group: org.jboss.osgi.bundles

fresh name packaging artifact id
JBossOSGi Bundles - Common bundle jboss-osgi-common
JBossOSGi Husky bundle jboss-osgi-husky
JBossOSGi Bundles - Common Core bundle jboss-osgi-common-core
JBossOSGi Bundles - JAXB bundle jboss-osgi-jaxb
JBossOSGi Bundles - Apache Xerces bundle jboss-osgi-apache-xerces
JBossOSGi Bundles - Blueprint bundle jboss-osgi-blueprint
JBossOSGi Bundles - XML Binding bundle jboss-osgi-xml-binding
JBossOSGi Reactor - JMX bundle jboss-osgi-jmx
JBossOSGi Bundles - JNDI bundle jboss-osgi-jndi
JBossOSGi Transaction bundle jboss-osgi-jta
JBossOSGi Bundles - JBoss Reflect bundle jboss-osgi-reflect
JBossOSGi WebConsole bundle jboss-osgi-webconsole
JBossOSGi Bundles - WebApp Support bundle jboss-osgi-webapp
JBossOSGi Bundles - Microcontainer bundle jboss-osgi-microcontainer
JBossOSGi Hot Deployment bundle jboss-osgi-hotdeploy
JBossOSGi Bundles - Service Loader bundle jboss-osgi-serviceloader
JBossOSGi Bundles - Husky Testsuite jar jboss-osgi-husky-testsuite
JBossOSGi Bundles - Blueprint pom jboss-osgi-blueprint-parent
JBossOSGi Bundles - Blueprint Testsuite jar jboss-osgi-blueprint-testsuite
JBossOSGi Bundles pom jboss-osgi-bundles
JBossOSGi Bundles - Husky pom jboss-osgi-husky-parent
JBossOSGi 3rd Party pom jboss-osgi-3rdparty
JBossOSGi Bundles - Remote Logging bundle jboss-osgi-remotelog

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