group: org.jboss.dna

fresh name packaging artifact id
JBoss DNA Common jar dna-common
JBoss DNA Graph jar dna-graph
JBoss DNA Repository jar dna-repository
JBoss DNA Federation Connector jar dna-connector-federation
JBoss DNA JCR implementation jar dna-jcr
JBoss DNA Integration Tests jar dna-integration-tests
JBoss DNA CND Utility jar dna-cnd
JBoss DNA Maven Classloader jar dna-classloader-maven
JBoss DNA MP3 Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-mp3
JBoss DNA Image Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-images
JBoss DNA Connector to JBoss Cache jar dna-connector-jbosscache
JBoss DNA Java Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-java
JBoss DNA Service Provider Interface (SPI) jar dna-spi
JBoss DNA JDBC Common model jar dna-common-jdbc
JBoss DNA Connector to a simple in-memory repository jar dna-connector-inmemory
JBoss DNA Connector to JPA Persistence Store jar dna-connector-store-jpa
JBoss DNA Search Engine for Lucene jar dna-search-lucene
JBoss DNA Maven Classloader jar dna-maven-classloader
JBoss DNA Connector to JDBC Schemas jar dna-connector-jdbc-metadata
JBoss DNA Connector to JBoss Infinispan jar dna-connector-infinispan
JBoss DNA DDL Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-ddl
JBoss DNA Connector to a local file system jar dna-connector-filesystem
JBoss DNA Connector to SVN jar dna-connector-svn
JBoss DNA JCR REST Client jar dna-web-jcr-rest-client
JBoss DNA JPA Connector DDL Generator jar dna-jpa-ddl-gen
JBoss DNA Aperture MIME-type detector jar dna-mimetype-detector-aperture
JBoss DNA Java Class File Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-classfile
JBoss DNA CND Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-cnd
JBoss DNA jBPM jPDL Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-jbpm-jpdl
JBoss DNA Microsoft Office Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-msoffice
JBoss DNA Text File Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-text
JBoss DNA XML Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-xml
JBoss DNA ZIP Sequencer jar dna-sequencer-zip
JBoss DNA JCR REST Library jar dna-web-jcr-rest
JBoss DNA pom dna

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