group: org.jvnet.hudson

fresh name packaging artifact id
Test annotations jar test-annotations
commons-jelly-tags-define jar commons-jelly-tags-define
XStream Core jar xstream
JTidy jar jtidy
HtmlUnit jar htmlunit
activation jar activation
JNLP launcher jar netx
embedded-rhino-debugger jar embedded-rhino-debugger
Ganymed SSH2 for Java jar trilead-ssh2
annotation-indexer jar annotation-indexer
Commons JEXL jar commons-jexl
Org.suigeneris.jrcs.diff jar org.suigeneris.jrcs.diff
maven2.1-interceptor jar maven2.1-interceptor
init jar task-reactor
commons-jelly jar commons-jelly
JIRA API jar jira-api
Maven Wagon WebDav Provider jar wagon-webdav
Org.suigeneris.jrcs.rcs jar org.suigeneris.jrcs.rcs
memory-monitor jar memory-monitor
WMI for j-interop jar jinterop-wmi
Utility around Java Crypto API jar crypto-util
HtmlUnit Core JS jar htmlunit-core-js
Ganymed SSH2 for Java jar ganymed-ssh2
Hudson Maven Embedder jar hudson-maven-embedder
windows-remote-command jar windows-remote-command
ganymed-ssh-2 jar ganymed-ssh-2
Executable War 'header' jar executable-war
JmDNS jar jmdns
Maven Embedder with a few changes jar maven-embedder
Confluence API jar confluence-api
Hudson Maven Artifact Manager jar hudson-maven-artifact-manager
Selenium Grid Remote Control jar selenium-grid-remote-control
Selenium Grid Hub jar selenium-grid-hub-standalone
Typica jar typica
Ivy jar ivy
Apache Mina SSHD :: Core jar sshd-core
droovy jar droovy
Update center generator for jar update-center2
Apache Mina SSHD pom sshd
Hudson Extras pom extras
Wizard for running Hudson on EC2 jar ec2-launcher
Update center generator jar update-center
VMware VI (vSphere) Java API jar vijava
XML API client demo jar client-demo
Hudson Backedn Stuff pom backend
Libraries around Hudson pom lib
Hudson license bundle jar license
Hudson Parent pom hudson-parent
Hudson pom hudson
nofinal jar nofinal
Google Guice jar guice
Groovy Postbuild hpi groovy-postbuild
Selenium Grid Hub distribution jar selenium-grid
Selenium Grid Remote Control jar selenium-grid-remote-control-standalone

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