group: org.jboss.weld

fresh name packaging artifact id
Weld Implementation jar weld-core
Weld SPIs for container integration jar weld-spi
Weld Implementation (Core) jar weld-core-impl
Weld APIs jar weld-api
Weld OSGi Bundle jar weld-osgi-bundle
Weld Core - JSF jar weld-core-jsf
Weld Unit Tests jar weld-core-test
Weld Test Utilities jar weld-core-test-common
Weld: Build Configuration jar weld-build-config
Weld SE Support jar weld-se
Weld APIs BOM pom weld-api-bom
Weld Porting Package for the CDI TCK jar weld-porting-package
Weld Porting Package for the CDI TCK jar weld-porting-package-tck
Weld-junit5 jar weld-junit5
Weld Extensions jar weld-extensions
Weld Porting Package for the CDI TCK 1.1 jar weld-porting-package-tck11
Weld Integration Tests (JBoss AS) jar weld-core-test-arquillian
Weld-junit4 jar weld-junit4
Weld-junit-common jar weld-junit-common
Weld Logging jar weld-logging
Weld Core BOM pom weld-core-bom
Weld Injectable Logger jar weld-logger
Weld Wicket support jar weld-wicket
Weld Porting Package for the CDI TCK 1.0 jar weld-porting-package-tck10
Weld Extensions BOM pom weld-extensions-bom
AtInject TCK runner for Weld jar weld-inject-tck-runner
AS7 Weld Subsystem parent pom as7-weld-subsystem-parent
Weld APIs Parent pom weld-api-parent
Weld: Common Build Configuration jar weld-common-build-config
JBoss AS7 Updater pom weld-core-jboss-as7-updater
Weld Parent pom weld-core-parent
Weld Distribution zip weld-distribution
Weld DocBook XSLT jar weld-docbook-xslt
Weld Extensions Parent pom weld-extensions-parent
Weld Extensions Reference Guide jdocbook weld-extensions-reference-guide
AS7 Weld Subsystem jar as7-weld-subsystem
CDI TCK runner (2.0) for Weld (WildFly) jar weld-jboss-runner-tck
CDI TCK 1.0 runner for Weld (JBoss AS) jar weld-jboss-runner-tck10
CDI TCK runner (1.1, 1.2) for Weld (WildFly) jar weld-jboss-runner-tck11
CDI TCK runner for Weld (JBoss AS) jar weld-jboss-tck-runner
Weld JUnit Extensions pom weld-junit-parent
Weld License Bundle jar weld-license
Weld Logging Tools jar weld-logging-tools
Weld Parent pom weld-parent
Weld Probe Client Adapter jar weld-probe-client-adapter

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