group: org.kaazing

fresh name packaging artifact id
Community License jar community.license
k3po/junit jar k3po.junit
k3po/lang jar k3po.lang
Test Utils jar test.util
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Server jar gateway.server
Httpxe Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.httpxe
Gateway Service jar gateway.service
Tcp Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.tcp
Http Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.http
Keystore and Truststore used for testing TLS jar
Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address
Httpx Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.httpx
Echo Service jar gateway.service.echo
Ssl Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.ssl
Ws Resource Address jar
Http Transport jar gateway.transport.http
Proxy Service jar gateway.service.proxy
Httpxdraft Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.httpxdraft
Wsx Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.wsx
Gateway Utils jar gateway.util
Wsxdraft Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.wsxdraft
Wsn Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.wsn
Websocket Protocol (RFC-6455) Specification jar
Pipe Transport jar gateway.transport.pipe
Wse Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.wse
Transport Core jar gateway.transport
WSN Transport jar gateway.transport.wsn
NIO Transport jar gateway.transport.nio
Gateway Security jar
SSL Transport jar gateway.transport.ssl
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Server Service Provider Interface jar gateway.server.spi
Pipe Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.pipe
WS Transport jar
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Management jar
sigar pom sigar.dist
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Server API jar gateway.server.api
SNMP4J jar snmp4j
Apache MINA Core jar mina-core
Sse Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.sse
Udp Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.udp
WSEB Transport jar gateway.transport.wseb
BIO Transport jar
Update Check Service jar gateway.service.update.check
Wsdraft Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.wsdraft
HTTP Protocol Specification jar specification.http
k3po/driver jar k3po.driver
Kaazing Java Client - Net API jar net.api
Apache MINA JavaBeans Integration jar mina-integration-beans
Rtmp Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.rtmp
Http Balancer Service jar gateway.service.http.balancer
SNMP4J-Agent jar snmp4j-agent
Sse Transport jar gateway.transport.sse
Broadcast Service jar gateway.service.broadcast
Mina Netty Adapter jar mina.netty
Net TCP Implementation jar net.tcp
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Truststore jar gateway.truststore
Apache MINA OGNL Integration jar mina-integration-ognl
TCP Protocol Specification jar specification.tcp
Kaazing Gateway Bridge jar gateway.bridge
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - AMQP Service jar gateway.service.amqp
Http Directory Service jar
Update Check Management Service jar
Http Proxy Service jar gateway.service.http.proxy
Kaazing Java Client - Bridge jar
Kaazing Gateway Client Javascript Bridge Packaging jar gateway.client.javascript.bridge
Net BBOSH Implementation jar net.bbosh
WebSocket Emulation Protocol Specification jar specification.wse
Specification for K3PO control protocol jar specification.k3po.control
WebSocket x-kaazing-idle-timeout Specification jar specification.x-kaazing-idle-timeout
WebSocket Extension: x-kaazing-ping-pong Specification jar specification.x-kaazing-ping-pong
Net Data Implementation jar
HTTP Extension and Emulation Protocol Specification jar specification.httpxe
HTTPX Protocol Specification jar specification.httpx
AMQP Protocol Specification jar specification.amqp.0.9.1
Wsr Resource Address jar gateway.resource.address.wsr
robot/driver jar robot.driver
robot/lang jar robot.lang jar robot.control jar robot.junit
Kaazing Net API jar kaaz-net-api
Kaazing Net Data jar kaaz-net-data
TURN REST Service jar
UDP Protocol Specification jar specification.udp
wsr Transport jar gateway.transport.wsr
Apache MINA JMX Integration jar mina-integration-jmx
Net Extensions Common jar netx
Kaazing Java Client - WebSocket RFC-6455 jar
Kaazing Gateway Distribution Version Provider jar gateway.distribution.version
Net Extensions for HTTP jar netx.http
Update Check jar gateway.check.update
Http Redirect Service jar gateway.service.http.redirect
Kaazing Java Client - Transport jar
Nuklei Core jar nuklei-core
Kaazing iOS Client - WebSocket RFC-6455 Implementation zip gateway.client.ios
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Java Client API jar
BBOSH specification jar robotic.bbosh
Kaazing Metrics Demo - reader jar metrics.reader
Kaazing Gateway Distribution pom gateway.distribution
Turn Proxy Service jar gateway.service.turn.proxy
Net Data Implementation jar
Kaazing Java Client - AMQP 0-9-1 Library jar
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Java Client (Internal) jar
Kaazing Net API jar kaaz-net.api
AMQP 1.0 JMS Protocol Specification jar specification.amqp_1_0.jms
Nuklei Protocol jar nuklei-protocol
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Java Client (Internal) jar
Kaazing Gateway Bridge Parent pom gateway.bridge.parent
TLS / SSL Protocol Specification jar specification.tls
TURN Protocol Specification jar specification.turn
robot/all jar robot.all
Kaazing Java Clients pom java.client
Kaazing License Maven Plugin maven-plugin license-maven-plugin
Kaazing Robot Websocket Functions jar robot.websocket.functions
Apache MINA pom mina-build
Kaazing Java Client Common Environment pom
robot/robot-maven-plugin maven-plugin robot-maven-plugin
Kaazing Net Data jar
Net WebSocket RFC-6455 Implementation jar
Kaazing iOS Client - API Documentation jar ios.client.doc
Kaazing iOS Client - WebSocket Common pom
Kaazing Gateway Metrics pom metrics
Kaazing Metrics Demo - console viewer jar metrics.viewer
Kaazing Java Client - AMQP 0-9-1 Common pom java.client.amqp.common
Kaazing Common Environment pom common
Net Extensions for HTTP (Bridge) Integration Tests jar netx.http.bridge.itest
Server-Sent Events Protocol Specification jar specification.sse
Kaazing Gateway Docker pom gateway.docker
robot/parent pom robot.parent
MQTT 3.1.1 Protocol Specification jar specification.mqtt_3_1_1
Net Extensions for HTTP (Bridge) Implementation jar netx.http.bridge
Net TCP Implementation jar netx.tcp
Kaazing iOS Client - WebSocket Client-Certificate Demo pom gateway.client.ios.demo.clientCertificate
Maven Versions Plugin maven-plugin version-properties-maven-plugin
Kaazing Metrics Demo - statsd publisher jar metrics.statsd
Nuklei Benchmarks jar nuklei-benchmarks
Kaazing Net Utilities pom kaaz-net-parent
HTTP Multi Auth Protocol Specification jar specification.http.multi.auth
SOCKS5 Protocol Specification jar specification.sock5
Unpack Bower Dependency Maven Plugin maven-plugin unpack-bower-dependency-maven-plugin
Bower Dependency Maven Plugin maven-plugin bower-dependency-maven-plugin
Kaazing Java Universal Client jar universal.client
Kaazing Java Client - WebSocket Demo jar
Community Parent pom community.parent
Net BBOSH Implementation jar netx.bbosh
Apache MINA Legal jar mina-legal
TrustStore Maven Plugin maven-plugin truststore-maven-plugin
AMQP 1.0 JMS Robot Scripts jar robot.scripts.amqp_1_0.jms
Kaazing Java Client - WebSocket Common pom
k3po/itest jar k3po.itest
K3po TCP Dump Converter jar k3po.pcap.converter
k3po/launcher jar k3po.launcher pom
Kaazing Gateway BOM pom
Kaazing Gateway Distribution Base pom gateway.distribution.base
k3po/parent pom k3po.parent
Kaazing iOS Client - WebSocket Demo pom gateway.client.ios.demo
Apache MINA Parent POM pom mina-parent jar robot.examples
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway Core - Common iOS Environment pom gateway.client.ios.common
Unpack Bower Dependency Maven Plugin maven-plugin bower-maven-plugin
Kaazing Gateway pom gateway
Kaazing Net Utilities pom kaaz-net.parent
Net Data Implementation jar net.impl
Net Extensions pom netx.parent
Net Utilities pom net.parent
Community Enforcer jar community.enforcer
BBOSH Protocol Specification jar specification.bbosh
Nuklei Kompound jar nuklei-kompound
k3po/examples jar k3po.examples jar k3po.control
robot/cli jar robot.cli
k3po/k3po-maven-plugin maven-plugin k3po-maven-plugin
Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - Server Demo jar gateway.server.demo
Community pom community pom
Kaazing Java Client - API Documentation jar java.client.apidoc
Kaazing Gateway Metrics Demos pom metrics-demo
Net Extensions for HTTP (Bridge) pom netx.http.bridge.parent
Community Notice jar community.notice
Nuklei Parent pom nuklei-parent
HTTP 2.0 Protocol Specification jar specification.http2
WebSocket over RTMP Protocol Specification jar specification.wsr
Code Quality jar code.quality
Kaazing iOS Client pom ios.client.parent
Kaazing Java Client - AMQP 0-9-1 Demo jar

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