group: org.kantega.jexmec

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jexmec :: API jar jexmec-api
Jexmec :: Simple constructor injection plugin loader jar jexmec-ctor-pl
Jexmec :: API - tests jar jexmec-api-tests
Jexmec :: Plugin Manager jar jexmec-manager
Jexmec :: Service interface utilities jar jexmec-services
Jexmec :: SLF4J-logging plugin manager listener jar jexmec-logging
Jexmec :: Guice jar jexmec-guice
Jexmec :: Store jar jexmec-store
Jexmec :: Maven repo class loader provider jar jexmec-mavenrepo-clp
Jexmec :: OSGi jar jexmec-osgi
Jexmec :: PicoContainer jar jexmec-pico
Jexmec :: Plexus jar jexmec-plexus
Jexmec :: Spring jar jexmec-spring
Jexmec :: Jar Files Plugin Class Loader Provider jar jexmec-jarfiles-clp
Jexmec :: API - test plugin bundle jexmec-api-test-plugin
Jexmec :: Development Class Loader Provider jar jexmec-dev-clp
Jexmec :: Docs jar jexmec-docs
Jexmec :: Felix jar jexmec-felix
Jexmec :: Groovy jar jexmec-groovy
Jexmec Parent pom pom jexmec
Jexmec :: Plugin lifecycle support jar jexmec-lifecycle

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