group: org.jboss.shrinkwrap

fresh name packaging artifact id
ShrinkWrap API jar shrinkwrap-api
ShrinkWrap Implementation Base jar shrinkwrap-impl-base
ShrinkWrap SPI jar shrinkwrap-spi
ShrinkWrap Dependency Chain pom shrinkwrap-depchain
ShrinkWrap Extension JBoss VFS3 jar shrinkwrap-extension-vfs3
ShrinkWrap NIO.2 API jar shrinkwrap-api-nio2
ShrinkWrap Extension ClassLoader jar shrinkwrap-extension-classloader
ShrinkWrap Extension JBoss Virtual Deployment Framework jar shrinkwrap-extension-vdf
ShrinkWrap NIO.2 Implementation jar shrinkwrap-impl-nio2
ShrinkWrap Dependency Chain for Java7 Environments pom shrinkwrap-depchain-java7
ShrinkWrap Bill of Materials pom shrinkwrap-bom
ShrinkWrap Extension GlassFish jar shrinkwrap-extension-glassfish
ShrinkWrap OpenEJB Integration Extension jar shrinkwrap-extension-openejb
ShrinkWrap Tomcat 6 Integration Extension jar shrinkwrap-extension-tomcat-6
ShrinkWrap Jetty 7 Integration Extension jar shrinkwrap-extension-jetty-7
ShrinkWrap Jetty 6 Integration Extension jar shrinkwrap-extension-jetty-6
ShrinkWrap Extension Descriptors jar shrinkwrap-extension-descriptors
ShrinkWrap Spring Boot :: API jar shrinkwrap-spring-boot-api
ShrinkWrap Spring Boot :: IMPL jar shrinkwrap-spring-boot-impl
ShrinkWrap Mobicents Sip Servles 1.x Integration Extension jar shrinkwrap-extension-mobicents-sip-servlets-1x
ShrinkWrap Aggregator and Build Parent zip shrinkwrap-parent
ShrinkWrap Assembly pom shrinkwrap-assembly
ShrinkWrap Spring Boot :: FTEST jar shrinkwrap-spring-boot-ftest
ShrinkWrap Spring Boot :: Parent zip shrinkwrap-springboot-parent
ShrinkWrap Jetty Integration Extension jar shrinkwrap-extension-jetty
Shrinkwrap Build Resources jar shrinkwrap-build-resources
ShrinkWrap Build pom shrinkwrap-build

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