group: org.jboss.forge

fresh name packaging artifact id
Forge - Shell API jar forge-shell-api
Forge - Test Harness jar forge-test-harness
Forge - Shell jar forge-shell
Forge - XML Parser jar xml-parser
Forge - Maven Integration APIs jar forge-maven-api
Forge - Java EE APIs jar forge-javaee-api
Forge - Addon Container API jar forge-addon-container-api
Forge - Java EE Integration Impl & Plugins jar forge-javaee-impl
Forge Service :: Core jar forge-service-core
Forge - Bootstrap module jar forge-bootstrap
Forge - Maven Project Model jar forge-project-model-maven
Forge - Targeted Event Bus jar forge-event-bus
Javassist bundle forge-javassist
Forge - Scaffolding APIs jar forge-scaffold-api
Forge - Parser/Java API jar forge-parser-java-api
JBoss Modules jar jboss-modules
Forge - Dev Plugins jar forge-dev-plugins
Forge - Parser/XML jar forge-parser-xml
Forge - Arquillian Container Adapter - Classpath jar arquillian-forge-classpath
Forge - Scaffolding Plugins jar forge-scaffold-plugins
Forge - Parser/Java jar forge-parser-java
Forge - Resource Addon API jar resources-api
Forge - Dependencies API jar dependencies-api
Forge - Java Parser API jar java-parser-api
Forge - Test Harness (Web) jar forge-test-harness-web
Forge - Git Integration jar forge-git-tools
Forge - Scaffold Provider for Java Server Faces jar forge-scaffold-faces
Forge - Resource Addon jar resources
Forge - UI Addon Input Hints jar ui-hints
Forge - UI API jar ui-api
Forge - UI Addon jar ui
Forge - Convert API jar convert-api
Forge - Java Parser Implementation jar java-parser-impl
Forge Service :: REST jar forge-service-rest
Forge - Addon Container jar forge-addon-container
Forge - Projects Addon jar projects
Forge - Scaffolding from X API jar forge-scaffoldx-api
Forge - Convert Addon jar convert
Forge - Maven Impl jar maven-impl
Forge - Projects API jar projects-api
Forge - Scaffolding from X plugins jar forge-scaffoldx-plugins
Forge - Facets Addon jar facets
Forge - Dependencies Addon jar dependencies
Forge - Environment API jar environment-api
Forge - Addon Manager - Impl jar addon-manager-impl
Forge - Facets Addon API jar facets-api
JBoss Modules jar forge-jboss-modules
Forge - Maven Addon jar maven
Forge - Aesh SPI Addon jar aesh-spi
Forge - Tracking jar forge-tracking
Forge - Maven API jar maven-api
Forge - Proxy Utilities jar forge-proxy
Forge - Aesh Addon Test Harness jar aesh-test-harness
Forge - Java Parser Addon API jar parser-java-api
Forge - Scaffoldx Provider for Java Server Faces jar forge-scaffoldx-faces
Forge - Java Parser Addon jar parser-java
Forge - Addon Manager API jar addon-manager-api
Forge - Environment Addon jar environment
Forge - Example Addon jar example
Forge - Aesh Addon API jar aesh-api
Forge - Environment Impl jar environment-impl
Forge - Aesh Addon jar aesh
Forge - Convert Impl jar convert-impl
Forge - Addon Manager Addon jar addon-manager
Forge - Maven Projects Impl jar maven-impl-projects
Forge - Java Parser Addon Implementation jar parser-java-impl
Forge - Arquillian Container Adapter - Core jar arquillian-forge-core
Forge - Dependencies Impl jar dependencies-impl
Forge - Projects Impl jar projects-impl
Forge - JavaEE Addon jar javaee
Forge - Resource Addon Impl jar resources-impl
Forge - UI Addon Example jar ui-example
Forge - UI Impl jar ui-impl
Forge - Example Addon 2 jar example2
Forge - Aesh Addon Impl jar aesh-impl
Forge Roaster API jar roaster-api
Forge - JavaEE SPI Addon jar javaee-spi
Forge - JavaEE API jar javaee-api
Forge Roaster JDT Implementation jar roaster-jdt
Forge - Addon Development Addon API jar addons-api
Forge - Java SE UberJar Build jar forge-se
Forge - Facets Addon Impl jar facets-impl
Forge - Addon Development Addon Impl jar addons-impl
Forge - JavaEE Impl jar javaee-impl
Forge - Addon Development Addon jar addons
Forge - Addon Development Addon Tests jar addons-tests
Forge - Addon Development Addon Parent pom addons-parent
Forge - Projects Addon Parent pom projects-parent
Forge - Projects Addon Tests jar projects-tests
Forge - Resource Addon Parent pom resources-parent
Forge - Resources Addon Tests jar resources-tests
Forge Roaster - Parent pom roaster-parent
Forge - Addon Manager - Tests jar addon-manager-tests
Forge - Addon Manager - Parent pom addon-manager-parent
Forge - UI Addon Parent pom ui-parent
Forge - Distribution Build pom forge-distribution
Forge - Git Integration Tests jar forge-git-tools-tests
Forge - BOM pom forge-bom
Forge - Javadoc jar forge-javadoc
Forge - Addon Container Tests jar forge-addon-container-tests
Forge - Facets Addon Tests jar facets-tests
Forge - Facets Addon Parent pom facets-parent
Forge Maven Plugin maven-plugin forge-maven-plugin
Forge - Distribution pom forge-modules
Javassist bundle forge-org.jboss.forge.furnace.proxy.javassist
Forge - Parent zip forge-parent
Forge - Environment Addon Tests jar environment-tests
Forge - Environment Addon Parent pom environment-parent
Forge - Modular Plugin Loader jar forge-plugin-loader
Forge - Project Model Maven Tests jar forge-project-model-maven-tests
Forge - Proxy Tests jar forge-proxy-tests
Forge - Dependencies Addon Tests jar dependencies-tests
Forge - Dependencies Addon Parent pom dependencies-parent
Forge - Convert Addon Tests jar convert-tests
Forge - Convert Addon Parent pom convert-parent
Forge Service :: Parent zip forge-service-parent
Forge Service :: Web war forge-service-web
Forge - Arquillian Container Adapters pom arquillian-forge-parent
Forge - Aesh Addon Tests jar aesh-tests
Forge - UI Addon Tests jar ui-tests
Furnace - Proxy Tests jar furnace-proxy-tests
Furnace - Addon Container Tests jar furnace-tests
Forge - JavaEE Parent pom javaee-parent
Forge - JavaEE Tests jar javaee-tests
Forge - Aesh Addon Parent pom aesh-parent
Forge - Java Parser Parent pom java-parser-parent
Forge - Maven Addon Parent pom maven-parent
Forge - Maven Addon Tests jar maven-tests
Forge - Java Parser Addon Parent pom parser-java-parent
Forge - Java Parser Addon Tests jar parser-java-tests
Forge - Modular Plugin Loader jar plugin-loader

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