group: org.jboss.teiid.connectors

fresh name packaging artifact id
JDBC Translator bundle translator-jdbc
Loopback Translator bundle translator-loopback
Object Translator bundle translator-object
Web service Translator bundle translator-ws
Gogole API bundle google-api
MongoDB API bundle mongodb-api
Salesforce Translator bundle translator-salesforce
File Resource Adapter bundle connector-file
File Translator bundle translator-file
SimpleDB API jar simpledb-api
Teiid Webservice Feature Pack pom feature-pack-ws
JDBC Feature Pack pom feature-pack-jdbc
Document API bundle document-api
Apache SOLR Translator bundle translator-solr
Infinispan Protobuf Translator bundle translator-infinispan-hotrod
Cassandra CQL translator jar translator-cassandra
Accumulo translator jar translator-accumulo
Salesforce Resource Adapter bundle connector-salesforce
Infinispan Library Mode Translator bundle translator-infinispan-libmode
Salesforce Translator 34 bundle translator-salesforce-34
File API bundle file-api
Odata Translator bundle translator-odata
Infinispan Hotrod Protocol Based Resource Adapter bundle connector-infinispan-hotrod
Teiid Connector Swagger Feature Pack pom feature-pack-swagger
Couchbase API bundle couchbase-api
Infinispan API bundle infinispan-api
Salesforce API bundle salesforce-api
Web Service Adapter bundle connector-ws
Infinispan Cache Translator bundle translator-infinispan-cache
MongoDB Resource Adapter bundle connector-mongodb
MongoDB Translator bundle translator-mongodb
Cassandra Resource Adapter bundle connector-cassandra
Excel Translator bundle translator-excel
Google API Resource Adapter bundle connector-google
Google APIs Translator bundle translator-google
Hive Translator bundle translator-hive
JPA2 Translator bundle translator-jpa
LDAP Translator bundle translator-ldap
OData4 Translator bundle translator-odata4
OLAP Translator bundle translator-olap
Phoenix Translator bundle translator-phoenix
PrestoDB Translator bundle translator-prestodb
Amazon SimpleDB Translator jar translator-simpledb
Swagger Translator bundle translator-swagger
LDAP Resource Adapter bundle connector-ldap
Salesforce Resource Adapter API 34 jar connector-salesforce-34
SimpleDB Connector bundle connector-simpledb
Apache SOLR Resource Adapter bundle connector-solr
Accumulo Resource Adapter bundle connector-accumulo
FTP/FTPS Resource Adapter bundle connector-ftp
Infinispan DSL Translator bundle translator-infinispan-dsl
Infinispan Library Mode Connector bundle connector-infinispan-libmode
Couchbase Translator bundle translator-couchbase
Couchbase Resource Adapter bundle connector-couchbase
Teiid Connector OData Feature Pack pom feature-pack-odata
XML Common Connector jar connector-xml-common
JDBC Connector jar connector-jdbc
Loopback Connector jar connector-loopback
Salesforce Extensions pom salesforce
Cassandra Extensions pom cassandra
Infinispan Resource Adapter jar connector-infinispan
Infinispan Connector 6 bundle connector-infinispan.6
Infinispan Connector that supports DSL bundle connector-infinispan-dsl
Infinispan Library Mode Connector 6 bundle connector-infinispan-libmode.6
Text Connector jar connector-text
XML Connector jar connector-xml
Couchbase Extensions pom couchbase
Teiid Accumulo Feature Pack pom feature-pack-accumulo
Cassandra Feature Pack pom feature-pack-cassandra
Teiid Connector couchbase Feature Pack pom feature-pack-couchbase
Teiid Connector file Feature Pack pom feature-pack-file
Google Feature Pack pom feature-pack-google
Infinispan Feature Pack pom feature-pack-infinispan
Teiid Connector ldap Feature Pack pom feature-pack-ldap
Teiid Connector misc Feature Pack pom feature-pack-misc
Teiid Connector mongodb Feature Pack pom feature-pack-mongodb
Teiid Salesforce Feature Pack pom feature-pack-salesforce
Teiid Salesforce 34 Feature Pack pom feature-pack-salesforce-34
Teiid SimpleDB Feature Pack pom feature-pack-simpledb
Teiid SOLR Feature Pack pom feature-pack-solr
File Extensions pom file
Google Extensions pom google
Infinispan Extension pom infinispan
JDBC Extensions pom jdbc
Teiid Connector ldap parent pom ldap
Misc Extensions pom misc
MongoDB Extensions pom mongodb
OData Extensions pom odata
Accumulo Extensions pom accumulo
Sandbox pom sandbox
SimpleDB Extensions pom simpledb
SOLR Extensions pom solr
Swagger Extensions pom swagger
HBase Translator bundle translator-hbase
Webservice Extensions pom webservice

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