group: org.jvnet.hudson.plugins

fresh name packaging artifact id
Static Analysis Utilities hpi analysis-core
Static Analysis Test Utilities jar analysis-test
Dashboard View hpi dashboard-view
Hudson Subversion Plug-in hpi subversion
Hudson xUnit plugin hpi xunit
FindBugs Plug-in hpi findbugs
Hudson Parameterized Trigger plugin hpi parameterized-trigger
Task Scanner Plug-in hpi tasks
Checkstyle Plug-in hpi checkstyle
Jenkins Continuous Integration game hpi ci-game
PMD Plug-in hpi pmd
Favorite hpi favorite
Jenkins instant-messaging plugin hpi instant-messaging
Perforce Plugin hpi perforce
Warnings Plug-in hpi warnings
DRY Plug-in hpi dry
Claim Plugin hpi claim
Hudson Email Extension Plugin hpi email-ext
Jenkins Port Allocator Plug-in hpi port-allocator
Jenkins GIT plugin hpi git
Jenkins Violations plugin hpi violations
Hudson CVS Plug-in hpi cvs
Ivy Plugin hpi ivy
Hudson NAnt Plugin hpi nant
Groovy Postbuild hpi groovy-postbuild
Hudson Rake plugin hpi rake
Hudson promoted builds plugin hpi promoted-builds
Jenkins ClearCase Plug-in hpi clearcase
Hudson Mercurial plugin hpi mercurial
Jenkins M2 Extra Steps Plugin hpi m2-extra-steps
AnsiColor hpi ansicolor
Hudson build timeout plugin hpi build-timeout
Static Analysis Collector Plug-in hpi analysis-collector
Timestamper hpi timestamper
Jython Plugin hpi jython
Deploy to container Plugin hpi deploy
Hudson Copy Archiver Plug-in hpi copyarchiver
Hudson batch task plugin hpi batch-task
Publish Over jar publish-over
Hudson description setter plugin hpi description-setter
Hudson JIRA plugin hpi jira
Nested View Plugin hpi nested-view
Jenkins JDepend Plugin hpi jdepend
Downstream-Ext hpi downstream-ext
Hudson Gradle plugin hpi gradle
Copy Artifact Plugin hpi copyartifact
Selection tasks plugin hpi selection-tasks-plugin
Configuration Slicing plugin hpi configurationslicing
Android Lint Plugin hpi android-lint
Team Foundation Server Plug-in hpi tfs
Sectioned View Plugin hpi sectioned-view
Hudson Post build task hpi postbuild-task
Jenkins IRC Plugin hpi ircbot
Emotional Hudson Plugin hpi emotional-hudson
View Job Filters hpi view-job-filters
Hudson plugin hpi javanet
Jenkins Grails plugin hpi grails
Jenkins Google Code plugin hpi googlecode
TestNG Results Plugin hpi testng-plugin
Hudson SSH Slaves plugin hpi ssh-slaves
Twitter plugin hpi twitter
Hudson Build-Publisher plugin hpi build-publisher
Jenkins JavaTest report plugin hpi javatest-report
JUnit Attachments Plugin hpi junit-attachments
Hudson VirtualBox Plugin hpi virtualbox
Hudson Blame Subversion Plug-in hpi BlameSubversion
PWauth Security Realm hpi pwauth
Scriptler hpi scriptler
PTC Integrity CM - Hudson Plugin hpi integrity-plugin
Reviewboard Publisher hpi reviewboard
Build Pipeline Plugin hpi build-pipeline-plugin
Hudson Generic Changelog Annotator Plugin hpi hgca
ViewVC Plugin hpi viewVC
Hudson Gallio plugin hpi gallio
Hudson Radiator View Plugin hpi radiatorviewplugin
Hudson Startup Trigger hpi hudson-startup-trigger
Deploy to Websphere container Plugin hpi deploy-websphere
PlasticSCM Plugin hpi plasticscm-plugin
Hudson Speaks! Plugin hpi speaks
Hudson Emma plugin hpi emma
Hudson GNAT plugin hpi gnat
Static Analysis Plug-ins Tools Configuration jar analysis-config
WAS Builder Plugin hpi was-builder
PVCS SCM plugin for Hudson hpi pvcs_scm
Jenkins Self-Organizing Swarm Plug-in pom swarm-plugin
Hudson SafeRestart Plugin hpi saferestart
Jenkins NUnit plugin hpi nunit
Jenkins CppNCSS plugin hpi cppncss
Hudson Piwik Analytics Plug-in hpi piwikanalytics
Downstream build view hpi downstream-buildview
Hudson Lava Lamp Notifier plugin hpi LavaLampNotifier
Hudson Wrapper Script Plugin hpi wrapper-script
Hudson Visual SourceSafe Plug-in hpi vss
SFEE Plugin hpi sfee
BuildMonitor jar buildmonitor
JPRT Plugin hpi jprt
Security Realm by custom script with group support hpi script-realm-extended
Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) Plugin hpi staf
Plot plugin hpi plot
Origo Issue Notifier hpi origo-issue-notifier
Hudson Artifactory Plugin hpi artifactory
Hudson Groovy builder hpi groovy
Job Revision Plugin hpi jobrevision
Hudson Mantis plugin hpi mantis
nabaztag hpi nabaztag
Performance plugin hpi performance
Hudson FlashLog Plugin hpi flashlog-plugin
Hudson kagemai plugin hpi kagemai
ChuckNorris Plugin hpi chucknorris
Hudson Phing plugin hpi phing
Hudson Performance Publisher plugin hpi PerfPublisher
Hudson Subversion Tagging Plugin hpi svn-tag
Jenkins Self-Organizing Swarm Plug-in Modules hpi swarm
Build Secret plugin hpi secret
Hudson Bazaar plugin hpi bazaar
Hudson Environment File Plugin hpi envfile
Seapine Surround SCM - Hudson Plugin hpi Surround-SCM-Plugin
Girls Plugin hpi girls
Hudson CCCC Plug-in hpi cccc
Hudson SCP publisher plugin hpi scp
Hudson Cpptest plugin hpi cpptest
Publish Over SSH hpi publish-over-ssh
Maven Dependency Update Trigger hpi maven-dependency-update-trigger
CCM Plug-in hpi ccm
Hudson Grinder plugin hpi grinder
Project Caroline hpi caroline
Hudson Cron Column Plugin hpi cron_column
Extended Choice Parameter Plug-In hpi extended-choice-parameter
Display Upstream Changes hpi display-upstream-changes
Hudson VirtualBox Parent pom virtualbox-parent
Hudson Doxygen Plug-in hpi doxygen
Hudson Cobertura plugin hpi cobertura
M2 Repository Cleanup Plugin hpi m2-repo-reaper
Validating String Parameter Plugin hpi validating-string-parameter
Google Calendar plugin hpi gcal
Shelve Project Plugin hpi shelve-project-plugin
Jenkins TextFinder plugin hpi text-finder
WebTest Presenter plugin hpi webtestpresenter
Hudson JMeter plugin hpi jmeter
MSTest plugin hpi mstest
Robot Framework plugin hpi robot
Measurement Plots hpi measurement-plots
Hudson WebSVN2 plugin hpi WebSVN2
Status View Plugin hpi status-view
Python Plugin hpi python
Hudson Google Analytics Plug-in hpi googleanalytics
Hudson platformlabeler plugin hpi platformlabeler
Hudson Maven Release Plug-in Plug-in hpi m2release
CFLint Plugin hpi CFLint
Status Monitor Plugin hpi statusmonitor
Dimensions SCM plugin hpi dimensionsscm
eXtreme Feedback Panel hpi xfpanel
Brakeman Plugin hpi brakeman
Jenkins Exclusive Execution Plugin hpi exclusive-execution
Hudson Active Directory plugin hpi active-directory
Hudson JavaNCSS plugin hpi javancss
Last Success Description Column hpi lastsuccessdescriptioncolumn
Security Realm with no CAPTCHA hpi security-no-captcha
ClearCase UCM Baseline Plugin hpi clearcase-ucm-baseline
Hudson Hadoop plugin hpi hadoop
Drop Down ViewsTabBar Plugin hpi dropdown-viewstabbar-plugin
ClearCase UCM Plugin hpi clearcase-ucm-plugin
Hudson Upstream Downstream Column Plugin hpi upstream-downstream-view
Bulk Builder hpi bulk-builder
Slave Monitor for system load average hpi systemloadaverage-monitor
Hudson SCons plugin hpi scons
Hudson Job Configuration History Plugin hpi jobConfigHistory
Hudson Performance Publisher plugin hpi perfpublisher
Hudson Collapsing Console Sections Plugin hpi collapsing-console-sections
ThinBackup hpi thinBackup
TuxDroid Plugin hpi tuxdroid
Locale plugin hpi locale
Edgewall Trac Plugin hpi trac
Hudson Release Plugin hpi release
Jython Plugin Parent pom jython-parent
Lava Lamp controller application zip LavaLampController
Hudson CVS Tagging Plug-in hpi cvs-tag
Hudson Coverage/Complexity Scatter Plot PlugIn hpi covcomplplot
Hudson Clover plugin hpi clover
Hudson iPhoneView plugin hpi iphoneview
Copy To Slave Plugin hpi copy-to-slave
Hudson VMware Lab Manager Slaves plugin hpi labmanager
SVN 1.3 Compatibility Plugin hpi svncompat13
Export dynamic job data hpi job-exporter
Concordion Presenter plugin hpi concordionpresenter
Hudson VMware plugin hpi vmware
Hudson StarTeam plugin hpi starteam
Compact Columns hpi compact-columns
Hudson Synergy Plugin hpi synergy
File System SCM plugin hpi filesystem_scm
Seapine Surround SCM - Jenkins Plugin hpi Surround-SCM-plugin
Log Parser Plugin hpi log-parser
Hudson WebLogic Deployer Plug-in hpi weblogic-deployer-plugin
Last Success Version Column hpi lastsuccessversioncolumn
Jenkins Accurev plugin hpi accurev
Hudson Kundo plugin hpi kundo
Hudson ruby metrics plugin hpi rubyMetrics
NCover plugin hpi ncover
Hudson Locks and Latches plugin hpi locks-and-latches
Hudson Gant plugin hpi gant
SeleniumRC plugin hpi seleniumrc-plugin
Hudson PowerShell plugin hpi powershell
Hudson Throttle Concurrent Builds Plug-in hpi throttle-concurrents
Hudson Tray Application Master Project pom hudsontrayapp-pom
Hudson Drools plugin hpi drools
Jenkins Sample Plugin hpi sample
Hudson JSUnit plugin hpi jsunit
Hudson Cppcheck Plug-in hpi cppcheck
RAD Builder Plugin hpi rad-builder
Jenkins Sounds plugin hpi sounds
Hudson uploader plugin hpi javanet-uploader
Hudson Translation Assitance plugin hpi translation
Jenkins cross-platform shell plugin hpi xshell
Hudson Cygpath plugin hpi cygpath
Hudson CMVC Plug-in hpi cmvc
Hudson MSBuild Plugin hpi msbuild
Hudson Redmine plugin hpi redmine
Hudson Serenitec Plugin. hpi serenitec
BitKeeeper plugin hpi bitkeeper
Hudson :: Plugin Parent POM pom hudson-plugin-parent
dbCharts hpi dbCharts
Files Found Trigger hpi files-found-trigger
Mask Passwords Plugin hpi mask-passwords
Sidebar Link hpi sidebar-link
CAS protocol version 1 plugin hpi cas1
Hudson Vault Plugin hpi vault
Jenkins Swarm Client jar swarm-client
Hudson Setenv Plugin hpi setenv
Android Emulator Plugin hpi android-emulator
Hudson VirtualBox Client jar virtualbox-client
URL SCM plugin hpi URLSCM
Hudson cleaner plugin hpi tmpcleaner
Hudson Campfire Plugin hpi campfire
Job Type Column hpi jobtype-column
Polarion Webclient for SVN Plugin hpi polarion
Copy data to workspace plugin hpi copy-data-to-workspace-plugin
TUSAR Notifier hpi tusarnotifier
Hudson Sauce OnDemand plugin hpi sauce-ondemand
Jenkins Dependency Analyzer Plugin hpi dependencyanalyzer
Jenkins disk-usage plugin hpi disk-usage
LiveRebel Plugin hpi liverebel-deploy
Hudson sbt plugin hpi sbt
Hudson Fitnesse plugin hpi fitnesse
Green Balls hpi greenballs
Last Failure Version Column hpi lastfailureversioncolumn
Prerequisite build step plugin hpi prereq-buildstep
slave-status hpi slave-status
Quality Center Plugin hpi qc
Ivy2 hpi ivy2
Create Job Advanced hpi createjobadvanced
Join plugin hpi join
Tool Environment plugin hpi toolenv
Jenkins ClearCase Release Plugin hpi clearcase-release
FlexTeam Plugin hpi flexteam
Parent project for all instant-messaging plugins pom instant-messaging-parent
Backup plugin hpi backup
Labeled Test Groups Publisher hpi labeled-test-groups-publisher
Hudson Console Plugin hpi console
Hudson Notifo Plugin hpi notifo
Hudson EasyAnt plugin hpi easyant
Hudson MySQL Plugin hpi mysql-auth
Audit Trail hpi audit-trail
Monitoring hpi monitoring
Subversion Release Manager plugin hpi svn-release-mgr
Dump Info BuildWrapper Plugin hpi dumpinfo-buildwrapper-plugin
Unity Asset Server Plugin hpi unity-asset-server
Change Log History hpi changelog-history
Hudson Persona Plugin hpi persona
JSLint Report Plug-in hpi jslint-checkstyle
SiteMonitor Plugin hpi sitemonitor
HudsonWindmillPlugin hpi windmill
Lava Lamp Master Project pom lavalamp-pom
playframework-plugin hpi play-autotest-plugin
Role-based Authorization Strategy hpi role-strategy
Hudson plugin POM pom plugin
Hudson heavy job plugin hpi heavy-job
Configuration Slicing plugin hpi ConfigurationSlicing
Hudson Distributed Testing Plugin hpi distTest
Jenkins TestLink Plugin hpi testlink
JSGames Plugin hpi jsgames
Hudson Growl Plugin hpi growl
Jenkins LeChat Plugin hpi lechat
Promoted Builds (Simple) hpi promoted-builds-simple
Tracking SVN Plugin hpi tracking-svn
Hudson Crap4J plugin hpi crap4j
SICCI for Xcode Plugin hpi sicci_for_xcode
Jenkins Chat Room Plugin hpi ChatRoom
Jenkins Javascript Widgets Plugin hpi jswidgets
Hudson Selenium plugin hpi selenium
Maven Deployment Linker hpi maven-deployment-linker
Buckminster hpi buckminster
Selenium Auto Exec Server(AES) plugin hpi selenium-aes
Crowd 2 Integration hpi crowd2
Hudson Serenity plugin hpi serenity
Hudson Screenshot plugin hpi screenshot
Label Column Plugin hpi labelColumnView
Matrix Tie Parent plugin hpi matrixtieparent
NSIQ Collector Plugin hpi nsiqcollector
Hudson Support Subscription Notification Plugin hpi scis-ad
Hudson DocLinks plugin hpi doclinks
Bugzilla Plugin hpi bugzilla
Hudson Testability Explorer Plug-in hpi testabilityexplorer
Hudson Template Project plugin hpi template-project
Jython Plugin Parent pom jython-plugin
Hudson Blacklist Plugin hpi blacklist
Hudson Gerrit plugin hpi gerrit
Hudson slave squatter plugin hpi slave-squatter
Node Name Column hpi nodenamecolumn
Hudson Codescanner Plug-in hpi codescanner
Hudson Label Verifier plugin hpi label-verifier
Slave Monitor for network connectivity hpi network-monitor
Hudson Zentimestamp plugin hpi zentimestamp
Jenkins Clone Workspace SCM Plug-in hpi clone-workspace-scm
Mozmill Plugin hpi mozmill
SCM Sync Configuration Plugin hpi scm-sync-configuration
FTP publisher plugin hpi ftppublisher
Hudson Harvest SCM hpi harvest
Publish Over FTP hpi publish-over-ftp
HTML Publisher plugin hpi htmlpublisher
Bruce Schneier Plugin hpi bruceschneier
Naginator hpi naginator
Hudson global-build-stats plugin hpi global-build-stats
Static Analysis Plug-ins Parent POM pom analysis-pom
Repository Connector hpi repository-connector
Security Realm by custom script hpi script-realm
Jenkins SSH plugin hpi ssh
Jenkins Sonar Plugin hpi sonar
Jenkins Kato Plugin hpi kato
Project Health Report hpi project-health-report
Selenium HTML report hpi seleniumhtmlreport
Jenkins HipChat Plugin hpi hipchat
Hudson ws-cleanup plugin hpi ws-cleanup
Jenkins Jabber (XMPP) notifier and control plugin hpi jabber
Hudson PXE netboot plugin hpi pxe
JSHint Report Plug-in hpi jshint-checkstyle
Jenkins JAPEX plugin hpi japex
Hudson Amazon EC2 plugin hpi ec2
Jenkins Extended Read Permission Plugin hpi extended-read-permission
CIFS publisher plugin hpi cifs
<a href="">CollabNet</a> Plugins hpi collabnet
Hudson Ruby Plugin hpi ruby
Hudson Xvnc plugin hpi xvnc
Lava Lamp Master Project pom lavalamp
SVN 1.4 Compatibility Plugin hpi svncompat14
Hudson Distributed Fork plugin hpi distfork
Hudson Seleniumhq plugin hpi seleniumhq
Startup Trigger hpi startup-trigger-plugin
Storable Configs plugin hpi storable-configs-plugin
Hudson Backlog plugin hpi backlog
Hudson cppunit plugin hpi cppunit
Hudson Locked Files Report Plug-in hpi locked-files-report
NodeJS Plugin hpi nodejs
Hudson Next Build Number Plugin hpi next-build-number
Hudson Terminal Plugin hpi terminal
Multiline Views TabBar Plugin hpi multiline-tabbar-plugin

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