group: org.jboss.soa.bpel

fresh name packaging artifact id
ODE :: Utilities jar riftsaw-utils
ODE :: APIs jar riftsaw-bpel-api
ODE :: DAO Interfaces jar riftsaw-bpel-dao
ODE :: BPEL Compiler jar riftsaw-bpel-compiler
ODE :: Interface Layers Common jar riftsaw-bpel-epr
ODE :: BPEL Schemas jar riftsaw-bpel-schemas
ODE :: JPA DAO Impl jar riftsaw-dao-jpa
ODE :: JPA Hibernate DAO Impl jar riftsaw-dao-jpa-hibernate
ODE :: Process Store jar riftsaw-bpel-store
ODE :: Runtime Engine jar riftsaw-bpel-runtime
ODE :: BPEL Scheduler Simple jar riftsaw-scheduler-simple
ODE :: Java Concurrent Objects (JACOB) jar riftsaw-jacob
ODE :: Agents jar riftsaw-agents
ODE :: OBJ jar riftsaw-bpel-obj
ODE :: BPEL Query Language jar riftsaw-bpel-ql
ODE :: Hibernate DAO Implementation jar riftsaw-dao-hibernate
ODE :: JPA OpenJPA DAO Impl jar riftsaw-dao-jpa-ojpa
ODE :: JCA Resource Archive jar riftsaw-jca-ra
ODE :: BPEL Test Script Files jar riftsaw-bpel-scripts
ODE :: Command Line Tools jar riftsaw-tools
ODE :: JCA Server jar riftsaw-jca-server
ODE :: JCA Connector jar riftsaw-bpel-api-jca
ODE :: JCA Connector Implementation jar riftsaw-bpel-connector
RiftSaw::Runtime pom runtime
RiftSaw::Docs pom docs
ODE pom ode
ODE :: AXIS2 jar riftsaw-axis2
ODE :: BPEL Tests jar riftsaw-bpel-test
ODE :: Hibernate DAO DDL Generation jar riftsaw-dao-hib-db
ODE :: Hibernate DAO DDL Generation jar riftsaw-dao-hibernate-db
ODE :: JPA DDL Generation pom riftsaw-dao-jpa-db
ODE :: OpenJPA DDL Generation jar riftsaw-dao-jpa-ojpa-derby
Riftsaw-jacob-ap jar riftsaw-jacob-ap
Riftsaw-jbi jar riftsaw-jbi
RiftSaw::Distribution pom distribution

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