group: org.jenkins-ci.plugins

fresh name packaging artifact id
Credentials Plugin hpi credentials
Jenkins Git plugin hpi git
Token Macro Plugin hpi token-macro
Structs Plugin hpi structs
JUnit Plugin hpi junit
Matrix Project Plugin hpi matrix-project
SCM API Plugin hpi scm-api
Jenkins Mailer Plugin hpi mailer
Script Security Plugin hpi script-security
Jenkins Subversion Plug-in hpi subversion
Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin hpi matrix-auth
Folders Plugin hpi cloudbees-folder
Plain Credentials Plugin hpi plain-credentials
SSH Credentials Plugin hpi ssh-credentials
Dashboard View hpi dashboard-view
Jenkins Git client plugin hpi git-client
Branch API Plugin hpi branch-api
GitHub API Plugin hpi github-api
Ant Plugin hpi ant
Jenkins Parameterized Trigger plugin hpi parameterized-trigger
Job DSL hpi job-dsl
Pipeline: Stage Step hpi pipeline-stage-step
Config File Provider Plugin hpi config-file-provider
Durable Task Plugin hpi durable-task
Jenkins SSH Slaves plugin hpi ssh-slaves
Jenkins Apache HttpComponents Client 4.x API Plugin hpi apache-httpcomponents-client-4-api
Jenkins Multiple SCMs plugin hpi multiple-scms
GitHub Branch Source Plugin hpi github-branch-source
Environment Injector Plugin hpi envinject
Pipeline: Build Step hpi pipeline-build-step
Display URL API hpi display-url-api
jQuery plugin hpi jquery
Jenkins promoted builds plugin hpi promoted-builds
Javadoc Plugin hpi javadoc
OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin hpi antisamy-markup-formatter
Jackson 2 API Plugin hpi jackson2-api
Jenkins Pub-Sub "light" Bus hpi pubsub-light
Pipeline: Input Step hpi pipeline-input-step
Docker Commons Plugin hpi docker-commons
Amazon Web Services SDK hpi aws-java-sdk
Jenkins Mercurial plugin hpi mercurial
Run Condition Plugin hpi run-condition
Variant Plugin hpi variant
Jenkins GIT server Plugin hpi git-server
HTML Publisher plugin hpi htmlpublisher
Metrics Plugin hpi metrics
Ivy Plugin hpi ivy
Credentials Binding Plugin hpi credentials-binding
Conditional BuildStep hpi conditional-buildstep
Pipeline Graph Analysis Plugin hpi pipeline-graph-analysis
Copy To Slave Plugin hpi copy-to-slave
Async Http Client hpi async-http-client
SSH Agent Plugin hpi ssh-agent
Gradle Plugin hpi gradle
CloudBees AWS Credentials Plugin hpi aws-credentials
Jenkins JIRA plugin hpi jira
GitHub Authentication plugin hpi github-oauth
xUnit plugin hpi xunit
bouncycastle API Plugin hpi bouncycastle-api
Copy Artifact Plugin hpi copyartifact
Email Extension Plugin hpi email-ext
Cloud Statistics Plugin hpi cloud-stats
Server Sent Events (SSE) Gateway Plugin hpi sse-gateway
Jenkins Multijob plugin hpi jenkins-multijob-plugin
Support Core Plugin hpi support-core
Job-dsl-core jar job-dsl-core
Jenkins Cobertura Plugin hpi cobertura
JUnit Attachments Plugin hpi junit-attachments
Jenkins JaCoCo plugin hpi jacoco
Pipeline: Milestone Step hpi pipeline-milestone-step
Display URL for Blue Ocean hpi blueocean-display-url
Autofavorite for Blue Ocean hpi blueocean-autofavorite
Azure Commons Plugin hpi azure-commons
Docker Pipeline hpi docker-workflow
Jenkins Maven Invoker plugin hpi maven-invoker-plugin
OpenId Connect Authentication Plugin hpi oic-auth
Azure Credentials hpi azure-credentials
GitHub Organization Folder Plugin hpi github-organization-folder
Jenkins Violations plugin hpi violations
Infrastructure plugin for Publish Over X hpi publish-over
Build Pipeline Plugin hpi build-pipeline-plugin
JGiven Jenkins Plugin hpi jgiven
RabbitMQ Consumer Plugin hpi rabbitmq-consumer
Jenkins Workspace Cleanup Plugin hpi ws-cleanup
Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin hpi cloudbees-bitbucket-branch-source
Google OAuth Credentials plugin hpi google-oauth-plugin
Jucies Update Center Plugin hpi jucies
Jenkins ScriptTrigger Plug-in hpi scripttrigger
Azure Commons Cores Libraries jar azure-commons-core
Jenkins IvyTrigger Plug-in hpi ivytrigger
Jenkins Filesystem Trigger Plug-in hpi fstrigger
Jenkins URLTrigger Plug-in hpi urltrigger
Jenkins BuildResultTrigger Plug-in hpi buildresult-trigger
Join plugin hpi join
Authentication Tokens API Plugin hpi authentication-tokens
Node Iterator API Plugin hpi node-iterator-api
Flexible Publish Plugin hpi flexible-publish
Pipeline: GitHub Groovy Libraries hpi pipeline-github-lib
Block Queued Job Plugin hpi block-queued-job
P4 Plugin hpi p4
Role-based Authorization Strategy hpi role-strategy
Build-name-setter hpi build-name-setter
vSphere Plugin hpi vsphere-cloud
Build Timeout hpi build-timeout
Resource Disposer Plugin hpi resource-disposer
Jenkins JSch dependency plugin hpi jsch
Groovy hpi groovy
Docker API Plugin hpi docker-java-api
MapDB API Plugin hpi mapdb-api
Node and Label parameter plugin hpi nodelabelparameter
TestNG Results Plugin hpi testng-plugin
Jenkins description setter plugin hpi description-setter
Extended Choice Parameter Plug-In hpi extended-choice-parameter
Nested View Plugin hpi nested-view
Robot Framework plugin hpi robot
Performance Plugin hpi performance
Authorize Project hpi authorize-project
Jenkins Job Configuration History Plugin hpi jobConfigHistory
Mask Passwords Plugin hpi mask-passwords
Random String Parameter Plugin hpi random-string-parameter
Badge hpi badge
AnsiColor hpi ansicolor
Jenkins jQuery UI plugin hpi jquery-ui
Jenkins CVS Plug-in hpi cvs
VectorCAST Coverage hpi vectorcast-coverage
Jenkins MSBuild Plugin hpi msbuild
Database hpi database
Configuration Slicing plugin hpi configurationslicing
Google Metadata plugin hpi google-metadata-plugin
LDAP Plugin hpi ldap
Patch-parameter hpi patch-parameter
Cucumber json test reporting. hpi cucumber-testresult-plugin
Jenkins Clover plugin hpi clover
NodeJS Plugin hpi nodejs
SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins hpi sonar
Command Agent Launcher Plugin hpi command-launcher
Scriptler hpi scriptler
Compatibility Action Storage Plugin hpi compatibility-action-storage
MySQL Database Plugin hpi database-mysql
Python Plugin hpi python
Template Project plugin hpi template-project
WMI Windows Agents Plugin hpi windows-slaves
Sectioned View Plugin hpi sectioned-view
Pipeline Utility Steps hpi pipeline-utility-steps
HTTP Request Plugin hpi http_request
OSF Builder Suite For Salesforce Commerce Cloud :: Credentials hpi osf-builder-suite-for-sfcc-credentials
CloudBees Docker Hub/Registry Notification hpi dockerhub-notification
Timestamper hpi timestamper
Downstream-Ext hpi downstream-ext
jclouds shaded jar for Jenkins plugin jar jclouds-shaded
Jenkins Performance Publisher plugin hpi perfpublisher
Handy Uri Templates 2.x API Plugin hpi handy-uri-templates-2-api
Amazon EC2 plugin hpi ec2
Jenkins Wall Display Client App jar client
Test In Progress client jar testInProgress-client
Android Emulator Plugin hpi android-emulator
Kubernetes Continuous Deploy Plugin hpi kubernetes-cd
Jenkins build log file size checker plugin hpi logfilesizechecker
Jenkins M2 Extra Steps Plugin hpi m2-extra-steps
Jenkins Emma plugin hpi emma
Jenkins S3 publisher plugin hpi s3
Trilead API Plugin hpi trilead-api
Jenkins Port Allocator Plug-in hpi port-allocator
ShiningPanda Plugin hpi shiningpanda
Jenkins Claim Plugin hpi claim
Built-on-column hpi built-on-column
Buildgraph-view hpi buildgraph-view
Google Cloud Storage plugin hpi google-storage-plugin
OAuth Credentials plugin hpi oauth-credentials
Windows Azure Storage plugin hpi windows-azure-storage
Analysis Model API Plug-in hpi analysis-model-api
Azure App Service Plugin hpi azure-app-service
Build Trigger Badge Plugin hpi buildtriggerbadge
EnvInject API Plugin hpi envinject-api
Eclipse Update Site plugin hpi eclipse-update-site
Uithemes hpi uithemes
External Monitor Job Type Plugin hpi external-monitor-job
openstack shaded jar for Jenkins plugin jar openstack-shaded
JIRA Pipeline Steps hpi jira-steps
Run Selector Plugin hpi run-selector
Stash Notifier hpi stashNotifier
Slack Notification Plugin hpi slack
Jenkins Rake plugin hpi rake
Simple Theme Plugin hpi simple-theme-plugin
Deployed On Column Plugin hpi deployed-on-column
JDK Tool Plugin hpi jdk-tool
OWASP Dependency-Track Plugin hpi dependency-track
Hudson global-build-stats plugin hpi global-build-stats
Job Generator hpi jobgenerator
OpenID4Java API hpi openid4java
Mock Agent Plugin hpi mock-slave
Jenkins Active Directory plugin hpi active-directory
Unique ID Library Plugin hpi unique-id
Security Inspector Plugin hpi security-inspector
docker-java shaded for CloudBees Docker Traceability jar docker-java-shaded-traceability
Dependency Graph Viewer Plugin hpi depgraph-view
Xcode integration hpi xcode-plugin
Parameterized Remote Trigger Plugin hpi Parameterized-Remote-Trigger
Chosen plugin hpi chosen
Naginator hpi naginator
View Job Filters hpi view-job-filters
LOGBack appender to NATS pub/sub topic hpi logback-nats-appender
GitLab Plugin hpi gitlab-plugin
Hubot Pipeline Steps hpi hubot-steps
Pretested Integration Plugin hpi pretested-integration
Build Authorization Token Root Plugin hpi build-token-root
Plot plugin hpi plot
GitHub Pull Request Builder hpi ghprb
Jenkins Artifactory Plugin hpi artifactory
Python Wrapper Plugin hpi python-wrapper
Deployment-notification hpi deployment-notification
Deploy to container Plugin hpi deploy
Asynchronous Job type plugin hpi async-job
Changes since last successfull build Plugin hpi changes-since-last-success
Ruby-runtime hpi ruby-runtime
Jenkins disk-usage plugin hpi disk-usage
Build Timestamp Plugin hpi build-timestamp
Spring Initalzr plugin hpi spring-initalzr
Shelve Project Plugin hpi shelve-project-plugin
Deployer Framework Plugin hpi deployer-framework
One-Shot Executor Plugin hpi one-shot-executor
Jenkins user build vars plugin hpi build-user-vars-plugin
Embeddable Build Status Plugin hpi embeddable-build-status
Logstash hpi logstash
Jenkins Sauce OnDemand plugin hpi sauce-ondemand
Mock Security Realm hpi mock-security-realm
Micro Focus Application Automation Tools hpi hp-application-automation-tools-plugin
External Scheduler Plugin hpi external-scheduler
Anything-goes-formatter hpi anything-goes-formatter
DTKit Jenkins Plugin hpi dtkit
Jenkins NUnit plugin hpi nunit
Prometheus metrics plugin hpi prometheus
Last Changes Plugin hpi last-changes
Dynatrace Application Monitoring Plugin hpi dynatrace-dashboard
Publish Over CIFS hpi publish-over-cifs
Uptime hpi uptime
NOPMD check plugin hpi nopmdcheck
Jenkins BuildContext Capture Plug-in hpi buildcontext-capture
Compress Artifacts Plugin hpi compress-artifacts
All changes plugin hpi all-changes
Openid hpi openid
Crowd 2 Integration hpi crowd2
Extra Columns Plugin hpi extra-columns
Beer hpi beer
Log Parser Plugin hpi log-parser
Test In Progress server jar testInProgress-server
Gatling Jenkins Plugin hpi gatling
Jenkins Clover PHP plugin hpi cloverphp
Random Job Builder Plugin hpi random-job-builder
Gerrit Code Review plugin hpi gerrit-code-review
Jenkins Release Plugin hpi release
Phabricator Differential Plugin hpi phabricator-plugin
Jenkins Persona Plugin hpi persona
Build Blocker Plugin hpi build-blocker-plugin
Jenkins REPO plugin hpi repo
Jenkins Self-Organizing Swarm Plug-in Modules hpi swarm
Azure AD Plugin hpi azure-ad
GitHub Integration Plugin hpi github-pullrequest
Event-announcer hpi event-announcer
Confluence Publisher hpi confluence-publisher
HUAWEICloud Credentials Plugin hpi huaweicloud-credentials
Periodic Backup hpi periodicbackup
CollabNet Plugins hpi collabnet
Mesos hpi mesos
Jenkins RTC plugin hpi rtc
Jenkins Bazaar plugin hpi bazaar
Go Plugin hpi golang
Jenkins Environment File Plugin hpi envfile
Environment Dashboard Plugin hpi environment-dashboard
Environment labels setter hpi environment-labels-setter
Env Variable Page Decoration jpi environment-variable-page-decoration
Jenkins Escaped Markup Plugin hpi escaped-markup-plugin
Jenkins Exclusion Plug-in hpi Exclusion
Jenkins Exclusive Execution Plugin hpi exclusive-execution
Export Prameters hpi export-params
Extension-filter hpi extension-filter
External Workspace Manager Plugin hpi external-workspace-manager
Extreme-feedback hpi extreme-feedback
Jenkins Extreme Notification Plugin hpi extreme-notification
EZ Templates hpi ez-templates
EzWall Plugin hpi ezwall
Fail The Build Plugin hpi fail-the-build-plugin
Favorite View Plugin hpi favorite-view
Feature branch notifier hpi feature-branch-notifier
Fedora Module Build System Plugin hpi fedora-module-build-system
Figlet Buildstep hpi figlet-buildstep
Files Found Trigger hpi files-found-trigger
Jenkins FitNesse plugin hpi fitnesse
Flaky Test Handler plugin hpi flaky-test-handler
Jenkins FlexDeploy Plugin hpi flexdeploy
FLOW Plugin hpi flow
Fluentd Plugin hpi fluentd
Fogbugz plugin hpi fogbugz
Foreman Node Sharing Plugin hpi foreman-node-sharing
Form element path plugin hpi form-element-path
Fortify CloudScan Plugin hpi fortify-cloudscan-jenkins-plugin
Fortify on Demand Uploader Plugin hpi fortify-on-demand-uploader
FTP Rename Plugin hpi ftp-rename
Jenkins FxCop Runner plugin hpi fxcop-runner
Jenkins Gallio plugin hpi gallio
Google Cloud Messsaging Notification Plugin hpi gcm-notification
Gearman Plugin hpi gearman-plugin
Generic Webhook Trigger Plugin hpi generic-webhook-trigger
GeneXus Plugin hpi genexus
Gerrit Verify Status Reporter Plugin hpi gerrit-verify-status-reporter
Git Bisect Plugin hpi git-bisect
GitBucket Plugin hpi gitbucket
Alternative build chooser hpi git-chooser-alternative
Gitea Plugin hpi gitea
Gitee Plugin hpi gitee
Job and Stage monitoring Plugin hpi github-autostatus
GitHub Integration Parent pom github-integration-parent
GitHub Issues Plugin hpi github-issues
GitHub PR Comment Build Plugin hpi github-pr-comment-build
GitHub Pull Request Coverage Status hpi github-pr-coverage-status
GitHub Aged References SCM Filter Plugin hpi github-scm-filter-aged-refs
GitHub Jira Validator SCM Filter Plugin hpi github-scm-filter-jira-validator
GitHub Commit Skip SCM Behaviour hpi github-scm-trait-commit-skip
Github Custom Notification Context SCM Behaviour hpi github-scm-trait-notification-context
GitLab Logo Plugin hpi gitlab-logo
Gitlab Authentication plugin hpi gitlab-oauth
Jenkins Gitorious plugin hpi gitorious
Git Parameter Plug-In hpi git-parameter
Git PreBuildMerge Trait Plugin hpi git-prebuildmerge-trait
Git Tag Message Plugin hpi git-tag-message
/userContent in Git plugin hpi git-userContent
Global Post Script Plugin hpi global-post-script
Global Slack Notifier Plugin hpi global-slack-notifier
Global Variable String Parameter hpi global-variable-string-parameter
Jenkins GNAT plugin hpi gnat
Jenkins Gogs plugin hpi gogs-webhook
Google Admin SDK Plugin hpi google-admin-sdk
Google Analytics Usage Reporter Plugin hpi google-analytics-usage-reporter
Google APIs Client Library for Jenkins hpi google-api-client-plugin
Google Chat Notification hpi google-chat-notification
Google Cloud Backup Plugin hpi google-cloud-backup
Google Cloud Build Plugin hpi google-cloudbuild
Google Health Check Plugin hpi google-cloud-health-check
Jenkins Google Code plugin hpi googlecode
Google Compute Engine Plugin hpi google-compute-engine
Google Container Registry Auth Plugin hpi google-container-registry-auth
Google Git Notes Publisher Plugin hpi google-git-notes-publisher
Google Login Plugin hpi google-login
Google Play Android Publisher Plugin hpi google-play-android-publisher
Google Authenticated Source plugin hpi google-source-plugin
Graphiteintegrator hpi graphiteIntegrator
Jenkins Gravatar plugin hpi gravatar
Green Balls hpi greenballs
Groovyaxis hpi groovyaxis
Groovy Events Listener Plugin hpi groovy-events-listener-plugin
Groovy Events Listener Plugin hpi groovy-events-listener-plugin-master
Jenkins Growl Plugin hpi growl
Jenkins Hadoop plugin hpi hadoop
Jenkins Harvest SCM hpi harvest
Heavy Job Plugin hpi heavy-job
Helix TeamHub Plugin hpi helix-teamhub
Hello World Example Plugin hpi hello-world
Help editor hpi help-editor
Hidden Parameter plugin hpi hidden-parameter
Jenkins Hidden Parameter plugin hpi HiddenParameter
HockeyApp Plugin hpi hockeyapp
Housekeeper hpi housekeeper
HPE Network Virtualization plugin hpi hpe-network-virtualization
HP Operations Orchestration Automation Execution Plugin hpi hp-operations-orchestration-automation-execution-plugin
HSTS Filter Plugin hpi hsts-filter-plugin
HTML5 Notifier Plugin hpi html5-notifier-plugin
HTMLResource hpi htmlresource
HTTP POST Plugin hpi http-post
hue-light hpi hue-light
Jenkins Zulip Plugin hpi humbug
Humio Plugin hpi humio
iceScrum plugin hpi icescrum
IBM Content Navigator remote plug-in reloader hpi icn-plugin-loader
Idobata Notifier hpi idobata-notifier
IFTTT Build Notifier hpi ifttt-build-notifier
Image comparison plugin hpi imagecomparison
Implied Labels Plugin hpi implied-labels
InfluxDB Plugin hpi influxdb
InstallShield Plugin hpi installshield
PTC Integrity CM - Jenkins Plugin hpi integrity-plugin
InternetMeme Plugin hpi internetmeme
iON deployer plugin hpi ion-deployer-plugin
iOS Device connector plugin hpi ios-device-connector
IPMessenger plugin hpi ipmessenger-plugin
IronMQ-notifier hpi ironmq-notifier
Issue Link Plugin hpi issue-link
Spirent iTest Plugin hpi itest
Ivy Report Plugin hpi ivy-report
Jackson Databind Plugin hpi jackson-databind
Jenkins JavaNCSS plugin hpi javancss
Jenkins JavaTest report plugin hpi javatest-report
JBoss Management Plugin hpi jboss
JCaptcha Plugin hpi jcaptcha-plugin
Jenkins JClouds plugin hpi jclouds-jenkins
Jenkins JClouds plugin parent POM pom jclouds-jenkins-parent
Jenkins JDepend Plugin hpi jdepend
JDK Parameter Plugin hpi JDK_Parameter_Plugin
jenkins-cloudformation-plugin hpi jenkins-cloudformation-plugin
JenkinsLint Plugin hpi jenkinslint
Jenkins-reviewbot hpi jenkins-reviewbot
Tag Cloud Plugin hpi jenkins-tag-cloud-plugin
Jenkins Wall Display Master Project hpi jenkinswalldisplay
Jenkins Wall Display Master Project hpi jenkinswalldisplay-pom
JGiven Jenkins Plugin hpi jgiven-plugin
Jianliao Notification Plugin hpi jianliao
Jigomerge plugin hpi jigomerge
jira-ext Plugin hpi jira-ext
Jenkins JiraTestResultReporter plugin hpi JiraTestResultReporter
JIRA Trigger Plugin jpi jira-trigger
JMS Messaging Plugin hpi jms-messaging
Jenkins Job Cacher plugin hpi jobcacher
JobDelete Builder Plugin hpi jobdelete-builder
Job Direct Mail Plugin hpi job-direct-mail
export dynamic job data hpi job-exporter
JobFanIn hpi job-fan-in
Job Import Plugin hpi job-import-plugin
Job Log Logger Plugin hpi job-log-logger-plugin
Job Node Stalker hpi job-node-stalker
Job Parameter Summary Plugin hpi job-parameter-summary
Job Poll Action Plugin hpi job-poll-action-plugin
Requeue Job Plugin hpi jobrequeue
Job Revision Plugin hpi jobrevision
Job StrongAuthSimple Plugin hpi job-strongauth-simple
Job Type Column hpi jobtype-column
JPRT Plugin hpi jprt
Job/Queue/Slaves Monitoring Plugin hpi jqs-monitoring
JSGames Plugin hpi jsgames
Box UK - JSLint hpi jslint
JSON Trigger Plugin jpi jsontrigger
JSoup hpi jsoup
Jenkins JSUnit plugin hpi jsunit
Jenkins Javascript Widgets Plugin hpi jswidgets
JUnit Realtime Test Reporter Plugin hpi junit-realtime-test-reporter
JX Pipelines Plugin hpi jx-pipelines
JX Resources Plugin hpi jx-resources
Kafka Logs Plugin hpi kafkalogs
Kanboard Plugin hpi kanboard
Kanboard Plugin hpi kanboard-publisher
Karaf Build Step Plugin hpi karaf-build-step
Jenkins Karotz plugin hpi karotz
Katalon Studio Plugin hpi katalon
Keep Offline Slaves Disconnected Retention Strategy Plugin hpi keep-slave-disconnected
Keyboard Shortcuts Plugin hpi keyboard-shortcuts-plugin
Keycloak Authentication Plugin hpi keycloak
Jenkins Kiuwan plugin hpi kiuwanJenkinsPlugin
Klocwork Community Plug-in hpi klocwork
Kmap Plugin hpi kmap-jenkins
Koji plugin hpi koji
Koji plugin hpi koji-plugin
Kotlin Plugin Parent POM pom kotlin-plugin
Kubernetes Cli Plugin hpi kubernetes-cli
Labeled Test Groups Publisher hpi labeled-test-groups-publisher
Label Linked Jobs Plugin hpi label-linked-jobs
Jenkins Label Verifier plugin hpi label-verifier
Jenkins VMware Lab Manager Slaves plugin hpi labmanager
Least Load plugin hpi leastload
leiningen-plugin hpi leiningen-plugin
Jenkins Libvirt Slaves plugin hpi libvirt-slave
LIFX notifier - smart lightbulbs build indicator hpi lifx-notifier
Line Numbers plugin hpi linenumbers
Lingr-plugin hpi lingr-plugin
Link Column Plugin hpi link-column
Liquibase Runner hpi liquibase-runner
List Command Plugin hpi list-command
List Git Branches Parameter PlugIn hpi list-git-branches-parameter
Literate Plugin hpi literate
LiveRebel Plugin hpi liverebel-deploy
Live Screenshot hpi livescreenshot
LoadComplete support plugin hpi loadcomplete
Localization: Chinese (Simplified) hpi localization-zh-cn
Log CLI Plugin hpi log-cli
Log Command Plugin hpi log-command
Logentries Forwarder hpi logentries
Lotus Connections Plugin hpi lotus-connections-plugin
lsf-cloud hpi lsf-cloud
Lucene-Search hpi lucene-search
Mail Commander Plugin for Jenkins-ci hpi mailcommander
Mail Map Resolver hpi mailmap-resolver
Mail Watcher Plugin hpi mail-watcher-plugin
Maintenance Jobs Scheduler Plugin hpi maintenance-jobs-scheduler
Jenkins Mantis plugin hpi mantis
Matrix Configuration Parameter Plugin hpi matrix-combinations-parameter
Matrix Groovy Execution Strategy Plugin hpi matrix-groovy-execution-strategy
Matrix sorter plugin hpi Matrix-sorter-plugin
Matrix Tie Parent plugin hpi matrixtieparent
Mattermost Notification Plugin hpi mattermost
Maven Artifact ChoiceListProvider (Nexus) hpi maven-artifact-choicelistprovider
Maven Dependency Update Trigger hpi maven-dependency-update-trigger
Maven Repository Scheduled Cleanup Plugin hpi maven-repo-cleaner
Mber Plugin hpi mber
Mcap-eas-plugin hpi mcap-eas-plugin
MDT Deployment Plugin hpi mdt-deployment
Xamarin Studio Tool Runner Plugin hpi mdtool
Meliora-testlab hpi meliora-testlab
Metrics Disk Usage Plugin hpi metrics-diskusage
Metrics Ganglia Reporting Plugin hpi metrics-ganglia
Metrics Graphite Reporting Plugin hpi metrics-graphite
Micro Focus Performance Center integration With Git hpi micro-focus-performance-center-integration
Minio Storage hpi minio-storage
Jenkins mktmpio Plugin hpi mktmpio
Mock Load Builder Plugin hpi mock-load-builder
Modern Status hpi modernstatus
Mogotest Plugin hpi mogotest
Jenkins MongoDB Plugin hpi mongodb
Mongodb-document-upload hpi mongodb-document-upload
Monitor Pro Plugin hpi monitor-pro
Message Injector Plugin hpi msginject
Jenkins MSTestRunner plugin hpi mstestrunner
mean time to repair plugin hpi mttr
Multi-module-tests-publisher hpi multi-module-tests-publisher
My People plugin hpi mypeople
NAnt Plugin hpi nant
Windows Negotiate SSO plugin hpi NegotiateSSO
NeoLoad Plugin hpi neoload-jenkins-plugin
Nerrvana Plugin for Jenkins hpi nerrvana-plugin
Netio-plugin hpi netio-plugin
Netsparker Cloud Scan Plugin hpi netsparker-cloud-scan
New Relic Deployment Notifier Plugin hpi newrelic-deployment-notifier
Next Build Number Plugin hpi next-build-number
Next-executions hpi next-executions
Nexus Task Runner Plugin hpi nexus-task-runner
NIS notification lamp hpi nis-notification-lamp
No Agent Job Purge hpi no-agent-job-purge
Node Name Column hpi nodenamecolumn
NodePool Agents Plugin hpi nodepool-agents
Nomad Plugin hpi nomad
NOPMD verify Trac plugin hpi nopmdverifytrac
Nouvola DiveCloud hpi nouvola-divecloud
Jenkins Nuget Plugin hpi nuget
Nutanix Calm Plugin hpi nutanix-calm
nvm wrapper hpi nvm-wrapper
Office 365 Connector hpi Office-365-Connector
OfflineOnFailure hpi offlineonfailure-plugin
OneSky Jenkins plugin hpi onesky
ontrack Jenkins plug-in hpi ontrack
OpenShift Deployer Plugin hpi openshift-deployer
OpenStack Cloud Plugin hpi openstack-cloud
Openstack Cloud Plugin parent POM pom openstack-cloud-parent
Openstack Heat Plugin hpi openstack-heat
Openstack Jenkins Plugin parent POM pom openstack-jenkins-parent
Openstack Jenkins Plugin hpi openstack-plugin
Open STF Plugin hpi open-stf
OpsGenie Plugin hpi opsgenie
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Plugin hpi oracle-cloud-infrastructure-compute
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic Plugin hpi oracle-cloud-infrastructure-compute-classic
OSF Builder Suite For Salesforce Commerce Cloud :: Data Import hpi osf-builder-suite-for-sfcc-data-import
OSF Builder Suite For Salesforce Commerce Cloud :: Deploy hpi osf-builder-suite-for-sfcc-deploy
OSF Builder Suite :: Standalone Sonar Linter hpi osf-builder-suite-standalone-sonar-linter
OSF Builder Suite :: XML Linter hpi osf-builder-suite-xml-linter
OSLC CM Plugin hpi oslc-cm
Outbound WebHook for build events hpi outbound-webhook
Packagecloud hpi packagecloud
PagerDuty Plugin hpi pagerduty
PAM Authentication plugin hpi pam-auth
Agiletestware Pangolin Connector for TestRail hpi pangolin-testrail-connector
Parallel Test Executor Plugin hpi parallel-test-executor
Parameterized Scheduler hpi parameterized-scheduler
Parameter Separator Plugin hpi parameter-separator
Paranoia Plugin hpi paranoia
Party Parrot Status hpi partyparrotstatus
PegDown Formatter Plugin hpi pegdown-formatter
Pending Changes plugin hpi pending-changes
Percentage Disk Space Node Column plugin hpi percentage-du-node-column
Perfecto Mobile Plugin hpi perfectomobile
Perfecto Mobile Jenkins Plugin hpi perfectomobile-jenkins
Periodic Reincarnation Plugin hpi periodic-reincarnation
Permissive Script Security Plugin hpi permissive-script-security
Persistent Build Queue Plugin hpi persistent-build-queue-plugin
Persistent Parameter Plugin hpi persistent-parameter
Jenkins Phing plugin hpi phing
Php hpi php
PHP Built-in Web Server hpi php-builtin-web-server
Pipeline Dependency Walker Plugin hpi pipeline-dependency-walker
Visual pipeline editor plugin hpi pipeline-editor
Giphy API Plugin hpi pipeline-giphy-api
Pipeline: GitHub hpi pipeline-github
Pipeline GitHub Notify Step Plugin hpi pipeline-githubnotify-step
Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin hpi pipeline-maven
Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin Parent pom pipeline-maven-parent
Maven Spy for the Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin jar pipeline-maven-spy
Pipeline: Multibranch with defaults hpi pipeline-multibranch-defaults
Pipeline NPM Integration Plugin hpi pipeline-npm
Jenkins PIT Mutation Plugin hpi pitmutation
Piwik Analytics Plug-in hpi piwikanalytics
MergeBot PlasticSCM Plugin hpi plasticscm-mergebot
PlasticSCM Plugin hpi plasticscm-plugin
Play Framework plugin hpi play-autotest-plugin
Jenkins Plugin Parent POM pom plugin
Plugin Usage - Plugin hpi plugin-usage-plugin
Poll-mailbox-trigger hpi poll-mailbox-trigger
Poll Mailbox Trigger Plugin hpi poll-mailbox-trigger-plugin
Jenkins Poll SCM plugin hpi pollscm
Pom2config hpi pom2config
Jenkins PostBuildScript Plugin hpi postbuildscript
Jenkins PowerShell plugin hpi powershell
Pragprog Plugin hpi pragprog
Pre SCM BuildStep Plugin hpi preSCMbuildstep
Pretest Commit Plugin (DEPRECATED - use Pretested Integration Plugin) hpi pretest-commit
Jenkins Priority Sorter Plugin hpi PrioritySorter
Process cleaner hpi proc-cleaner-plugin
Progress Bar Column Plugin hpi progress-bar-column-plugin
Project Build Times hpi project-build-times
Project Description Setter hpi project-description-setter
Project statistics Plugin hpi project-stats-plugin
Promoted Builds (Simple) hpi promoted-builds-simple
Jenkins Proxmox plugin hpi proxmox
Pry hpi pry
Publish Over Dropbox hpi publish-over-dropbox
Publish Over FTP hpi publish-over-ftp
Publish Over SSH hpi publish-over-ssh
Publish to Bitbucket Plugin hpi publish-to-bitbucket
Puppet Plugin hpi puppet
PureLoad Plugin hpi pureload
Purge Build Queue Plugin hpi purge-build-queue-plugin
Purge Job History Plugin hpi purge-job-history
PVCS SCM plugin hpi pvcs_scm
Pyenv Pipeline Plugin hpi pyenv-pipeline
Quality Center Plugin hpi qc
QF-Test Plugin hpi qftest
QMetry for JIRA - Test Management Plugin hpi qmetry-for-jira-test-management
QMetry Test Management Plugin hpi qmetry-test-management
Quality Gates Plugin hpi quality-gates
Quality Gates Plugin Main pom quality-gates-main
Jenkins trigger plugin hpi quayio-trigger
Queue cleanup Plugin hpi queue-cleanup
Rapid7 InsightOps Log Forwarder hpi r7insight-log-forwarder
RabbitMQ Build Trigger Plugin hpi rabbitmq-build-trigger
Rabbit-MQ Publisher Plugin hpi rabbitmq-publisher
RadarGun hpi radargun
RadarGun Reporting Plugin hpi radargun-reporting
Radiator View Plugin hpi radiatorviewplugin
Rally Bookkeeper hpi rally-bookkeeper
Rallybuild hpi rallyBuild
Rally Plugin hpi rally-plugin
Rally Update Plugin hpi rally-update-plugin-1
Rancher Plugin hpi rancher
Ranorex Test Execution Plugin hpi ranorex-integration
Rapiddeploy-jenkins hpi rapiddeploy-jenkins
Review Board Plugin hpi rb
Read-only configurations hpi read-only-configurations
Readonly Parameter plugin hpi readonly-parameters
Recipe Plugin hpi recipe
Jenkins Redmine plugin hpi redmine
Regression Report Plugin hpi regression-report-plugin
Jenkins Release Helper Plugin hpi release-helper
Relution hpi Relution
Relution Enterprise Appstore Publisher plugin hpi relution-publisher
Remote Terminal Access plugin hpi remote-terminal-access
Report Info Plugin hpi report-info
Report Portal hpi reportportal
Repository Connector hpi repository-connector
Jenkins Reverse Proxy Auth Plugin hpi reverse-proxy-auth-plugin
Rhnpush-plugin hpi rhnpush-plugin
Rich Text Publisher Plugin hpi rich-text-publisher-plugin
Rigor Optimization Website Performance Testing hpi rigor-optimization
RocketChat Notifier hpi rocketchatnotifier
Rpmsign-plugin hpi rpmsign-plugin
Request Rename Or Delete Plugin hpi rrod
RubyMetrics plugin for Jenkins hpi rubyMetrics
Ruby-runtime-parent pom ruby-runtime-parent
Jenkins Run Condition Extras Plugin hpi run-condition-extras
Jenkins Rundeck plugin hpi rundeck
Jenkins RuSalad plugin hpi rusalad-plugin
Safe Restart Plugin hpi saferestart
Sahagin Plugin hpi sahagin
Salesforce Migration Assistant hpi salesforce-migration-assistant-plugin
Jenkins SaltStack plugin hpi saltstack
Jenkins Sametime Plugin hpi sametime
SAML Plugin hpi saml
SASUnit Plugin hpi sasunit-plugin
Jenkins sbt plugin hpi sbt
Sbuild hpi SBuild
Scala JUnit Name Decoder hpi scala-junit-name-decoder
Schedule Build Plugin hpi schedule-build
Schedule Build Plugin hpi schedule-build-plugin
Jenkins SCM to job plugin hpi scm2job
SCM Branch PR Filter Plugin hpi scm-branch-pr-filter
Aged References SCM Filter pom scm-filter-aged-refs-parent
SCM Filter Branch PR Plugin hpi scm-filter-branch-pr
Jira Validator SCM Filter pom scm-filter-jira-validator-parent
SCM Sync Configuration Plugin hpi scm-sync-configuration
Commit Skip SCM Behaviour pom scm-trait-commit-skip-parent
Scoverage Plugin hpi scoverage
scripted Cloud Plugin hpi scripted-cloud-plugin
Script SCM Plug-In hpi script-scm
Search all results hpi search-all-results-plugin
Jenkins secondary timestamper plugin hpi secondary-timestamper-plugin
Build Secret plugin hpi secret
Secure Requester Whitelist Plugin hpi secure-requester-whitelist
Seed Jenkins plug-in hpi seed
Tests Selector hpi selected-tests-executor
Jenkins Selenium Plugin hpi selenium
Jenkins Selenium Builder plugin hpi selenium-builder
Selenium HTML report hpi seleniumhtmlreport
Selfie - Build trigger plugin hpi selfie-trigger-plugin
Semantic Versioning Plugin hpi semantic-versioning-plugin
Send stacktrace to Eclipse plugin hpi send-stacktrace-to-eclipse-plugin
Jenkins Serenity plugin hpi serenity
Azure Service Fabric Plugin hpi service-fabric
Service Now Plugin hpi service-now
Setenv Plugin hpi setenv
Shared Objects Plugin hpi shared-objects
Shared Workspace hpi shared-workspace
Short Workspace Path Plugin hpi short-workspace-path
Show Build Parameters plugin hpi show-build-parameters
Sidebar Link hpi sidebar-link
Silk Performer Plugin hpi silk-performer-plugin
Simple Build DSL for Pipeline hpi simple-build-for-pipeline
Simple Parameterized Builds Report Plugin hpi simple-parameterized-builds-report
Simple Travis Pipeline Runner Plugin hpi simple-travis-runner
SimpleUpdateSite Plugin hpi simpleupdatesite
Chef Sinatra Jenkins plugin hpi sinatra-chef-builder
Skip-certificate-check hpi skip-certificate-check
Skip Notifications Trait plugin hpi skip-notifications-trait
Jenkins Skype notifier plugin hpi skype-notifier
Skytap Cloud CI Plugin hpi skytap
Skytap Cloud CI Plugin hpi skytap-cloud-plugin
Slack Upload Plugin hpi slack-uploader
SLAdiator notifier plugin hpi sladiator-notifier
Slave Prerequisites plugin hpi slave-prerequisites
Slave-proxy hpi slave-proxy
Jenkins Slave SetupPlugin hpi slave-setup
Slave squatter plugin hpi slave-squatter
SmartFrog Builder hpi smartfrog-plugin
Smart Jenkins hpi smart-jenkins
Amazon SNS Build Notifier hpi snsnotify
SoapUI Pro Functional Testing Plugin hpi soapui-pro-functional-testing
Sonar Gerrit Plugin hpi sonar-gerrit
Sonargraph Integration Jenkins Plugin hpi sonargraph-integration
Sonargraph Plugin hpi sonargraph-plugin
Sonar Quality Gates Plugin hpi sonar-quality-gates
Sonatype CI Plugins hpi sonatype-ci
Jenkins Sounds plugin hpi sounds
Spotinst plugin hpi spotinst
SQLPlus Script Runner hpi sqlplus-script-runner
Squash TM Publisher (Squash4Jenkins) jpi squashtm-publisher
Jenkins SSH plugin hpi ssh
SSH2 Easy Plugin hpi ssh2easy
SSH2 Easy Plugin hpi ssh2easy-plugin
SSH Pipeline Steps hpi ssh-steps
Stack Hammer hpi stackhammer
Stackify Deployment Recorder hpi stackify-deployment-recorder
Started-By Environment Variable Plugin hpi started-by-envvar
Startup Trigger hpi startup-trigger-plugin
Stash Branch Parameter Plug-In hpi StashBranchParameter
Stash Pullrequest Builder Plugin hpi stash-pullrequest-builder
StepCounter Plugin hpi stepcounter
Jenkins Strawboss plugin hpi strawboss
Structs: Parent pom structs-parent
Suite-test-groups-publisher hpi suite-test-groups-publisher
Summary Display Plugin hpi summary_report
Sumologic Publisher hpi sumologic-publisher
Stack Trace Suppression Plugin hpi suppress-stack-trace
Seapine Surround SCM Plug-in hpi Surround-SCM-plugin
Jenkins svnmerge plugin hpi svnmerge
Subversion Partial Release Manager plugin hpi svn-partial-release-mgr
Subversion Revert Plugin hpi svn-revert-plugin
Jenkins Subversion Tagging Plugin hpi svn-tag
Subversion Workspace Cleaner hpi svn-workspace-cleaner
Jenkins Swarm Plugin Client jar swarm-client
Jenkins Self-Organizing Swarm Plug-in pom swarm-plugin
Synergy Plugin hpi synergy
Synopsys Coverity Plugin hpi synopsys-coverity
Jenkins Syslog logger plugin hpi syslog-logger
Tag Profiler Plugin hpi tag-profiler
Tattletale plugin hpi tattletale-plugin
Tcl hpi tcl
Team Concert Plugin hpi teamconcert
Team Concert Git Plugin hpi teamconcert-git
Telegram Bot Plugin hpi telegram-notifications
Jenkins TEPCO plugin hpi tepco
TEPCO Electric Power Usage Widget hpi tepco-epuw
Jenkins Terminal Plugin hpi terminal
Terminate ssh processes hpi terminate-ssh-processes-plugin
Terraform Plugin jpi terraform
Hudson Testability Explorer Plug-in hpi testabilityexplorer
TestComplete support plug-in hpi TestComplete
TestComplete 11 xUnit Plugin hpi testcomplete11-xunit
Jenkins TestComplete xUnit Plugin hpi testcomplete-xunit
Testexecuter hpi TestExecuter
TestFairy Plugin hpi TestFairy
Testflight Plugin hpi testflight
Test In Progress Plugin hpi testInProgress
testInProgress :: Aggregate POM pom testInProgress-aggregate
Testinprogress-parent pom testInProgress-parent
Jenkins TestLink Plugin hpi testlink
TestQuality Updater hpi testquality-updater
Test Results Analyzer Plugin hpi test-results-analyzer
Test Results Analyzer - Deprecated hpi TestResultsAnalyzer
Progress TestStudio Plugin hpi teststudio
Progress TestStudio for API Plugin hpi teststudioapitesting
Progress MobileStudio Plugin hpi teststudiomobiletesting
TestWeaver Plugin hpi testweaver
Jenkins TextFinder plugin hpi text-finder
Text Finder Run Condition Plugin hpi text-finder-run-condition
Team Foundation Server Plug-in hpi tfs
Team Foundation Server Plug-in parent pom tfs-parent
TFS SDK installer pom tfs-sdk
Themis Plugin hpi themis
Thread Dump Action Plugin hpi thread-dump-action-plugin
ThreadFix Plugin hpi threadfix
Jenkins Throttle Concurrent Builds Plug-in hpi throttle-concurrents
Tibco Builder Plugin hpi tibco-builder
Jenkins cleaner plugin hpi tmpcleaner
Tool Environment plugin hpi toolenv
Tool Labels Plugin for Jenkins hpi tool-labels-plugin
Edgewall Trac Plugin hpi trac
Tracking Git Plugin hpi tracking-git
Trac Publisher Plugin hpi trac-publisher-plugin
Jenkins Translation Assistance plugin hpi translation
Trial-balloon hpi trial-balloon
Tuleap Git Branch Source Plugin hpi tuleap-git-branch-source
Twitter plugin hpi twitter
Typetalk Plugin hpi typetalk
UI Test Capture jar ui-test-capture
Jenkins Unity3d plugin hpi unity3d-plugin
Updatebot Plugin hpi updatebot
Jenkins Upstream Downstream Column Plugin hpi upstream-downstream-view
Url Auth hpi url-auth
Jenkins utPLSQL plugin hpi utplsql
VAddy Jenkins Plugin hpi vaddy-plugin
vagrant hpi vagrant
Jenkins Valgrind Plug-in hpi valgrind
Validating String Parameter Plugin hpi validating-string-parameter
Jenkins SourceGear Vault Plug-in hpi vault-scm-plugin
Vboxwrapper hpi vboxwrapper
VectorCAST Execution hpi vectorcast-execution
Veracode-scanner hpi veracode-scanner
Jenkins Versions Node Monitors plugin hpi versioncolumn
Vessel Plugin hpi vessel
Viber Notification hpi viber-notification
View26 Test-Reporting Plugin hpi view26
View-cloner hpi view-cloner
ViewVC Plugin hpi viewVC
Violation Columns(List View Columns) hpi violation-columns
Jenkins Violation Comments to GitHub Plugin hpi violation-comments-to-github
Violation Comments to GitLab Plugin hpi violation-comments-to-gitlab
Jenkins Violation Comments to Bitbucket Server Plugin hpi violation-comments-to-stash
Jenkins VirtualBox Plugin hpi virtualbox
Jenkins VirtualBox Client jar virtualbox-client
Jenkins VirtualBox Parent pom virtualbox-parent
Visual Basic 6 Plugin hpi visual-basic-6
Jenkins Visualworks Store Plugin hpi visualworks-store
Cadence vManager Plugin for Jenkins hpi vmanager-plugin
vRealize Orchestrator Plugin hpi vmware-vrealize-orchestrator
VncRecorder Plugin hpi vncrecorder
VncViewer Plugin hpi vncviewer
Jenkins Visual Studio Code Metrics Plugin hpi vs-code-metrics
Visual SourceSafe Plugin hpi vss
Jenkins VSTest Runner plugin hpi vstestrunner
VS Team Services Continuous Deployment hpi vsts-cd
Walti Jenkins Plugin hpi walti
WAPT Pro plugin hpi waptpro
Warrior Framework Plugin hpi warrior
WAS Builder Plugin hpi was-builder
Webhook Step Plugin hpi webhook-step
Deploy WebLogic Plugin hpi weblogic-deployer-plugin
WebSphere Deployer Plugin hpi websphere-deployer
Weibo Plugin hpi weibo
Weibo Plugin hpi weibo4jenkins
White Source Jenkins plugin hpi whitesource
WildFly Deployer Plugin hpi wildfly-deployer
Start Windocks Containers hpi windocks-start-container
Jenkins Windows Exe Runner Plugin hpi windows-exe-runner
WIX Toolset Plugin hpi wix
Jenkins Pipeline Remote Loader Plugin hpi workflow-remote-loader
Working Hours Plugin hpi working-hours
Writable-filesystem-monitor hpi writable-filesystem-monitor
Worksoft Execution Manager Plugin hpi ws-execution-manager
WSO2 Oauth Plugin hpi wso2id-oauth
Workspace Whitespace Replacement hpi ws-ws-replacement
WWPass Authentication Plugin hpi wwpass-plugin
eXtreme Feedback Panel hpi xfpanel
XFrame Filter Plugin hpi xframe-filter-plugin
XFramium Builder hpi xframium
XPath Configuration Viewer plugin hpi xpath-config-viewer
Jenkins cross-platform shell plugin hpi xshell
Jenkins XTrigger Plug-in hpi xtrigger
Jenkins Xvfb plugin hpi xvfb
Jenkins Xvnc plugin hpi xvnc
Yaml Axis plugin hpi yaml-axis
YAML Project support for Jenkins hpi yaml-project
Yandex Metrica Plugin hpi yandex-metrica
Youtrack-plugin hpi youtrack-plugin
Zanata Plugin hpi zanata
Official OWASP ZAP Jenkins Plugin hpi zap
Jenkins OWASP ZAP Plugin hpi zapper
Jenkins Zentimestamp plugin hpi zentimestamp
Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin hpi zephyr-enterprise-test-management
Zephyr for JIRA Test Management plugin hpi zephyr-for-jira-test-management
IBM z/OS Connector hpi zos-connector
AbsInt a³ Jenkins Plugin hpi absint-a3
Zubhium Plugin hpi zubhium
AbsInt Astrée Plugin for Jenkins hpi absint-astree
Jenkins AccuRev plugin hpi accurev
Adaptive Disconnector Plugin hpi adaptive-disconnector
Additional Metrics Plugin hpi additional-metrics
Advanced Installer Msi Builder Plugin hpi advanced-installer-msi-builder
Aliyun-Container-Service-Deploy hpi aliyun-container-service-deploy
AnchorChain hpi AnchorChain
Anchore Container Image Scanner Plugin hpi anchore-container-scanner
Android Apk Size Watcher Plugin hpi android-apk-size-watcher
Android Signing Plugin hpi android-signing
Anka Plugin hpi anka-build
Jenkins Ansible plugin hpi ansible
Ansible Tower Plugin hpi ansible-tower
AntExec hpi antexec
Ant In Workspace hpi ant-in-workspace
Any Build Step Plugin hpi any-buildstep
Appaloosa Plugin hpi appaloosa-plugin
Application Detector Plugin hpi app-detector
AppDynamics Dashboard Plugin for Jenkins hpi appdynamics-dashboard Plugin hpi appetize
Jenkins Plugin hpi appio
vFabric Application Director Plugin hpi application-director-plugin
Applitools Eyes Plugin hpi applitools-eyes
Apprenda Plugin hpi apprenda
appthwack hpi appthwack
Aqua MicroScanner hpi aqua-microscanner
Aqua Security Scanner hpi aqua-security-scanner
Arachni Scanner Plugin hpi arachni-scanner
Archived Artifact Url Viewer Plug-In hpi archived-artifact-url-viewer
aRESTocats Plugin hpi arestocats
Argus Notifier Plugin hpi argus-notifier
Jenkins Artifact Deployer Plug-in hpi artifactdeployer
Artifact diff Plugin hpi artifact-diff-plugin
Artifact-promotion hpi artifact-promotion
Assembla plugin hpi assembla
Assembla Auth Plugin hpi assembla-auth
Assembla plugin hpi assembla-jenkins
Assembla merge request builder hpi assembla-merge-request-builder
Assembla Auth Plugin hpi assembla-oauth
Attention hpi attention
Jenkins Audit to Database Plugin hpi audit2db
Audit Trail hpi audit-trail
Autocomplete Parameter Plugin hpi autocomplete-parameter
AWS Batch Plugin hpi aws-batch
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Publisher Plugin hpi aws-beanstalk-publisher-plugin
AWS CloudWatch Logs Publisher hpi aws-cloudwatch-logs-publisher
AWS Code Commit Jobs Plugin hpi aws-codecommit-jobs
AWS CodeCommit Trigger Plugin hpi aws-codecommit-trigger
aws-device-farm hpi aws-device-farm
AWS Lambda Plugin hpi aws-lambda
AWS Lambda Plugin hpi aws-lambda-plugin
AWS Parameter Store Build Wrapper hpi aws-parameter-store
Azure Container Service Plugin hpi azure-acs
Azure CLI Plugin hpi azure-cli
Azure Commons Pom pom azure-commons-parent
Azure Container Agents Plugin hpi azure-container-agents
Azure Container Registry Tasks Plugin hpi azure-container-registry-tasks
Azure Event Grid Build Notifier Plugin hpi azure-event-grid-notifier
Azure Function Plugin hpi azure-function
Azure IoT Edge Plugin hpi azure-iot-edge
Azure PublisherSettings Credentials Plugin hpi azure-publishersettings-credentials
Azure Slave Plugin hpi azure-slave-plugin
Azure VM Agents hpi azure-vm-agents
Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set Plugin hpi azure-vmss
Jenkins Backlog plugin hpi backlog
BART Plugin hpi bart
Basic Branch Build Strategies Plugin hpi basic-branch-build-strategies
Jenkins batch task plugin hpi batch-task
RAD Studio Plugin hpi bds-plugin
Jenkins Beaker builder hpi beaker-builder
BearyChat Plugin hpi bearychat
Benchmark Plugin hpi benchmark
BigPanda Notifier hpi bigpanda-jenkins
Jenkins Bitbucket Plugin hpi bitbucket
Bitbucket Approve Plugin hpi bitbucket-approve
Bitbucket Build Status Notifier Plugin hpi bitbucket-build-status-notifier
Bitbucket Filter Project Trait hpi bitbucket-filter-project-trait
Bitbucket OAuth Plugin hpi bitbucket-oauth
Bitbucket Pullrequest Builder Plugin hpi bitbucket-pullrequest-builder
Bitbucket Aged References SCM Filter Plugin hpi bitbucket-scm-filter-aged-refs
Bitbucket Jira Validator SCM Filter Plugin hpi bitbucket-scm-filter-jira-validator
Bitbucket Commit Skip SCM Behaviour hpi bitbucket-scm-trait-commit-skip
BitKeeeper plugin hpi bitkeeper
Black Duck Vulnerability Installer Plugin hpi blackduck-installer
BLINK(1) Notifier hpi blink1
Block Build Final Project Plugin hpi block-build-final-project
Block Same build Plugin hpi block-same-builds
Blue Ocean Executor Info hpi blueocean-executor-info
Boot build tool for Clojure hpi boot-clj
Brakeman Plugin hpi brakeman
Browser axis hpi browser-axis-plugin
BrowserStack hpi browserstack-integration
Buckminster hpi buckminster
Build Alias Setter Plugin hpi build-alias-setter
Build Cause Run Condition Plugin hpi build-cause-run-condition
Build Environment Plugin hpi build-environment
Build-env-propagator hpi build-env-propagator
Build Flow Extensions hpi build-flow-extensions-plugin
Build Flow Toolbox hpi build-flow-toolbox-plugin
Buildheroes hpi buildheroes
Build History Metrics plugin hpi build-history-metrics-plugin
Build Keeper Plugin hpi build-keeper-plugin
Build Line Plugin hpi build-line
Build-metrics hpi build-metrics
Build Node Column Plugin hpi build-node-column
Build-Publisher plugin hpi build-publisher
Build Rotator hpi buildrotator
Build Time Blame Plugin hpi build-time-blame
Build Token Trigger Plugin hpi build-token-trigger
Build View Column Plugin hpi build-view-column
Build With Parameters hpi build-with-parameters
Bumblebee HP ALM Plugin hpi bumblebee
CA-APM Plugin hpi ca-apm
Cachet Gate Plugin hpi cachet-gating
Jenkins Campfire Plugin hpi campfire
CAS Plugin hpi cas-plugin
Categorized-view hpi categorized-view
Cerberus Testing Plugin hpi cerberus-testing
Change Log History hpi changelog-history
Chaos Butler Plugin hpi chaos-butler
Chatter Notifier Plugin hpi chatter-notifier
ChatWork Plugin hpi chatwork
Chef Identity Plugin hpi chef-identity
Chef-tracking hpi chef-tracking
Chosen-views-tabbar hpi chosen-views-tabbar
Chromedriver hpi chromedriver
Chrome Frame Plugin hpi chrome-frame-plugin
Chroot Plugin hpi chroot
CIFS publisher plugin hpi cifs
Jenkins Continuous Integration game hpi ci-game
Cisco Spark Plugin hpi cisco-spark
Cisco Spark Notifier hpi cisco-spark-notifier
Continuous Integration with Toad Edge hpi ci-with-toad-edge
Jenkins ClamAV Plugin hpi clamav
Clang Scan-Build Plugin jpi clang-scanbuild
Jenkins ClearCase Plug-in hpi clearcase
ClearCase UCM Plugin! hpi clearcase-ucm-plugin
CLI Commander Plugin hpi cli-commander
CLIF Performance Testing hpi clif-performance-testing
Jenkins Clone Workspace SCM Plug-in hpi clone-workspace-scm
CloudBees Deployer Plugin hpi cloudbees-deployer-plugin
Cloudbees DevOptics Installation Plugin hpi cloudbees-devoptics-enabler
CloudBees Disk Usage Simple Plugin hpi cloudbees-disk-usage-simple
CloudBees Disk Usage Simple Plugin hpi cloudbees-disk-usage-simple-plugin
Install CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise hpi cloudbees-enterprise-plugins
CloudBees Jenkins Advisor Plugin hpi cloudbees-jenkins-advisor
CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins (one-time tidy-up) hpi cloudbees-plugin-gateway
Cloud Foundry Plugin hpi cloudfoundry
CloudShare Docker-Machine Plugin hpi cloudshare-docker
CloudShell Sandbox Plugin hpi cloudshell-sandbox
CMake plugin hpi cmakebuilder
Jenkins CMVC Plug-in hpi cmvc
Codebeamer Coverage Publisher Plugin hpi codebeamer-coverage-publisher
Codebeamer Test Results Trend Updater Plugin hpi codebeamer-result-trend-updater
Codebeamer xUnit Importer Plugin hpi codebeamer-xunit-importer
CodeBeamer XUnit Uploader hpi codebeamer-xunit-uploader
Jenkins CodeCover plugin hpi codecover
Code Dx Plugin hpi codedx
Codefresh Integration Plugin hpi codefresh
CodeScene Plugin hpi codescene
CodeSonar Plugin hpi codesonar
Coding Webhook Plugin hpi coding-webhook
Collabnet Automic Deploy Plugin hpi collabnet-automic-deploy
Collabnet UC4 Deploy Plugin hpi collabnet-uc4-deploy
Jenkins Collapsing Console Sections Plugin hpi collapsing-console-sections
Columns Pack hpi ColumnsPlugin
Compact Columns hpi compact-columns
Jenkins composer security checker plugin hpi composer-security-checker
Compress Build Log Plugin hpi compress-buildlog
Concordion Presenter plugin hpi concordionpresenter
Config AutoRefresh Plugin hpi config-autorefresh-plugin
Configuration as Code Plugin hpi configuration-as-code
Configure Job Column Plugin hpi configure-job-column-plugin
CONS3RT Plugin hpi cons3rt
Console Column Plugin hpi console-column-plugin
Console Tail Plugin hpi console-tail
Consul KV Builder hpi consul-kv-builder
Content Replace hpi content-replace
Continuum Plugin hpi continuum
Contrast Continuous Application Security hpi contrast-continuous-application-security
Convert To Pipeline hpi convert-to-pipeline
Coordinator Plugin hpi coordinator
Copy project link plugin hpi copy-project-link
CORS support for Jenkins hpi cors-filter
Couchdb-statistics hpi couchdb-statistics
Coverage/Complexity Scatter Plot PlugIn hpi covcomplplot
Coverity plugin hpi coverity
Jenkins Cppcheck Plug-in hpi cppcheck
Jenkins CppNCSS plugin hpi cppncss
Jenkins Crap4J plugin hpi crap4j
Fingerprint Plugin hpi create-fingerprint
Fingerprint Plugin hpi create-fingerprint-plugin
Create Job Advanced hpi createjobadvanced
Crittercism-dsym hpi crittercism-dsym
Cron Column Plugin hpi cron_column
cron-shelve hpi cron-shelve Plugin hpi crossbrowsertesting
CRX Content Package Deployer Plugin hpi crx-content-package-deployer
Cucumber Living Documentation Plugin hpi cucumber-living-documentation
Cucumber-slack-notifier hpi cucumber-slack-notifier
Curseforge Publisher plugin hpi curseforge-publisher
Customhistory hpi CustomHistory
Customize Build Now Label hpi customize-build-now
Customized Build Message Plugin hpi customized-build-message
Custom Job Icon plugin hpi custom-job-icon
Custom View Tabs Plugin hpi custom-view-tabs
Jenkins CVS Tagging Plug-in hpi cvs-tag
Jenkins Cygpath plugin hpi cygpath
Cygwin Process Killer hpi cygwin-process-killer
Daily Quote Plugin hpi daily-quote
Jenkins Darcs plugin hpi darcs
Database-drizzle hpi database-drizzle
Database-h2 hpi database-h2
Database-postgresql hpi database-postgresql
SQLite Database plugin hpi database-sqlite
dbCharts hpi dbCharts
Dead Man's Snitch Plugin hpi deadmanssnitch
Delete log hpi delete-log-plugin
Delphix Plugin hpi delphix
Delphix Jenkins Plugin hpi delphix-plugin
Delta-cloud hpi delta-cloud
Jenkins Dependency Analyzer Plugin hpi dependencyanalyzer
OWASP Dependency-Check Plugin hpi dependency-check-jenkins-plugin
Dependency Queue Plugin hpi dependency-queue-plugin
DeployDB Plugin jpi deploydb
Deployment Sphere jpi deployment-sphere
Description Column Plugin hpi description-column-plugin
Deveo Plugin hpi deveo
Device Watcher hpi device-watcher
Diagnostics Plugin hpi diagnostics
Diawi Upload Plugin hpi diawi-upload
Jenkins Dimensions Plugin hpi dimensionsscm
Disable Failed Job Plugin hpi disable-failed-job
Disable GitHub Multibranch Status Plugin hpi disable-github-multibranch-status
Diskcheck hpi diskcheck
Display Console Output Plugin hpi display-console-output
Jenkins Distributed Fork plugin hpi distfork
CloudBees Docker Build and Publish plugin hpi docker-build-publish
Docker-build-step hpi docker-build-step
Docker Compose Build Step Plugin hpi docker-compose-build-step
Dockerhub hpi dockerhub
Docker Swarm Plugin hpi docker-swarm
CloudBees Docker Traceability hpi docker-traceability
CloudBees Docker Traceability API jar docker-traceability-api
CloudBees Docker Traceability parent pom pom docker-traceability-parent
DOS Trigger hpi dos-trigger
DotNet as Script hpi dotnet-as-script
Jenkins Doxygen Plug-in hpi doxygen
Drop Down ViewsTabBar Plugin hpi dropdown-viewstabbar-plugin
Drupal Developer hpi drupal-developer
Jenkins Dry Run Plug-in hpi dry-run
Use Dumpling from Jenkins groovy scripts hpi dumpling
Dynamic Axis hpi dynamic-axis
Arxan MAM Publisher hpi ease-plugin
Ec2-cloud-axis hpi ec2-cloud-axis
Deployment Dashboard Plugin for Jenkins hpi ec2-deployment-dashboard
Jenkins eggPlant plugin hpi eggplant-plugin
ElasTest Plugin hpi elastest
Elastic-axis hpi elastic-axis
ElasticBox CI Plug-in hpi elasticbox
Elasticsearch Query hpi elasticsearch-query
ElectricFlow hpi electricflow
Email Ext Recipients Column Plugin hpi email-ext-recipients-column
Emma Line Coverage Column hpi emmacoveragecolumn
Emotional-jenkins-plugin hpi emotional-jenkins-plugin
Enhanced-old-build-discarder hpi enhanced-old-build-discarder

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