group: org.jboss.jsfunit

fresh name packaging artifact id
JSFUnit Arquillian Integration jar jsfunit-arquillian
JSFUnit Core jar jboss-jsfunit-core
JSFUnit Microcontainer deployer jar jboss-jsfunit-microdeployer
JSFUnit Core Ant Tasks jar jboss-jsfunit-ant
JSFUnit Examples pom jboss-jsfunit-examples
HelloJSF Example App pom jboss-jsfunit-examples-hellojsf
Seam Example Apps pom jboss-jsfunit-examples-seam
Seam Booking Example pom jboss-jsfunit-examples-seam-booking
Seam Booking EJB Module ejb jboss-jsfunit-examples-seam-booking-ejb
Seam Registration Example pom jboss-jsfunit-examples-seam-registration
Seam Registration EJB Module ejb jboss-jsfunit-examples-seam-registration-ejb
JSFUnit RichFaces Support jar jboss-jsfunit-richfaces
JSFUnit Seam Support jar jboss-jsfunit-seam
examples-arquillian pom examples-arquillian
JSFUnit Cactus Integration jar jsfunit-cactus
JSFUnit pom jboss-jsfunit
JSFUnit Analysis jar jboss-jsfunit-analysis

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