group: org.jenkins-ci

fresh name packaging artifact id
Test annotations jar test-annotations
Ganymed SSH2 for Java jar trilead-ssh2
Annotation Indexer jar annotation-indexer
Version number manipulation jar version-number
Utility around Java Crypto API jar crypto-util
JmDNS jar jmdns
Memory Monitor jar memory-monitor
JSR-269 annotation processors for Jenkins core jar core-annotation-processors
HtmlUnit jar htmlunit
Commons JEXL jar commons-jexl
Symbol annotation jar symbol-annotation
Bytecode transformation-based library for managing backward compatibility jar bytecode-compatibility-transformer
Jenkins Task Reactor jar task-reactor
windows-remote-command jar windows-remote-command
WMI for j-interop jar jinterop-wmi
Constant Pool Scanner jar constant-pool-scanner
commons-jelly jar commons-jelly
Process forking utilities for Java7+ jar process-utils
JIRA API jar jira-api
Cucumber Annotation Indexer jar cucumber-annotation-indexer
Groovy DSL for Guice Binder jar groovy-guice-binder
Acceptance Test Harness jar acceptance-test-harness
JRuby support for XStream jar jruby-xstream
Deprecated compatibility layer for SECURITY-144 jar SECURITY-144-compat
Update center generator for jar update-center2
ant-spy jar ant-spy
Winstone jar winstone
Jenkins pom jenkins
JIRA Scraper jar jira-scraper
Ruby-runtime-parent pom ruby-runtime-parent
Client code that uses remoting for tests jar remoting-test-client
Jenkins remoting + Overthere jar overthere-remoting
Executable War 'header' jar executable-war
ant-interceptor jar ant-interceptor

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