group: org.jenkins-ci.plugins

fresh name packaging artifact id
Credentials Plugin hpi credentials
Jenkins Git plugin hpi git
Token Macro Plugin hpi token-macro
Structs Plugin hpi structs
JUnit Plugin hpi junit
Matrix Project Plugin hpi matrix-project
SCM API Plugin hpi scm-api
Jenkins Mailer Plugin hpi mailer
Script Security Plugin hpi script-security
Jenkins Subversion Plug-in hpi subversion
Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin hpi matrix-auth
Folders Plugin hpi cloudbees-folder
Plain Credentials Plugin hpi plain-credentials
SSH Credentials Plugin hpi ssh-credentials
Dashboard View hpi dashboard-view
Jenkins Git client plugin hpi git-client
Branch API Plugin hpi branch-api
GitHub API Plugin hpi github-api
Ant Plugin hpi ant
Jenkins Parameterized Trigger plugin hpi parameterized-trigger
Job DSL hpi job-dsl
Pipeline: Stage Step hpi pipeline-stage-step
Config File Provider Plugin hpi config-file-provider
Durable Task Plugin hpi durable-task
Jenkins SSH Slaves plugin hpi ssh-slaves
Jenkins Apache HttpComponents Client 4.x API Plugin hpi apache-httpcomponents-client-4-api
Jenkins Multiple SCMs plugin hpi multiple-scms
GitHub Branch Source Plugin hpi github-branch-source
Pipeline: Build Step hpi pipeline-build-step
Environment Injector Plugin hpi envinject
Display URL API hpi display-url-api
jQuery plugin hpi jquery
Jenkins promoted builds plugin hpi promoted-builds
Javadoc Plugin hpi javadoc
OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin hpi antisamy-markup-formatter
Jackson 2 API Plugin hpi jackson2-api
Jenkins Pub-Sub "light" Bus hpi pubsub-light
Pipeline: Input Step hpi pipeline-input-step
Docker Commons Plugin hpi docker-commons
Amazon Web Services SDK hpi aws-java-sdk
Jenkins Mercurial plugin hpi mercurial
Run Condition Plugin hpi run-condition
Variant Plugin hpi variant
Jenkins GIT server Plugin hpi git-server
HTML Publisher plugin hpi htmlpublisher
Metrics Plugin hpi metrics
Ivy Plugin hpi ivy
Credentials Binding Plugin hpi credentials-binding
Conditional BuildStep hpi conditional-buildstep
Pipeline Graph Analysis Plugin hpi pipeline-graph-analysis
Copy To Slave Plugin hpi copy-to-slave
Async Http Client hpi async-http-client
SSH Agent Plugin hpi ssh-agent
Gradle Plugin hpi gradle
CloudBees AWS Credentials Plugin hpi aws-credentials
Jenkins JIRA plugin hpi jira
GitHub Authentication plugin hpi github-oauth
bouncycastle API Plugin hpi bouncycastle-api
xUnit plugin hpi xunit
Copy Artifact Plugin hpi copyartifact
Cloud Statistics Plugin hpi cloud-stats
Email Extension Plugin hpi email-ext
Server Sent Events (SSE) Gateway Plugin hpi sse-gateway
Jenkins Multijob plugin hpi jenkins-multijob-plugin
Support Core Plugin hpi support-core
Job-dsl-core jar job-dsl-core
Jenkins Cobertura Plugin hpi cobertura
JUnit Attachments Plugin hpi junit-attachments
Jenkins JaCoCo plugin hpi jacoco
Pipeline: Milestone Step hpi pipeline-milestone-step
Display URL for Blue Ocean hpi blueocean-display-url
Autofavorite for Blue Ocean hpi blueocean-autofavorite
Azure Commons Plugin hpi azure-commons
Docker Pipeline hpi docker-workflow
Jenkins Maven Invoker plugin hpi maven-invoker-plugin
GitHub Organization Folder Plugin hpi github-organization-folder
OpenId Connect Authentication Plugin hpi oic-auth
Azure Credentials hpi azure-credentials
Jenkins Violations plugin hpi violations
Infrastructure plugin for Publish Over X hpi publish-over
Build Pipeline Plugin hpi build-pipeline-plugin
JGiven Jenkins Plugin hpi jgiven
RabbitMQ Consumer Plugin hpi rabbitmq-consumer
Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin hpi cloudbees-bitbucket-branch-source
Jenkins Workspace Cleanup Plugin hpi ws-cleanup
Google OAuth Credentials plugin hpi google-oauth-plugin
Jucies Update Center Plugin hpi jucies
Jenkins ScriptTrigger Plug-in hpi scripttrigger
Azure Commons Cores Libraries jar azure-commons-core
Jenkins Filesystem Trigger Plug-in hpi fstrigger
Jenkins URLTrigger Plug-in hpi urltrigger
Jenkins IvyTrigger Plug-in hpi ivytrigger
Jenkins BuildResultTrigger Plug-in hpi buildresult-trigger
Join plugin hpi join
Authentication Tokens API Plugin hpi authentication-tokens
Flexible Publish Plugin hpi flexible-publish
Node Iterator API Plugin hpi node-iterator-api
Pipeline: GitHub Groovy Libraries hpi pipeline-github-lib
P4 Plugin hpi p4
Block Queued Job Plugin hpi block-queued-job
Role-based Authorization Strategy hpi role-strategy
Build-name-setter hpi build-name-setter
vSphere Plugin hpi vsphere-cloud
Build Timeout hpi build-timeout
Resource Disposer Plugin hpi resource-disposer
Jenkins JSch dependency plugin hpi jsch
Groovy hpi groovy
Docker API Plugin hpi docker-java-api
MapDB API Plugin hpi mapdb-api
Node and Label parameter plugin hpi nodelabelparameter
TestNG Results Plugin hpi testng-plugin
Jenkins description setter plugin hpi description-setter
Extended Choice Parameter Plug-In hpi extended-choice-parameter
Nested View Plugin hpi nested-view
Robot Framework plugin hpi robot
Authorize Project hpi authorize-project
Performance Plugin hpi performance
Badge hpi badge
Jenkins Job Configuration History Plugin hpi jobConfigHistory
Mask Passwords Plugin hpi mask-passwords
Random String Parameter Plugin hpi random-string-parameter
AnsiColor hpi ansicolor
Jenkins jQuery UI plugin hpi jquery-ui
Jenkins MSBuild Plugin hpi msbuild
Jenkins CVS Plug-in hpi cvs
VectorCAST Coverage hpi vectorcast-coverage
Database hpi database
Google Metadata plugin hpi google-metadata-plugin
Configuration Slicing plugin hpi configurationslicing
LDAP Plugin hpi ldap
Patch-parameter hpi patch-parameter
Cucumber json test reporting. hpi cucumber-testresult-plugin
NodeJS Plugin hpi nodejs
Jenkins Clover plugin hpi clover
Scriptler hpi scriptler
Command Agent Launcher Plugin hpi command-launcher
MySQL Database Plugin hpi database-mysql
SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins hpi sonar
Compatibility Action Storage Plugin hpi compatibility-action-storage
Python Plugin hpi python
WMI Windows Agents Plugin hpi windows-slaves
Template Project plugin hpi template-project
Sectioned View Plugin hpi sectioned-view
OSF Builder Suite For Salesforce Commerce Cloud :: Credentials hpi osf-builder-suite-for-sfcc-credentials
Timestamper hpi timestamper
HTTP Request Plugin hpi http_request
Downstream-Ext hpi downstream-ext
CloudBees Docker Hub/Registry Notification hpi dockerhub-notification
Amazon EC2 plugin hpi ec2
Jenkins Wall Display Client App jar client
jclouds shaded jar for Jenkins plugin jar jclouds-shaded
Jenkins Performance Publisher plugin hpi perfpublisher
Pipeline Utility Steps hpi pipeline-utility-steps
Handy Uri Templates 2.x API Plugin hpi handy-uri-templates-2-api
Jenkins Emma plugin hpi emma
Android Emulator Plugin hpi android-emulator
Jenkins S3 publisher plugin hpi s3
Kubernetes Continuous Deploy Plugin hpi kubernetes-cd
Test In Progress client jar testInProgress-client
Jenkins M2 Extra Steps Plugin hpi m2-extra-steps
Jenkins build log file size checker plugin hpi logfilesizechecker
Jenkins Claim Plugin hpi claim
Jenkins Port Allocator Plug-in hpi port-allocator
ShiningPanda Plugin hpi shiningpanda
Trilead API Plugin hpi trilead-api
Built-on-column hpi built-on-column
Buildgraph-view hpi buildgraph-view
OAuth Credentials plugin hpi oauth-credentials
Google Cloud Storage plugin hpi google-storage-plugin
Analysis Model API Plug-in hpi analysis-model-api
Windows Azure Storage plugin hpi windows-azure-storage
Build Trigger Badge Plugin hpi buildtriggerbadge
EnvInject API Plugin hpi envinject-api
Eclipse Update Site plugin hpi eclipse-update-site
openstack shaded jar for Jenkins plugin jar openstack-shaded
Uithemes hpi uithemes
External Monitor Job Type Plugin hpi external-monitor-job
Azure App Service Plugin hpi azure-app-service
Simple Theme Plugin hpi simple-theme-plugin
Jenkins Rake plugin hpi rake
Run Selector Plugin hpi run-selector
Deployed On Column Plugin hpi deployed-on-column
Slack Notification Plugin hpi slack
Stash Notifier hpi stashNotifier
JIRA Pipeline Steps hpi jira-steps
Hudson global-build-stats plugin hpi global-build-stats
JDK Tool Plugin hpi jdk-tool
Security Inspector Plugin hpi security-inspector
Mock Agent Plugin hpi mock-slave
Jenkins Active Directory plugin hpi active-directory
Unique ID Library Plugin hpi unique-id
Job Generator hpi jobgenerator
OWASP Dependency-Track Plugin hpi dependency-track
OpenID4Java API hpi openid4java
docker-java shaded for CloudBees Docker Traceability jar docker-java-shaded-traceability
Xcode integration hpi xcode-plugin
Dependency Graph Viewer Plugin hpi depgraph-view
LOGBack appender to NATS pub/sub topic hpi logback-nats-appender
GitLab Plugin hpi gitlab-plugin
Naginator hpi naginator
Chosen plugin hpi chosen
View Job Filters hpi view-job-filters
Parameterized Remote Trigger Plugin hpi Parameterized-Remote-Trigger
Python Wrapper Plugin hpi python-wrapper
Pretested Integration Plugin hpi pretested-integration
Asynchronous Job type plugin hpi async-job
Changes since last successfull build Plugin hpi changes-since-last-success
Ruby-runtime hpi ruby-runtime
Deployment-notification hpi deployment-notification
Jenkins disk-usage plugin hpi disk-usage
Jenkins Artifactory Plugin hpi artifactory
Plot plugin hpi plot
Hubot Pipeline Steps hpi hubot-steps
Deploy to container Plugin hpi deploy
GitHub Pull Request Builder hpi ghprb
Build Authorization Token Root Plugin hpi build-token-root
One-Shot Executor Plugin hpi one-shot-executor
Mock Security Realm hpi mock-security-realm
Micro Focus Application Automation Tools hpi hp-application-automation-tools-plugin
Deployer Framework Plugin hpi deployer-framework
Jenkins Sauce OnDemand plugin hpi sauce-ondemand
Logstash hpi logstash
Build Timestamp Plugin hpi build-timestamp
Spring Initalzr plugin hpi spring-initalzr
Shelve Project Plugin hpi shelve-project-plugin
External Scheduler Plugin hpi external-scheduler
Jenkins user build vars plugin hpi build-user-vars-plugin
Embeddable Build Status Plugin hpi embeddable-build-status
NOPMD check plugin hpi nopmdcheck
Prometheus metrics plugin hpi prometheus
Publish Over CIFS hpi publish-over-cifs
Confluence Publisher hpi confluence-publisher
Periodic Backup hpi periodicbackup
Mesos hpi mesos
Jenkins BuildContext Capture Plug-in hpi buildcontext-capture
Go Plugin hpi golang
Gerrit Code Review plugin hpi gerrit-code-review
Azure AD Plugin hpi azure-ad
DTKit Jenkins Plugin hpi dtkit
Log Parser Plugin hpi log-parser
Openid hpi openid
Last Changes Plugin hpi last-changes
CollabNet Plugins hpi collabnet
Uptime hpi uptime
Jenkins NUnit plugin hpi nunit
Anything-goes-formatter hpi anything-goes-formatter
Jenkins Release Plugin hpi release
GitHub Integration Plugin hpi github-pullrequest
Compress Artifacts Plugin hpi compress-artifacts
Jenkins RTC plugin hpi rtc
Phabricator Differential Plugin hpi phabricator-plugin
Test In Progress server jar testInProgress-server
Extra Columns Plugin hpi extra-columns
Jenkins Self-Organizing Swarm Plug-in Modules hpi swarm
Random Job Builder Plugin hpi random-job-builder
HUAWEICloud Credentials Plugin hpi huaweicloud-credentials
Crowd 2 Integration hpi crowd2
Event-announcer hpi event-announcer
Jenkins Clover PHP plugin hpi cloverphp
Jenkins Bazaar plugin hpi bazaar
Jenkins Persona Plugin hpi persona
Build Blocker Plugin hpi build-blocker-plugin
Gatling Jenkins Plugin hpi gatling
Dynatrace Application Monitoring Plugin hpi dynatrace-dashboard
Beer hpi beer
Jenkins REPO plugin hpi repo
All changes plugin hpi all-changes
RocketChat Notifier hpi rocketchatnotifier
AWS Lambda Plugin hpi aws-lambda
aRESTocats Plugin hpi arestocats
Build-env-propagator hpi build-env-propagator
RubyMetrics plugin for Jenkins hpi rubyMetrics
Started-By Environment Variable Plugin hpi started-by-envvar
Jenkins SourceGear Vault Plug-in hpi vault-scm-plugin
Seapine Surround SCM Plug-in hpi Surround-SCM-plugin
Tool Labels Plugin for Jenkins hpi tool-labels-plugin
Jenkins Violation Comments to Bitbucket Server Plugin hpi violation-comments-to-stash
List Command Plugin hpi list-command
Jenkins Pipeline Remote Loader Plugin hpi workflow-remote-loader
Bitbucket Aged References SCM Filter Plugin hpi bitbucket-scm-filter-aged-refs
TestQuality Updater hpi testquality-updater
Rally Bookkeeper hpi rally-bookkeeper
Schedule Build Plugin hpi schedule-build-plugin
Purge Job History Plugin hpi purge-job-history
Azure PublisherSettings Credentials Plugin hpi azure-publishersettings-credentials
Artifact-promotion hpi artifact-promotion
Perfecto Mobile Plugin hpi perfectomobile
Maven Artifact ChoiceListProvider (Nexus) hpi maven-artifact-choicelistprovider
Webhook Step Plugin hpi webhook-step
Global Variable String Parameter hpi global-variable-string-parameter
Nerrvana Plugin for Jenkins hpi nerrvana-plugin
JSoup hpi jsoup
FTP Rename Plugin hpi ftp-rename
CRX Content Package Deployer Plugin hpi crx-content-package-deployer
InfluxDB Plugin hpi influxdb
Database-drizzle hpi database-drizzle
Seed Jenkins plug-in hpi seed
Meliora-testlab hpi meliora-testlab
Weibo Plugin hpi weibo
Jenkins Poll SCM plugin hpi pollscm
StepCounter Plugin hpi stepcounter
Chromedriver hpi chromedriver
Daily Quote Plugin hpi daily-quote
Plugin Usage - Plugin hpi plugin-usage-plugin
Netsparker Cloud Scan Plugin hpi netsparker-cloud-scan
Hello World Example Plugin hpi hello-world
Yandex Metrica Plugin hpi yandex-metrica
CLI Commander Plugin hpi cli-commander
Jenkins Selenium Builder plugin hpi selenium-builder
Logentries Forwarder hpi logentries
Jenkins AccuRev plugin hpi accurev
Kotlin Plugin Parent POM pom kotlin-plugin
VncRecorder Plugin hpi vncrecorder
Ruby-runtime-parent pom ruby-runtime-parent
Scoverage Plugin hpi scoverage
Rabbit-MQ Publisher Plugin hpi rabbitmq-publisher
Openstack Cloud Plugin parent POM pom openstack-cloud-parent
WAPT Pro plugin hpi waptpro
jenkins-cloudformation-plugin hpi jenkins-cloudformation-plugin
Jenkins Continuous Integration game hpi ci-game
WSO2 Oauth Plugin hpi wso2id-oauth
Parameter Separator Plugin hpi parameter-separator
Multi-module-tests-publisher hpi multi-module-tests-publisher
Google Health Check Plugin hpi google-cloud-health-check
Readonly Parameter plugin hpi readonly-parameters
Fortify CloudScan Plugin hpi fortify-cloudscan-jenkins-plugin
No Agent Job Purge hpi no-agent-job-purge
Jenkins VirtualBox Parent pom virtualbox-parent
Pretest Commit Plugin (DEPRECATED - use Pretested Integration Plugin) hpi pretest-commit
Housekeeper hpi housekeeper
Jenkins Throttle Concurrent Builds Plug-in hpi throttle-concurrents
ElasTest Plugin hpi elastest
Disable Failed Job Plugin hpi disable-failed-job
Jenkins Gitorious plugin hpi gitorious
Any Build Step Plugin hpi any-buildstep
Veracode-scanner hpi veracode-scanner
Jenkins Backlog plugin hpi backlog
TestComplete 11 xUnit Plugin hpi testcomplete11-xunit
hue-light hpi hue-light
Script SCM Plug-In hpi script-scm
Label Linked Jobs Plugin hpi label-linked-jobs
Figlet Buildstep hpi figlet-buildstep
Graphiteintegrator hpi graphiteIntegrator
Jenkins SCM to job plugin hpi scm2job
IBM z/OS Connector hpi zos-connector
Jenkins Swarm Plugin Client jar swarm-client
Azure Container Registry Tasks Plugin hpi azure-container-registry-tasks
SSH2 Easy Plugin hpi ssh2easy
Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin Parent pom pipeline-maven-parent
Twitter plugin hpi twitter
Bitbucket Jira Validator SCM Filter Plugin hpi bitbucket-scm-filter-jira-validator
Jenkins mktmpio Plugin hpi mktmpio
vFabric Application Director Plugin hpi application-director-plugin
Issue Link Plugin hpi issue-link
Cloud Foundry Plugin hpi cloudfoundry
VS Team Services Continuous Deployment hpi vsts-cd
CONS3RT Plugin hpi cons3rt
Git PreBuildMerge Trait Plugin hpi git-prebuildmerge-trait
Github Custom Notification Context SCM Behaviour hpi github-scm-trait-notification-context
EzWall Plugin hpi ezwall
Delete log hpi delete-log-plugin
OpenShift Deployer Plugin hpi openshift-deployer
Service Now Plugin hpi service-now
Mail Watcher Plugin hpi mail-watcher-plugin
OfflineOnFailure hpi offlineonfailure-plugin
Vboxwrapper hpi vboxwrapper
Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin hpi zephyr-enterprise-test-management
Google Admin SDK Plugin hpi google-admin-sdk
OpenStack Cloud Plugin hpi openstack-cloud
Ec2-cloud-axis hpi ec2-cloud-axis
WIX Toolset Plugin hpi wix
JUnit Realtime Test Reporter Plugin hpi junit-realtime-test-reporter
Cygwin Process Killer hpi cygwin-process-killer
Google Authenticated Source plugin hpi google-source-plugin
Tracking Git Plugin hpi tracking-git
Cadence vManager Plugin for Jenkins hpi vmanager-plugin
Suite-test-groups-publisher hpi suite-test-groups-publisher
Help editor hpi help-editor
Compress Build Log Plugin hpi compress-buildlog
Tuleap Git Branch Source Plugin hpi tuleap-git-branch-source
Dynamic Axis hpi dynamic-axis
Database-postgresql hpi database-postgresql
Updatebot Plugin hpi updatebot
Jenkins Windows Exe Runner Plugin hpi windows-exe-runner
Contrast Continuous Application Security hpi contrast-continuous-application-security
GitHub Issues Plugin hpi github-issues
VncViewer Plugin hpi vncviewer
CAS Plugin hpi cas-plugin
Custom Job Icon plugin hpi custom-job-icon
OWASP Dependency-Check Plugin hpi dependency-check-jenkins-plugin
PHP Built-in Web Server hpi php-builtin-web-server
Metrics Disk Usage Plugin hpi metrics-diskusage
Arxan MAM Publisher hpi ease-plugin
Rhnpush-plugin hpi rhnpush-plugin
Jenkins Nuget Plugin hpi nuget
Jenkins-reviewbot hpi jenkins-reviewbot
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic Plugin hpi oracle-cloud-infrastructure-compute-classic
GeneXus Plugin hpi genexus
Slave squatter plugin hpi slave-squatter
Terraform Plugin jpi terraform
Jenkins batch task plugin hpi batch-task
Jenkins Kiuwan plugin hpi kiuwanJenkinsPlugin
Job/Queue/Slaves Monitoring Plugin hpi jqs-monitoring
Coding Webhook Plugin hpi coding-webhook
OSF Builder Suite :: Standalone Sonar Linter hpi osf-builder-suite-standalone-sonar-linter
Matrix sorter plugin hpi Matrix-sorter-plugin
Jenkins Exclusion Plug-in hpi Exclusion
Jenkins Darcs plugin hpi darcs
Workspace Whitespace Replacement hpi ws-ws-replacement
OSF Builder Suite :: XML Linter hpi osf-builder-suite-xml-linter
Outbound WebHook for build events hpi outbound-webhook
Progress Bar Column Plugin hpi progress-bar-column-plugin
Katalon Studio Plugin hpi katalon
Mcap-eas-plugin hpi mcap-eas-plugin
Visual Basic 6 Plugin hpi visual-basic-6
Search all results hpi search-all-results-plugin
cron-shelve hpi cron-shelve
Jenkins JDepend Plugin hpi jdepend
Jenkins JClouds plugin parent POM pom jclouds-jenkins-parent
Jenkins VirtualBox Client jar virtualbox-client
SmartFrog Builder hpi smartfrog-plugin
Configuration as Code Plugin hpi configuration-as-code
WWPass Authentication Plugin hpi wwpass-plugin
Azure Container Service Plugin hpi azure-acs
Warrior Framework Plugin hpi warrior
InternetMeme Plugin hpi internetmeme
LIFX notifier - smart lightbulbs build indicator hpi lifx-notifier
Display Console Output Plugin hpi display-console-output
Content Replace hpi content-replace
Autocomplete Parameter Plugin hpi autocomplete-parameter
DotNet as Script hpi dotnet-as-script
Email Ext Recipients Column Plugin hpi email-ext-recipients-column
IPMessenger plugin hpi ipmessenger-plugin
Jenkins Strawboss plugin hpi strawboss
NAnt Plugin hpi nant
Git Parameter Plug-In hpi git-parameter
Jenkins TEPCO plugin hpi tepco
TestFairy Plugin hpi TestFairy
Black Duck Vulnerability Installer Plugin hpi blackduck-installer
Aqua Security Scanner hpi aqua-security-scanner
Fail The Build Plugin hpi fail-the-build-plugin
Lucene-Search hpi lucene-search
Jenkins Cygpath plugin hpi cygpath
JBoss Management Plugin hpi jboss
Jenkins Google Code plugin hpi googlecode
Diagnostics Plugin hpi diagnostics
Test Results Analyzer Plugin hpi test-results-analyzer
Diskcheck hpi diskcheck
Humio Plugin hpi humio
Trac Publisher Plugin hpi trac-publisher-plugin
Read-only configurations hpi read-only-configurations
CloudShell Sandbox Plugin hpi cloudshell-sandbox
Structs: Parent pom structs-parent
Cucumber Living Documentation Plugin hpi cucumber-living-documentation
Tibco Builder Plugin hpi tibco-builder
Kubernetes Cli Plugin hpi kubernetes-cli
Subversion Workspace Cleaner hpi svn-workspace-cleaner
Stack Trace Suppression Plugin hpi suppress-stack-trace
Chatter Notifier Plugin hpi chatter-notifier
Fingerprint Plugin hpi create-fingerprint
Team Concert Git Plugin hpi teamconcert-git
Argus Notifier Plugin hpi argus-notifier
Sonar Gerrit Plugin hpi sonar-gerrit
Rapid7 InsightOps Log Forwarder hpi r7insight-log-forwarder
Jenkins Plugin Parent POM pom plugin
Anchore Container Image Scanner Plugin hpi anchore-container-scanner
Google Cloud Messsaging Notification Plugin hpi gcm-notification
Karaf Build Step Plugin hpi karaf-build-step
Continuum Plugin hpi continuum
Ivy Report Plugin hpi ivy-report
Jenkins Visual Studio Code Metrics Plugin hpi vs-code-metrics
Build-metrics hpi build-metrics
Keep Offline Slaves Disconnected Retention Strategy Plugin hpi keep-slave-disconnected
Rallybuild hpi rallyBuild
Thread Dump Action Plugin hpi thread-dump-action-plugin
Matrix Tie Parent plugin hpi matrixtieparent
Jenkins Cppcheck Plug-in hpi cppcheck
Code Dx Plugin hpi codedx
GitHub Integration Parent pom github-integration-parent
Periodic Reincarnation Plugin hpi periodic-reincarnation
HSTS Filter Plugin hpi hsts-filter-plugin
Bitbucket OAuth Plugin hpi bitbucket-oauth
Environment Dashboard Plugin hpi environment-dashboard
Jenkins TextFinder plugin hpi text-finder
List Git Branches Parameter PlugIn hpi list-git-branches-parameter
Elasticsearch Query hpi elasticsearch-query
PlasticSCM Plugin hpi plasticscm-plugin
Assembla plugin hpi assembla-jenkins
Sonar Quality Gates Plugin hpi sonar-quality-gates
Codebeamer Coverage Publisher Plugin hpi codebeamer-coverage-publisher
Jenkins Self-Organizing Swarm Plug-in pom swarm-plugin
Visual pipeline editor plugin hpi pipeline-editor
Browser axis hpi browser-axis-plugin
Log Command Plugin hpi log-command
Windows Negotiate SSO plugin hpi NegotiateSSO
TestComplete support plug-in hpi TestComplete
Deployment Dashboard Plugin for Jenkins hpi ec2-deployment-dashboard
GitBucket Plugin hpi gitbucket
Jenkins JavaTest report plugin hpi javatest-report
Xamarin Studio Tool Runner Plugin hpi mdtool
Database-h2 hpi database-h2
Next Build Number Plugin hpi next-build-number
Aged References SCM Filter pom scm-filter-aged-refs-parent
Jenkins Ansible plugin hpi ansible
Jenkins cleaner plugin hpi tmpcleaner
testInProgress :: Aggregate POM pom testInProgress-aggregate
Working Hours Plugin hpi working-hours
EZ Templates hpi ez-templates
Jenkins Plugin hpi appio
Emma Line Coverage Column hpi emmacoveragecolumn
Quality Gates Plugin hpi quality-gates
Quality Gates Plugin Main pom quality-gates-main
Subversion Revert Plugin hpi svn-revert-plugin
Metrics Ganglia Reporting Plugin hpi metrics-ganglia
appthwack hpi appthwack
Helix TeamHub Plugin hpi helix-teamhub
FLOW Plugin hpi flow
Jenkins Campfire Plugin hpi campfire
Jenkins Clone Workspace SCM Plug-in hpi clone-workspace-scm
Pom2config hpi pom2config
QMetry Test Management Plugin hpi qmetry-test-management
Jenkins CMVC Plug-in hpi cmvc
Php hpi php
JSON Trigger Plugin jpi jsontrigger
Slack Upload Plugin hpi slack-uploader
Pending Changes plugin hpi pending-changes
SAML Plugin hpi saml
Job StrongAuthSimple Plugin hpi job-strongauth-simple
Disable GitHub Multibranch Status Plugin hpi disable-github-multibranch-status
Mattermost Notification Plugin hpi mattermost
Purge Build Queue Plugin hpi purge-build-queue-plugin
NIS notification lamp hpi nis-notification-lamp
Assembla plugin hpi assembla
Maven Spy for the Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin jar pipeline-maven-spy
Jenkins Beaker builder hpi beaker-builder
Maintenance Jobs Scheduler Plugin hpi maintenance-jobs-scheduler
Coverage/Complexity Scatter Plot PlugIn hpi covcomplplot
Testexecuter hpi TestExecuter
BrowserStack hpi browserstack-integration
Semantic Versioning Plugin hpi semantic-versioning-plugin
Job Direct Mail Plugin hpi job-direct-mail
Pipeline GitHub Notify Step Plugin hpi pipeline-githubnotify-step
Applitools Eyes Plugin hpi applitools-eyes
Chef Identity Plugin hpi chef-identity
Piwik Analytics Plug-in hpi piwikanalytics
ClearCase UCM Plugin! hpi clearcase-ucm-plugin
Jenkins cross-platform shell plugin hpi xshell
JDK Parameter Plugin hpi JDK_Parameter_Plugin
RadarGun hpi radargun
Jigomerge plugin hpi jigomerge
Jenkins JavaNCSS plugin hpi javancss
Jenkins VirtualBox Plugin hpi virtualbox
Export Prameters hpi export-params
Jenkins TestComplete xUnit Plugin hpi testcomplete-xunit
Schedule Build Plugin hpi schedule-build
Party Parrot Status hpi partyparrotstatus
Jenkins secondary timestamper plugin hpi secondary-timestamper-plugin
Start Windocks Containers hpi windocks-start-container
AbsInt Astrée Plugin for Jenkins hpi absint-astree
Cron Column Plugin hpi cron_column
OSF Builder Suite For Salesforce Commerce Cloud :: Deploy hpi osf-builder-suite-for-sfcc-deploy
Jenkins Label Verifier plugin hpi label-verifier
Publish Over SSH hpi publish-over-ssh
Team Foundation Server Plug-in parent pom tfs-parent
Smart Jenkins hpi smart-jenkins
Text Finder Run Condition Plugin hpi text-finder-run-condition
Delphix Jenkins Plugin hpi delphix-plugin
Sonatype CI Plugins hpi sonatype-ci
Sidebar Link hpi sidebar-link
Subversion Partial Release Manager plugin hpi svn-partial-release-mgr
Liquibase Runner hpi liquibase-runner
Dead Man's Snitch Plugin hpi deadmanssnitch
AWS Code Commit Jobs Plugin hpi aws-codecommit-jobs
Git Bisect Plugin hpi git-bisect
NeoLoad Plugin hpi neoload-jenkins-plugin
Stash Pullrequest Builder Plugin hpi stash-pullrequest-builder
Archived Artifact Url Viewer Plug-In hpi archived-artifact-url-viewer
Bitbucket Pullrequest Builder Plugin hpi bitbucket-pullrequest-builder
JobDelete Builder Plugin hpi jobdelete-builder
Customized Build Message Plugin hpi customized-build-message
Jenkins Proxmox plugin hpi proxmox
Audit Trail hpi audit-trail
JobFanIn hpi job-fan-in
Jenkins Unity3d plugin hpi unity3d-plugin
Cisco Spark Plugin hpi cisco-spark
Stash Branch Parameter Plug-In hpi StashBranchParameter
Simple Parameterized Builds Report Plugin hpi simple-parameterized-builds-report
ThreadFix Plugin hpi threadfix
Micro Focus Performance Center integration With Git hpi micro-focus-performance-center-integration
Jenkins Distributed Fork plugin hpi distfork
Nouvola DiveCloud hpi nouvola-divecloud
Job Revision Plugin hpi jobrevision
Percentage Disk Space Node Column plugin hpi percentage-du-node-column
RadarGun Reporting Plugin hpi radargun-reporting
Build Token Trigger Plugin hpi build-token-trigger
PureLoad Plugin hpi pureload
Jenkins PIT Mutation Plugin hpi pitmutation
QF-Test Plugin hpi qftest
Jenkins Dimensions Plugin hpi dimensionsscm
Buildheroes hpi buildheroes
AbsInt a³ Jenkins Plugin hpi absint-a3
Amazon SNS Build Notifier hpi snsnotify
Google Compute Engine Plugin hpi google-compute-engine
Mogotest Plugin hpi mogotest
Jenkins svnmerge plugin hpi svnmerge
Git Tag Message Plugin hpi git-tag-message
JSGames Plugin hpi jsgames
Assembla Auth Plugin hpi assembla-auth
Gearman Plugin hpi gearman-plugin
Spirent iTest Plugin hpi itest
Artifact diff Plugin hpi artifact-diff-plugin
RAD Studio Plugin hpi bds-plugin
Commit Skip SCM Behaviour pom scm-trait-commit-skip-parent
Progress TestStudio for API Plugin hpi teststudioapitesting
Pry hpi pry
Google Cloud Backup Plugin hpi google-cloud-backup
XFramium Builder hpi xframium
Google APIs Client Library for Jenkins hpi google-api-client-plugin
Nutanix Calm Plugin hpi nutanix-calm
Quality Center Plugin hpi qc
Rally Plugin hpi rally-plugin
Jenkins Skype notifier plugin hpi skype-notifier
Jenkins Environment File Plugin hpi envfile
Office 365 Connector hpi Office-365-Connector
JGiven Jenkins Plugin hpi jgiven-plugin
Rapiddeploy-jenkins hpi rapiddeploy-jenkins
Jenkins Gogs plugin hpi gogs-webhook
Labeled Test Groups Publisher hpi labeled-test-groups-publisher
Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set Plugin hpi azure-vmss
TEPCO Electric Power Usage Widget hpi tepco-epuw
Jenkins JSUnit plugin hpi jsunit
Use Dumpling from Jenkins groovy scripts hpi dumpling
SQLite Database plugin hpi database-sqlite
Implied Labels Plugin hpi implied-labels
Tag Profiler Plugin hpi tag-profiler
iceScrum plugin hpi icescrum
Telegram Bot Plugin hpi telegram-notifications
Remote Terminal Access plugin hpi remote-terminal-access
WAS Builder Plugin hpi was-builder
Fedora Module Build System Plugin hpi fedora-module-build-system
Build View Column Plugin hpi build-view-column
XPath Configuration Viewer plugin hpi xpath-config-viewer
Ranorex Test Execution Plugin hpi ranorex-integration
SLAdiator notifier plugin hpi sladiator-notifier
Jenkins RuSalad plugin hpi rusalad-plugin
Url Auth hpi url-auth
Packagecloud hpi packagecloud
Alternative build chooser hpi git-chooser-alternative
Jenkins OWASP ZAP Plugin hpi zapper
AnchorChain hpi AnchorChain
SSH Pipeline Steps hpi ssh-steps
DeployDB Plugin jpi deploydb
Gitlab Authentication plugin hpi gitlab-oauth
InstallShield Plugin hpi installshield
Device Watcher hpi device-watcher
LoadComplete support plugin hpi loadcomplete
Consul KV Builder hpi consul-kv-builder
UI Test Capture jar ui-test-capture
Jenkins Versions Node Monitors plugin hpi versioncolumn
Perfecto Mobile Jenkins Plugin hpi perfectomobile-jenkins
Lotus Connections Plugin hpi lotus-connections-plugin
Salesforce Migration Assistant hpi salesforce-migration-assistant-plugin
Jackson Databind Plugin hpi jackson-databind
Docker Swarm Plugin hpi docker-swarm
Console Tail Plugin hpi console-tail
Sonargraph Plugin hpi sonargraph-plugin
Edgewall Trac Plugin hpi trac
Tcl hpi tcl
Build Time Blame Plugin hpi build-time-blame
Matrix Groovy Execution Strategy Plugin hpi matrix-groovy-execution-strategy
Mail Commander Plugin for Jenkins-ci hpi mailcommander
JenkinsLint Plugin hpi jenkinslint
Show Build Parameters plugin hpi show-build-parameters
CodeScene Plugin hpi codescene
Azure Container Agents Plugin hpi azure-container-agents
CMake plugin hpi cmakebuilder
CloudBees Disk Usage Simple Plugin hpi cloudbees-disk-usage-simple-plugin Plugin hpi appetize
Jenkins Bitbucket Plugin hpi bitbucket
Jenkins Slave SetupPlugin hpi slave-setup
Jenkins Escaped Markup Plugin hpi escaped-markup-plugin
Tool Environment plugin hpi toolenv
dbCharts hpi dbCharts
Bitbucket Filter Project Trait hpi bitbucket-filter-project-trait
Favorite View Plugin hpi favorite-view
Jenkins Phing plugin hpi phing
Review Board Plugin hpi rb
ElectricFlow hpi electricflow
GitHub Commit Skip SCM Behaviour hpi github-scm-trait-commit-skip
Blue Ocean Executor Info hpi blueocean-executor-info
Image comparison plugin hpi imagecomparison
Test In Progress Plugin hpi testInProgress
Job Log Logger Plugin hpi job-log-logger-plugin
YAML Project support for Jenkins hpi yaml-project
Basic Branch Build Strategies Plugin hpi basic-branch-build-strategies
HockeyApp Plugin hpi hockeyapp
Validating String Parameter Plugin hpi validating-string-parameter
SSH2 Easy Plugin hpi ssh2easy-plugin
Box UK - JSLint hpi jslint
Regression Report Plugin hpi regression-report-plugin
Jenkins JClouds plugin hpi jclouds-jenkins
Docker Compose Build Step Plugin hpi docker-compose-build-step
Least Load plugin hpi leastload
Jenkins Priority Sorter Plugin hpi PrioritySorter
AntExec hpi antexec
Build Cause Run Condition Plugin hpi build-cause-run-condition
Jenkins VSTest Runner plugin hpi vstestrunner
Localization: Chinese (Simplified) hpi localization-zh-cn
Process cleaner hpi proc-cleaner-plugin
Coordinator Plugin hpi coordinator
AppDynamics Dashboard Plugin for Jenkins hpi appdynamics-dashboard
Simple Build DSL for Pipeline hpi simple-build-for-pipeline
Summary Display Plugin hpi summary_report
Jenkins TestLink Plugin hpi testlink
Copy project link plugin hpi copy-project-link
Feature branch notifier hpi feature-branch-notifier
Jira Validator SCM Filter pom scm-filter-jira-validator-parent
Config AutoRefresh Plugin hpi config-autorefresh-plugin
Team Concert Plugin hpi teamconcert
Jenkins Valgrind Plug-in hpi valgrind
Testinprogress-parent pom testInProgress-parent
PVCS SCM plugin hpi pvcs_scm
Fluentd Plugin hpi fluentd
Mber Plugin hpi mber
Skip-certificate-check hpi skip-certificate-check
Configure Job Column Plugin hpi configure-job-column-plugin
Enhanced-old-build-discarder hpi enhanced-old-build-discarder
export dynamic job data hpi job-exporter
Jenkins eggPlant plugin hpi eggplant-plugin
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Plugin hpi oracle-cloud-infrastructure-compute
Heavy Job Plugin hpi heavy-job
Next-executions hpi next-executions
Progress TestStudio Plugin hpi teststudio
Open STF Plugin hpi open-stf
Giphy API Plugin hpi pipeline-giphy-api
Azure Event Grid Build Notifier Plugin hpi azure-event-grid-notifier
Terminate ssh processes hpi terminate-ssh-processes-plugin
Jenkins Redmine plugin hpi redmine
XFrame Filter Plugin hpi xframe-filter-plugin
Selfie - Build trigger plugin hpi selfie-trigger-plugin
Requeue Job Plugin hpi jobrequeue
Build Rotator hpi buildrotator
White Source Jenkins plugin hpi whitesource
Foreman Node Sharing Plugin hpi foreman-node-sharing
Columns Pack hpi ColumnsPlugin
Delta-cloud hpi delta-cloud
Kafka Logs Plugin hpi kafkalogs
NodePool Agents Plugin hpi nodepool-agents
Android Apk Size Watcher Plugin hpi android-apk-size-watcher
CloudBees Docker Traceability hpi docker-traceability
MergeBot PlasticSCM Plugin hpi plasticscm-mergebot
Jenkins CVS Tagging Plug-in hpi cvs-tag
Deveo Plugin hpi deveo
iON deployer plugin hpi ion-deployer-plugin
Azure Commons Pom pom azure-commons-parent
IBM Content Navigator remote plug-in reloader hpi icn-plugin-loader
eXtreme Feedback Panel hpi xfpanel
Google Container Registry Auth Plugin hpi google-container-registry-auth
BitKeeeper plugin hpi bitkeeper
Couchdb-statistics hpi couchdb-statistics
OneSky Jenkins plugin hpi onesky
CloudBees Docker Traceability API jar docker-traceability-api
Extension-filter hpi extension-filter
Jenkins Mantis plugin hpi mantis
Skytap Cloud CI Plugin hpi skytap-cloud-plugin
JCaptcha Plugin hpi jcaptcha-plugin
Coverity plugin hpi coverity
Groovy Events Listener Plugin hpi groovy-events-listener-plugin
Job Node Stalker hpi job-node-stalker
Assembla merge request builder hpi assembla-merge-request-builder
Jenkins Selenium Plugin hpi selenium
Send stacktrace to Eclipse plugin hpi send-stacktrace-to-eclipse-plugin
PegDown Formatter Plugin hpi pegdown-formatter
Jenkins Upstream Downstream Column Plugin hpi upstream-downstream-view
Permissive Script Security Plugin hpi permissive-script-security
Cucumber-slack-notifier hpi cucumber-slack-notifier
Trial-balloon hpi trial-balloon
Google Login Plugin hpi google-login
Spotinst plugin hpi spotinst
Log CLI Plugin hpi log-cli
Jenkins FitNesse plugin hpi fitnesse
Fogbugz plugin hpi fogbugz
iOS Device connector plugin hpi ios-device-connector
Jenkins CodeCover plugin hpi codecover
Weibo Plugin hpi weibo4jenkins
Benchmark Plugin hpi benchmark
Create Job Advanced hpi createjobadvanced
Jenkins Extreme Notification Plugin hpi extreme-notification
Pipeline: GitHub hpi pipeline-github
SASUnit Plugin hpi sasunit-plugin
Codebeamer xUnit Importer Plugin hpi codebeamer-xunit-importer
Change Log History hpi changelog-history
Keyboard Shortcuts Plugin hpi keyboard-shortcuts-plugin
TestWeaver Plugin hpi testweaver
Codebeamer Test Results Trend Updater Plugin hpi codebeamer-result-trend-updater
Assembla Auth Plugin hpi assembla-oauth
Google Chat Notification hpi google-chat-notification
Codefresh Integration Plugin hpi codefresh
Jenkins Zulip Plugin hpi humbug
Tag Cloud Plugin hpi jenkins-tag-cloud-plugin
IronMQ-notifier hpi ironmq-notifier
Klocwork Community Plug-in hpi klocwork
Project statistics Plugin hpi project-stats-plugin
CloudBees Jenkins Advisor Plugin hpi cloudbees-jenkins-advisor
Jenkins Hadoop plugin hpi hadoop
Extreme-feedback hpi extreme-feedback
Jenkins Gravatar plugin hpi gravatar
CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins (one-time tidy-up) hpi cloudbees-plugin-gateway
LiveRebel Plugin hpi liverebel-deploy
Environment labels setter hpi environment-labels-setter
Gitea Plugin hpi gitea
Jenkins Rundeck plugin hpi rundeck
Request Rename Or Delete Plugin hpi rrod
Mail Map Resolver hpi mailmap-resolver
Kanboard Plugin hpi kanboard
Maven Repository Scheduled Cleanup Plugin hpi maven-repo-cleaner
Description Column Plugin hpi description-column-plugin
Keycloak Authentication Plugin hpi keycloak
Skip Notifications Trait plugin hpi skip-notifications-trait
Jenkins XTrigger Plug-in hpi xtrigger
Cloudbees DevOptics Installation Plugin hpi cloudbees-devoptics-enabler
Puppet Plugin hpi puppet
Publish Over FTP hpi publish-over-ftp
Green Balls hpi greenballs
Elastic-axis hpi elastic-axis
Koji plugin hpi koji
Jenkins Visualworks Store Plugin hpi visualworks-store
Groovy Events Listener Plugin hpi groovy-events-listener-plugin-master
Relution hpi Relution
Azure Service Fabric Plugin hpi service-fabric
Buckminster hpi buckminster
VectorCAST Execution hpi vectorcast-execution
Jenkins Doxygen Plug-in hpi doxygen
HP Operations Orchestration Automation Execution Plugin hpi hp-operations-orchestration-automation-execution-plugin
Rich Text Publisher Plugin hpi rich-text-publisher-plugin
Jenkins Javascript Widgets Plugin hpi jswidgets
Build-Publisher plugin hpi build-publisher
Jenkins SaltStack plugin hpi saltstack
Team Foundation Server Plug-in hpi tfs
Block Build Final Project Plugin hpi block-build-final-project
Jenkins Harvest SCM hpi harvest
Ant In Workspace hpi ant-in-workspace
SCM Filter Branch PR Plugin hpi scm-filter-branch-pr
Jenkins ClearCase Plug-in hpi clearcase
Collabnet UC4 Deploy Plugin hpi collabnet-uc4-deploy
VAddy Jenkins Plugin hpi vaddy-plugin
Shared Workspace hpi shared-workspace
Brakeman Plugin hpi brakeman
scripted Cloud Plugin hpi scripted-cloud-plugin
Slave-proxy hpi slave-proxy
Rpmsign-plugin hpi rpmsign-plugin
Typetalk Plugin hpi typetalk
Jenkins Gallio plugin hpi gallio
ViewVC Plugin hpi viewVC
Bumblebee HP ALM Plugin hpi bumblebee
Queue cleanup Plugin hpi queue-cleanup
Openstack Heat Plugin hpi openstack-heat
Build Environment Plugin hpi build-environment
Jenkins Violation Comments to GitHub Plugin hpi violation-comments-to-github
Squash TM Publisher (Squash4Jenkins) jpi squashtm-publisher
Poll-mailbox-trigger hpi poll-mailbox-trigger
Simple Travis Pipeline Runner Plugin hpi simple-travis-runner
Form element path plugin hpi form-element-path
Azure Function Plugin hpi azure-function
New Relic Deployment Notifier Plugin hpi newrelic-deployment-notifier
Boot build tool for Clojure hpi boot-clj
Jenkins Zentimestamp plugin hpi zentimestamp
Node Name Column hpi nodenamecolumn
Android Signing Plugin hpi android-signing
Nomad Plugin hpi nomad
Pipeline NPM Integration Plugin hpi pipeline-npm
Line Numbers plugin hpi linenumbers
Jenkins Dry Run Plug-in hpi dry-run Plugin hpi crossbrowsertesting
CloudBees Docker Build and Publish plugin hpi docker-build-publish
Job Import Plugin hpi job-import-plugin
Apprenda Plugin hpi apprenda
Application Detector Plugin hpi app-detector
Hidden Parameter plugin hpi hidden-parameter
ElasticBox CI Plug-in hpi elasticbox
Safe Restart Plugin hpi saferestart
Repository Connector hpi repository-connector
GitHub PR Comment Build Plugin hpi github-pr-comment-build
Violation Comments to GitLab Plugin hpi violation-comments-to-gitlab
Publish to Bitbucket Plugin hpi publish-to-bitbucket
Azure Slave Plugin hpi azure-slave-plugin
WebSphere Deployer Plugin hpi websphere-deployer
Gitee Plugin hpi gitee
Jenkins Artifact Deployer Plug-in hpi artifactdeployer
Poll Mailbox Trigger Plugin hpi poll-mailbox-trigger-plugin
leiningen-plugin hpi leiningen-plugin
Jenkins composer security checker plugin hpi composer-security-checker
Build History Metrics plugin hpi build-history-metrics-plugin
AWS CloudWatch Logs Publisher hpi aws-cloudwatch-logs-publisher
aws-device-farm hpi aws-device-farm
Jenkins Syslog logger plugin hpi syslog-logger
OSLC CM Plugin hpi oslc-cm
Crittercism-dsym hpi crittercism-dsym
Azure CLI Plugin hpi azure-cli
Jenkins SSH plugin hpi ssh
Jenkins Serenity plugin hpi serenity
Writable-filesystem-monitor hpi writable-filesystem-monitor
Jenkins Xvfb plugin hpi xvfb
lsf-cloud hpi lsf-cloud
Kanboard Plugin hpi kanboard-publisher
Drop Down ViewsTabBar Plugin hpi dropdown-viewstabbar-plugin
Fingerprint Plugin hpi create-fingerprint-plugin
BearyChat Plugin hpi bearychat
Report Info Plugin hpi report-info
Jenkins Sametime Plugin hpi sametime
Deployment Sphere jpi deployment-sphere
Openstack Jenkins Plugin hpi openstack-plugin
MDT Deployment Plugin hpi mdt-deployment
Bitbucket Build Status Notifier Plugin hpi bitbucket-build-status-notifier
Sahagin Plugin hpi sahagin
Zephyr for JIRA Test Management plugin hpi zephyr-for-jira-test-management
CIFS publisher plugin hpi cifs
Customhistory hpi CustomHistory
CloudShare Docker-Machine Plugin hpi cloudshare-docker
Link Column Plugin hpi link-column
Jenkins Job Cacher plugin hpi jobcacher
HTTP POST Plugin hpi http-post
Azure VM Agents hpi azure-vm-agents
Attention hpi attention
Stackify Deployment Recorder hpi stackify-deployment-recorder
AWS Lambda Plugin hpi aws-lambda-plugin
Walti Jenkins Plugin hpi walti
Jenkins MSTestRunner plugin hpi mstestrunner
Dockerhub hpi dockerhub
Global Post Script Plugin hpi global-post-script
CORS support for Jenkins hpi cors-filter
Console Column Plugin hpi console-column-plugin
GitHub Jira Validator SCM Filter Plugin hpi github-scm-filter-jira-validator
Sbuild hpi SBuild
Mock Load Builder Plugin hpi mock-load-builder
Mongodb-document-upload hpi mongodb-document-upload
Job Parameter Summary Plugin hpi job-parameter-summary
Job and Stage monitoring Plugin hpi github-autostatus
Generic Webhook Trigger Plugin hpi generic-webhook-trigger
Metrics Graphite Reporting Plugin hpi metrics-graphite
CloudBees Docker Traceability parent pom pom docker-traceability-parent
Cisco Spark Notifier hpi cisco-spark-notifier
vagrant hpi vagrant
Persistent Build Queue Plugin hpi persistent-build-queue-plugin
Nexus Task Runner Plugin hpi nexus-task-runner
Chaos Butler Plugin hpi chaos-butler
PagerDuty Plugin hpi pagerduty
HTML5 Notifier Plugin hpi html5-notifier-plugin
SCM Sync Configuration Plugin hpi scm-sync-configuration
Viber Notification hpi viber-notification
Bitbucket Approve Plugin hpi bitbucket-approve
Idobata Notifier hpi idobata-notifier
Job Type Column hpi jobtype-column
Project Description Setter hpi project-description-setter
Jenkins Xvnc plugin hpi xvnc
My People plugin hpi mypeople
Build Keeper Plugin hpi build-keeper-plugin
Recipe Plugin hpi recipe
Fortify on Demand Uploader Plugin hpi fortify-on-demand-uploader
Flaky Test Handler plugin hpi flaky-test-handler
Jenkins PostBuildScript Plugin hpi postbuildscript
Cachet Gate Plugin hpi cachet-gating
RabbitMQ Build Trigger Plugin hpi rabbitmq-build-trigger
Rancher Plugin hpi rancher
Jenkins sbt plugin hpi sbt
Clang Scan-Build Plugin jpi clang-scanbuild
Delphix Plugin hpi delphix
Literate Plugin hpi literate
GitLab Logo Plugin hpi gitlab-logo
Jianliao Notification Plugin hpi jianliao
Compact Columns hpi compact-columns
Sumologic Publisher hpi sumologic-publisher
JPRT Plugin hpi jprt
Jenkins Dependency Analyzer Plugin hpi dependencyanalyzer
Docker-build-step hpi docker-build-step
PAM Authentication plugin hpi pam-auth
Test Results Analyzer - Deprecated hpi TestResultsAnalyzer
Jenkins Translation Assistance plugin hpi translation
Google Git Notes Publisher Plugin hpi google-git-notes-publisher
Diawi Upload Plugin hpi diawi-upload
Google Analytics Usage Reporter Plugin hpi google-analytics-usage-reporter
Aqua MicroScanner hpi aqua-microscanner
Categorized-view hpi categorized-view
jira-ext Plugin hpi jira-ext
PTC Integrity CM - Jenkins Plugin hpi integrity-plugin
Setenv Plugin hpi setenv
HTMLResource hpi htmlresource
View26 Test-Reporting Plugin hpi view26
Relution Enterprise Appstore Publisher plugin hpi relution-publisher
Minio Storage hpi minio-storage
Silk Performer Plugin hpi silk-performer-plugin
Convert To Pipeline hpi convert-to-pipeline
JX Pipelines Plugin hpi jx-pipelines
Report Portal hpi reportportal
Jenkins ClamAV Plugin hpi clamav
QMetry for JIRA - Test Management Plugin hpi qmetry-for-jira-test-management
NOPMD verify Trac plugin hpi nopmdverifytrac
Skytap Cloud CI Plugin hpi skytap
Publish Over Dropbox hpi publish-over-dropbox
Persistent Parameter Plugin hpi persistent-parameter
Synopsys Coverity Plugin hpi synopsys-coverity
Jenkins FxCop Runner plugin hpi fxcop-runner
Custom View Tabs Plugin hpi custom-view-tabs
GitHub Aged References SCM Filter Plugin hpi github-scm-filter-aged-refs
Job Poll Action Plugin hpi job-poll-action-plugin
Ansible Tower Plugin hpi ansible-tower
Tattletale plugin hpi tattletale-plugin
Jenkins Subversion Tagging Plugin hpi svn-tag
Shared Objects Plugin hpi shared-objects
WildFly Deployer Plugin hpi wildfly-deployer
JMS Messaging Plugin hpi jms-messaging
Progress MobileStudio Plugin hpi teststudiomobiletesting
GitHub Pull Request Coverage Status hpi github-pr-coverage-status
Build Alias Setter Plugin hpi build-alias-setter
Dependency Queue Plugin hpi dependency-queue-plugin
Gerrit Verify Status Reporter Plugin hpi gerrit-verify-status-reporter
AWS Parameter Store Build Wrapper hpi aws-parameter-store
Promoted Builds (Simple) hpi promoted-builds-simple
Netio-plugin hpi netio-plugin
TFS SDK installer pom tfs-sdk
Jenkins MongoDB Plugin hpi mongodb
Monitor Pro Plugin hpi monitor-pro
Bitbucket Commit Skip SCM Behaviour hpi bitbucket-scm-trait-commit-skip
Chef-tracking hpi chef-tracking
Live Screenshot hpi livescreenshot
Jenkins JiraTestResultReporter plugin hpi JiraTestResultReporter
Project Build Times hpi project-build-times
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Publisher Plugin hpi aws-beanstalk-publisher-plugin
Kmap Plugin hpi kmap-jenkins
Zubhium Plugin hpi zubhium
Vessel Plugin hpi vessel
mean time to repair plugin hpi mttr
Maven Dependency Update Trigger hpi maven-dependency-update-trigger
Files Found Trigger hpi files-found-trigger
Agiletestware Pangolin Connector for TestRail hpi pangolin-testrail-connector
CLIF Performance Testing hpi clif-performance-testing
JX Resources Plugin hpi jx-resources
Jenkins Reverse Proxy Auth Plugin hpi reverse-proxy-auth-plugin
AWS CodeCommit Trigger Plugin hpi aws-codecommit-trigger
Build With Parameters hpi build-with-parameters
Message Injector Plugin hpi msginject
Build Line Plugin hpi build-line
Cerberus Testing Plugin hpi cerberus-testing
Pipeline: Multibranch with defaults hpi pipeline-multibranch-defaults
Anka Plugin hpi anka-build
Jenkins Growl Plugin hpi growl
Official OWASP ZAP Jenkins Plugin hpi zap
Themis Plugin hpi themis
SoapUI Pro Functional Testing Plugin hpi soapui-pro-functional-testing
Yaml Axis plugin hpi yaml-axis
Deploy WebLogic Plugin hpi weblogic-deployer-plugin
Parallel Test Executor Plugin hpi parallel-test-executor
JIRA Trigger Plugin jpi jira-trigger
Jenkins utPLSQL plugin hpi utplsql
Startup Trigger hpi startup-trigger-plugin
BLINK(1) Notifier hpi blink1
Testflight Plugin hpi testflight
CodeBeamer XUnit Uploader hpi codebeamer-xunit-uploader
Jenkins GNAT plugin hpi gnat
nvm wrapper hpi nvm-wrapper
Selenium HTML report hpi seleniumhtmlreport
Jenkins Libvirt Slaves plugin hpi libvirt-slave
Emotional-jenkins-plugin hpi emotional-jenkins-plugin
Slave Prerequisites plugin hpi slave-prerequisites
Chosen-views-tabbar hpi chosen-views-tabbar
Secure Requester Whitelist Plugin hpi secure-requester-whitelist
Build Flow Toolbox hpi build-flow-toolbox-plugin
Google Play Android Publisher Plugin hpi google-play-android-publisher
Build Node Column Plugin hpi build-node-column
OpsGenie Plugin hpi opsgenie
Pre SCM BuildStep Plugin hpi preSCMbuildstep
HPE Network Virtualization plugin hpi hpe-network-virtualization
CA-APM Plugin hpi ca-apm
vRealize Orchestrator Plugin hpi vmware-vrealize-orchestrator
Build Secret plugin hpi secret
Advanced Installer Msi Builder Plugin hpi advanced-installer-msi-builder
Openstack Jenkins Plugin parent POM pom openstack-jenkins-parent
Jenkins PowerShell plugin hpi powershell
Arachni Scanner Plugin hpi arachni-scanner
Sonargraph Integration Jenkins Plugin hpi sonargraph-integration
SCM Branch PR Filter Plugin hpi scm-branch-pr-filter
Appaloosa Plugin hpi appaloosa-plugin
Rally Update Plugin hpi rally-update-plugin-1
/userContent in Git plugin hpi git-userContent
Zanata Plugin hpi zanata
Chroot Plugin hpi chroot
Additional Metrics Plugin hpi additional-metrics
Jenkins Audit to Database Plugin hpi audit2db
Worksoft Execution Manager Plugin hpi ws-execution-manager
Play Framework plugin hpi play-autotest-plugin
Jenkins Run Condition Extras Plugin hpi run-condition-extras
Jenkins Sounds plugin hpi sounds
Drupal Developer hpi drupal-developer
Build Flow Extensions hpi build-flow-extensions-plugin
Jenkins FlexDeploy Plugin hpi flexdeploy
Lingr-plugin hpi lingr-plugin
Paranoia Plugin hpi paranoia
Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin hpi pipeline-maven
Modern Status hpi modernstatus
Jenkins Crap4J plugin hpi crap4j
Youtrack-plugin hpi youtrack-plugin
Parameterized Scheduler hpi parameterized-scheduler
ChatWork Plugin hpi chatwork
Continuous Integration with Toad Edge hpi ci-with-toad-edge
Scala JUnit Name Decoder hpi scala-junit-name-decoder
Jenkins Wall Display Master Project hpi jenkinswalldisplay-pom
Curseforge Publisher plugin hpi curseforge-publisher
Hudson Testability Explorer Plug-in hpi testabilityexplorer
Jenkins trigger plugin hpi quayio-trigger
Synergy Plugin hpi synergy
Short Workspace Path Plugin hpi short-workspace-path
Pyenv Pipeline Plugin hpi pyenv-pipeline
Koji plugin hpi koji-plugin
ontrack Jenkins plug-in hpi ontrack
Jenkins Hidden Parameter plugin hpi HiddenParameter
Visual SourceSafe Plugin hpi vss
Groovyaxis hpi groovyaxis
SimpleUpdateSite Plugin hpi simpleupdatesite
BigPanda Notifier hpi bigpanda-jenkins
Jenkins Terminal Plugin hpi terminal
Jenkins Karotz plugin hpi karotz
Aliyun-Container-Service-Deploy hpi aliyun-container-service-deploy
Pragprog Plugin hpi pragprog
SQLPlus Script Runner hpi sqlplus-script-runner
OSF Builder Suite For Salesforce Commerce Cloud :: Data Import hpi osf-builder-suite-for-sfcc-data-import
Global Slack Notifier Plugin hpi global-slack-notifier
AWS Batch Plugin hpi aws-batch
Concordion Presenter plugin hpi concordionpresenter
DOS Trigger hpi dos-trigger
Violation Columns(List View Columns) hpi violation-columns
Matrix Configuration Parameter Plugin hpi matrix-combinations-parameter
Jenkins VMware Lab Manager Slaves plugin hpi labmanager
Tests Selector hpi selected-tests-executor
Jenkins CppNCSS plugin hpi cppncss
Azure IoT Edge Plugin hpi azure-iot-edge
Jenkins Release Helper Plugin hpi release-helper
Jenkins Collapsing Console Sections Plugin hpi collapsing-console-sections
IFTTT Build Notifier hpi ifttt-build-notifier
Block Same build Plugin hpi block-same-builds
BART Plugin hpi bart
Jenkins Exclusive Execution Plugin hpi exclusive-execution
External Workspace Manager Plugin hpi external-workspace-manager
Radiator View Plugin hpi radiatorviewplugin
View-cloner hpi view-cloner
Chrome Frame Plugin hpi chrome-frame-plugin
Stack Hammer hpi stackhammer
Jenkins Wall Display Master Project hpi jenkinswalldisplay
CloudBees Deployer Plugin hpi cloudbees-deployer-plugin
CloudBees Disk Usage Simple Plugin hpi cloudbees-disk-usage-simple
Chef Sinatra Jenkins plugin hpi sinatra-chef-builder
Install CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise hpi cloudbees-enterprise-plugins
Adaptive Disconnector Plugin hpi adaptive-disconnector
Collabnet Automic Deploy Plugin hpi collabnet-automic-deploy
Google Cloud Build Plugin hpi google-cloudbuild
Env Variable Page Decoration jpi environment-variable-page-decoration
Pipeline Dependency Walker Plugin hpi pipeline-dependency-walker
Customize Build Now Label hpi customize-build-now
CodeSonar Plugin hpi codesonar
Rigor Optimization Website Performance Testing hpi rigor-optimization

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