group: org.jboss.ejb3

fresh name packaging artifact id
JBoss EJB 3 Extension API jar jboss-ejb3-ext-api
JBoss EJB 3.0 Common Utilities jar jboss-ejb3-common
JBoss EJB 3.0 Core jar jboss-ejb3-core
JBoss EJB 3.1 API jar jboss-ejb3-api
JBoss EJB 3 Interceptors jar jboss-ejb3-interceptors
JBoss EJB 3.x Proxy Implementation (Internals) jar jboss-ejb3-proxy-impl
JBoss EJB 3.0 Security jar jboss-ejb3-security
JBoss EJB 3.x Proxy SPI jar jboss-ejb3-proxy-spi
JBoss EJB 3.0 Meta Data bridge jar jboss-ejb3-metadata
JBoss EJB 3.0 Implementation Classes jar jboss-ejb3-ext-api-impl
JBoss EJB 3.0 Clustered Proxy jar jboss-ejb3-proxy-clustered
JBoss EJB 3 Cache jar jboss-ejb3-cache
JBoss EJB 3.0 Transactions jar jboss-ejb3-transactions
JBoss EJB 3.x TimerService SPI jar jboss-ejb3-timerservice-spi
JBoss EJB 3.x Endpoint SPI jar jboss-ejb3-endpoint
JBoss EJB 3.0 Testing Libraries jar jboss-ejb3-test
JBoss EJB3 Deployers jar jboss-ejb3-deployers
JBoss EJB3 TimerService naming jar jboss-ejb3-timerservice-naming
JBoss EJB3 Metadata deployers jar jboss-ejb3-metadata-deployers
JBoss EJB3.1+ Timerservice deployer jar jboss-ejb3-timerservice-deployer
JBoss EJB 3.x JPA Integration jar jboss-ejb3-jpa-int
JBoss EJB 3.x MicroContainer Integration jar jboss-ejb3-mc-int
JBoss EJB 3.x Metrics Implementation jar jboss-ejb3-metrics-deployer
JBoss EJB 3.x Proxy Transition jar jboss-ejb3-proxy
JBoss EJB 3.x AS Integration jar jboss-ejb3-as-int
JBoss EJB 3.x Endpoint Deployer jar jboss-ejb3-endpoint-deployer
JBoss EJB 3.0 Aspects [Async] jar jboss-ejb3-async
JBoss EJB3 Project pom jboss-ejb3
JBoss EJB 3.0 Plugin Installer jar jboss-ejb3-installer
JBoss EJB 3.0 Remote Test Server jar jboss-ejb3-test-remote
JBoss EJB 3.x JTA Profile jar jboss-ejb3-jta-profile
JBoss EJB 3 Pool jar jboss-ejb3-core-pool
JBoss EJB 3.0 Simple Interceptor System jar jboss-ejb3-sis
JBoss EJB3.1 Component jar jboss-ejb3_1
JBoss EJB 3.0 Embedded jar jboss-ejb3-embedded
JBoss EJB 3.x TimerService AS 5 jar jboss-ejb3-timerservice-as5
JBoss EJB 3.x Metrics SPI jar jboss-ejb3-metrics-spi
JBoss EJB 3.1 Implementation of the No-Interface view jar jboss-ejb3-nointerface
JBoss EJB 3 Implementation Classes jar jboss-ejb3-impl
@Service Bean (JBoss specific) jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-service
@Service Bean (JBoss specific) using deployment descriptors jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-service_deployment_descriptor
EJB3 Tutorial Cleanup pom jboss-ejb3-tutorial-shutdown
Access EJB3 through SSL socket jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-ssl
EJB3.0 Stateful Bean Tutorial jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-stateful
EJB3 Stateful Session Beans with deployment descriptors jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-stateful-with_deployment_descriptor
EJB3.0 Stateless Bean Tutorial jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-stateless
EJB3 Stateless Session Beans with deployment descriptors jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-stateless-with_deployment_descriptor
EJB3 Timer Service jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-timer
WebServices in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-webservice
JBoss EJB 3 pom jboss-ejb3-aggregator
JBoss EJB 3.0 Build POM pom jboss-ejb3-build
JBoss EJB3 Package Manager jar jboss-ejb3-package-manager
JBoss EJB 3.0 Plugin Installer Assembly pom jboss-ejb3-plugin
JBoss Extension - Asynchronous EJB3 Calls jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-asynch
Blob and Clob Support in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-blob
JBoss EJB3 Tutorial Build pom jboss-ejb3-tutorial-build
Caching of EJB3 Entities in JBoss jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-cachedentity
Callbacks and Callback handlers in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-callbacks
JBoss EJB3 Tutorial Common Parent POM pom jboss-ejb3-tutorial-common
JMS Consumers and Producers in JBoss jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-consumer
JMS Consumers and Producers with deployment descriptors in JBoss jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-consumer_with-deployment-descriptor
JBoss EJB3 bean depending on a MBean jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-dependency
EJB2.1 style clients with EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-ejb21_client_adaptors
EJB3 application for "enterprise_app" tutorial jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-enterprise_ejb3app
EJB3.0 Entities Tutorial jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity
Entities with composite IDs in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity-compositekeys
Embeddable usage in EJB3 Entities jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity-embeddable
EJB3.0 Merging of Entities Tutorial jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity-merge
Relationships between Entities in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity-relationships
SecondaryTable for Entities in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity-secondarytable
SingleInheritance in EJB3 Entities jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity-singleinheritance
Table-per-Inheritance in EJB3 Entities jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-entity-tableperinheritance
Extended Persistence Context in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-extended-persistencecontext
EJB3 Tutorial Init pom jboss-ejb3-tutorial-init
Injection in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-injection
EJB3 Interceptors jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-interceptor
Using JBoss deployment descriptors in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-jboss_deployment_descriptor
Quartz scheduler integration jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-jca_inflow_quartz
JNDI binding for beans jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-jndibinding
EJB3.0 Inheritance of Entities jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-joininheritance
Message Driven Beans in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-mdb
EJB3 MDB with deployment descriptors jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-mdb_with-deployment-descriptor
Partial deployment descriptor usage to define a EJB jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-partial_deployment_descriptor
EJB2.1 application for "reference21_30" tutorial jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-reference21_30_ejb21_app
EJB3 application for "reference21_30" tutorial jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-reference21_30_ejb3_app
Resource ref with EJB3 beans jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-resource_ref
Security in EJB3 jar jboss-ejb3-tutorial-security

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