group: org.jclouds

fresh name packaging artifact id
jclouds Components Core bundle jclouds-core
jclouds compute core bundle jclouds-compute
jclouds blobstore core bundle jclouds-blobstore
jclouds loadbalancer core bundle jclouds-loadbalancer
all jar jclouds-all
allblobstore jar jclouds-allblobstore
allcompute jar jclouds-allcompute
jclouds script builder bundle jclouds-scriptbuilder
jclouds Log4J Logging Module jar jclouds-log4j
jclouds enterprise Module jar jclouds-enterprise
jclouds jsch ssh client jar jclouds-jsch
jclouds Amazon AWS Components Core jar jclouds-aws
allloadbalancer jar jclouds-allloadbalancer
jclouds rackspace components jar jclouds-rackspace
jclouds RimuHosting core jar jclouds-rimuhosting
jclouds terremark Components Core jar jclouds-terremark
jclouds GoGrid compute jar jclouds-gogrid
jclouds bluelock Components Core jar jclouds-bluelock
jclouds slicehost components jar jclouds-slicehost
jclouds azure services core jar jclouds-azure
Ant-Contrib extensions jar jclouds-antcontrib
jclouds vcloud Components Core jar jclouds-vcloud
jclouds atmosonline components jar jclouds-atmos
jclouds joda DateService Module jar jclouds-joda
jcloud filesystem core jar jclouds-filesystem
jclouds bouncycastle EncryptionService Module jar jclouds-bouncycastle
jclouds shared Maven resources jar jclouds-resources
JClouds :: Karaf pom jclouds-karaf
jclouds Apache Http Components Client jar jclouds-apachehc
jclouds Maven archetypes pom jclouds-archetypes
jclouds shared Maven assembly descriptors jar jclouds-assemblies
jclouds S3 sample that creates a bucket then lists all owned buckets jar jclouds-aws-demo-createandlistbuckets
jclouds ec2 sample that creates an instance and all you need to access it jar jclouds-aws-demo-createlamp
jclouds AWS demos aggregator pom jclouds-aws-demos-project
jclouds AWS project pom jclouds-aws-project
jclouds Compute service archetype maven-archetype jclouds-compute-service-archetype
jclouds drivers project pom jclouds-drivers-project
jclouds example components for a standalone compute provider jar jclouds-examples-standalone-compute
jclouds extensions project pom jclouds-extensions-project
jclouds Google App Engine Components jar jclouds-gae
jclouds getpath jar jclouds-getpath
JClouds :: Karaf pom jclouds-karaf-pom
jclouds pom jclouds-multi
jclouds Project pom jclouds-project
jclouds rest client archetype maven-archetype jclouds-rest-client-archetype
jclouds skeletons project pom jclouds-skeletons-project
Speed tests of SQS across regions jar jclouds-speedtest-sqs
jclouds ssh project pom jclouds-ssh-project
jclouds tools project pom jclouds-tools-project
jclouds vcloud project pom jclouds-vcloud-project

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