group: org.jboss.microcontainer

fresh name packaging artifact id
JBoss Microcontainer Dependency jar jboss-dependency
JBoss Microcontainer Kernel jar jboss-kernel
JBoss Microcontainer AOP MC INT jar jboss-aop-mc-int
JBoss Microcontainer Container jar jboss-container
JBoss Microcontainer Parent POM pom jboss-microcontainer
JBoss Deployers Core SPI jar jboss-deployers-core-spi
JBoss Deployers Client SPI jar jboss-deployers-client-spi
JBoss Deployers Structure SPI jar jboss-deployers-structure-spi
JBoss Deployers Core jar jboss-deployers-core
JBoss Deployers SPI jar jboss-deployers-spi
JBoss Deployers VFS SPI jar jboss-deployers-vfs-spi
JBoss Deployers Client jar jboss-deployers-client
JBoss Microcontainer Managed jar jboss-managed
JBoss Microcontainer JMX Integration jar jboss-jmx-mc-int
JBoss Microcontainer Metatype jar jboss-metatype
JBoss Deployers Impl jar jboss-deployers-impl
JBoss Microcontainer ClassLoader jar jboss-classloader
JBoss Deployers VFS jar jboss-deployers-vfs
JBoss Microcontainer Spring Int jar jboss-spring-int
JBoss Microcontainer Guice Int jar jboss-guice-int
JBoss Microcontainer Reliance Identity jar jboss-reliance-identity
JBoss Microcontainer OSGi Int jar jboss-osgi-int
JBoss OSGi Repository API jar jboss-osgi-repository-api
JBoss Microcontainer Reliance jBPM jar jboss-reliance-jbpm
JBoss Microcontainer Reliance Rules jar jboss-reliance-rules
JBossMC Reference Guide (aggregator) pom mc-reference
JBossMC Getting Started Guide (en_US) jdocbook microcontainer-getting-started-en_US
JBoss Microcontainer Varia pom jboss-microcontainer-varia
JBossMC Reference Guide (en_US) jdocbook microcontainer-reference-en_US
JBoss Microcontainer Aggregator pom jboss-microcontainer-aggregator
JBoss Microcontainer Combined Assembly pom jboss-microcontainer-combined
JBoss Microcontainer Distribution Build pom jboss-microcontainer-dist
JBoss Microcontainer OSGi API pom jboss-microcontainer-osgi-api
JBoss Microcontainer AOP/JMX Integration jar jboss-jmx-aop-mc-int

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