample
KIE :: Documentation :: jBPM Asciidoc jdocbook jbpm-asciidocs
KIE Drools Workbench Parent pom kie-drools-wb-parent
KIE Server :: Spring :: Boot :: Starter :: jBPM and Case management jar kie-server-spring-boot-starter-jbpm
KIE Server :: Spring :: Boot :: Starter :: OptaPlanner jar kie-server-spring-boot-starter-optaplanner
KIE :: Execution Server :: Tests Parent pom kie-server-tests
KIE :: Service Spring Boot Archetype maven-archetype kie-service-spring-boot-archetype
KIE EAP - Maven plugin maven-plugin jboss-modules
KIE :: Spring :: Boot pom kie-spring-boot
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: Auto Configuration pom kie-spring-boot-autoconfiguration
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: Samples pom kie-spring-boot-samples
KIE :: Spring :: Boot :: Starters pom kie-spring-boot-starters
Fuse BxMS integration multiproject pom fuse-bxms-integ
Drools Camel server example war drools-camel-server-example
KIE :: Documentation :: Dashbuilder jdocbook dashbuilder-docs
KIE (Drools, jBPM, OptaPlanner) user BOM parent pom kie-user-bom-parent
Business Central - Distributions tar.gz kie-wb-distributions
KIE Theme - Product jar business-central-theme-product
KIE Workbench - Home Panels pom kie-wb-home
KIE Theme - Community jar business-central-theme-community
KIE Theme pom business-central-theme
KIE Workbench Parent pom kie-wb-parent
KIE (Drools) Workbench Tests :: Parent pom kie-wb-tests
KIE (Drools) Workbench Tests :: GUI jar kie-wb-tests-gui
KIE (Drools) Workbench Tests :: GUI jar business-central-tests-gui
KIE Theme pom kie-wb-theme
Business Central Tests :: Parent pom business-central-tests
KIE Theme - Product jar kie-wb-theme-product
Business Central Parent pom business-central-parent
Business Central - Home Page - Community jar business-central-home-page-community
Business Central - Distribution Wars Parent pom business-central-distribution-wars
KIE Server :: Spring :: Boot :: Starter :: Drools and DMN jar kie-server-spring-boot-starter-drools
KIE EAP - Distributions jar kie-eap-distributions
KIE Drools Workbench - Distribution pom kie-drools-wb-distribution
KIE EAP - BPMS Webapp pom kie-eap-distributions-bpms-webapp
KIE :: Drools Maven Archetype maven-archetype kie-drools-archetype
KIE EAP - BRMS Webapp pom kie-eap-distributions-brms-webapp
KIE EAP :: Installer jar kie-eap-installer
KIE EAP :: Drools and jBPM Module layers for JBoss EAP pom kie-eap-integration
KIE JBoss EAP integration - BPMS distribution jar kie-eap-integration-bpms
KIE JBoss EAP integration - BRMS distribution jar kie-eap-integration-brms
KIE JBoss EAP integration - Distributions pom kie-eap-integration-distributions
KIE EAP :: Integration Tests jar kie-eap-tests
Kie API examples jar kie-examples-api

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