group: org.jpmml

fresh name packaging artifact id
JPMML class model jar pmml-model
JPMML evaluator jar pmml-evaluator
JPMML schema jar pmml-schema
JPMML evaluator test harness jar pmml-evaluator-test
JPMML-Converter jar jpmml-converter
JPMML manager jar pmml-manager
JPMML-XGBoost jar jpmml-xgboost
JPMML agent jar pmml-agent
JPMML-LightGBM jar jpmml-lightgbm
JPMML GlassFish Metro runtime jar pmml-model-metro
JPMML GWT schema jar pmml-schema-gwt
JPMML XJC support jar xjc
JPMML GWT class model jar pmml-model-gwt
JPMML EclipseLink MOXy runtime jar pmml-model-moxy
JPMML evaluator extensions jar pmml-evaluator-extension
JPMML evaluator extensions jar pmml-extension
JPMML-SparkML jar jpmml-sparkml
Proto-RExp jar proto-rexp
JPMML pom jpmml
JPMML FasterXML Jackson SerDe jar pmml-model-jackson
JPMML-SkLearn jar jpmml-sklearn
JPMML RapidMiner integration tests jar pmml-rapidminer
JPMML-Evaluator pom jpmml-evaluator
JPMML Maven plugin maven-plugin pmml-maven-plugin
JPMML-CodeModel jar jpmml-codemodel
JPMML-R jar jpmml-r
JPMML-Cascading pom jpmml-cascading
JPMML R/Rattle integration tests jar pmml-rattle
JPMML runtime jar pmml-runtime
JPMML SAS integration tests jar pmml-sas
JPMML example jar example
JPMML XJC support jar pmml-xjc
JPMML-Model pom jpmml-model
JPMML OSGi bundle bundle bundle
JPMML-Evaluator-Spark jar pmml-evaluator-spark
JPMML-Evaluator-Spark jar jpmml-evaluator-spark
JPMML Cascading jar pmml-cascading
JPMML KNIME integration tests jar pmml-knime

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