group: org.jboss.arquillian.container

fresh name packaging artifact id
Arquillian Container SPI jar arquillian-container-spi
Arquillian Container Weld EE Embedded 1.1.x jar arquillian-weld-ee-embedded-1.1
Arquillian Container Test SPI jar arquillian-container-test-spi
Arquillian Container Weld SE Embedded 1.1.x jar arquillian-weld-se-embedded-1.1
Arquillian Container Test API jar arquillian-container-test-api
Arquillian Container Test Implementation Base jar arquillian-container-test-impl-base
Arquillian Container GlassFish Embedded 3.1 jar arquillian-glassfish-embedded-3.1
Arquillian Tomcat Embedded 7.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-embedded-7
Arquillian Container Implementation Base jar arquillian-container-impl-base
Arquillian Container Weld jar arquillian-weld-embedded
Arquillian Tomcat Container Common jar arquillian-tomcat-common
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Common jar arquillian-container-osgi
Arquillian OSGi Embedded Container jar arquillian-container-osgi-embedded
Arquillian Container Jetty Embedded 7.x jar arquillian-jetty-embedded-7
Arquillian Container Jetty Embedded 9.x jar arquillian-jetty-embedded-9
Arquillian Tomcat Embedded 8.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-embedded-8
Arquillian Tomcat Managed 7.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-managed-7
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Karaf :: Managed jar arquillian-container-karaf-managed
Arquillian Container GAE CLI jar arquillian-gae-cli
Arquillian Tomcat Remote 7.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-remote-7
Arquillian Tomcat Managed Container Common jar arquillian-tomcat-managed-common
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: JBoss :: Embedded jar arquillian-container-jbosgi-embedded
Arquillian OSGi Container Embedded jar arquillian-osgi-embedded
Arquillian Tomcat Embedded Container Common jar arquillian-tomcat-embedded-common
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Tests jar arquillian-container-osgi-tests
Container-se-managed jar container-se-managed
Arquillian Container GAE Common jar arquillian-gae-common
Arquillian Container WebLogic Common Functionality jar arquillian-wls-common
Arquillian Tomcat Remote Container Common jar arquillian-tomcat-remote-common
Container-se-api jar container-se-api
Arquillian Container OpenWebBeans Embedded 1.x jar arquillian-openwebbeans-embedded-1
Arquillian Container GlassFish Remote 3.1 jar arquillian-glassfish-remote-3.1
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Managed 6.x jar arquillian-jbossas-managed-6
Arquillian Tomcat Embedded 6.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-embedded-6
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Felix :: Embedded jar arquillian-container-felix-embedded
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Karaf :: Remote jar arquillian-container-karaf-remote
Arquillian Container GlassFish Managed 3.1 jar arquillian-glassfish-managed-3.1
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Remote 6.x jar arquillian-jbossas-remote-6
Arquillian Container JBoss Reloaded jar arquillian-reloaded
Container-se-server jar container-se-server
Arquillian Container WebSphere Liberty Profile Managed 8.5 jar arquillian-wlp-managed-8.5
Arquillian Container GlassFish Common Services jar arquillian-glassfish-common
Fabric8 :: Integration Tests :: Arquillian :: Fabric8 Common jar arquillian-fabric8-common
Arquillian Container Jetty Common Utilities jar arquillian-jetty-common
Arquillian Container Weld SE Embedded 1.x jar arquillian-weld-se-embedded-1
Arquillian Container OpenShift Express jar arquillian-openshift-express
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Karaf :: Embedded jar arquillian-container-karaf-embedded
Arquillian Container GlassFish Embedded 3.x jar arquillian-glassfish-embedded-3
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Managed 4.2.x jar arquillian-jbossas-managed-4.2
Arquillian Container GlassFish Remote 3.x (JSR 88) jar arquillian-glassfish-remote-3
Arquillian Container JSR 88-compliant Remote 1.2 jar arquillian-jsr88-remote-1.2
Relocation wls-remote-12.1 > 12.1.x jar arquillian-wls-remote-12.1
Arquillian Container Undertow Embedded jar undertow-embedded
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Embedded 6.x jar arquillian-jbossas-embedded-6
Arquillian Container OSGi Embedded 4.2.x jar arquillian-osgi-embedded-4.2
Arquillian Container WebSphere Liberty Profile Remote 8.5 jar arquillian-wlp-remote-8.5
Relocation wls-remote-12.1.2 > 12.1.x jar arquillian-wls-remote-12.1.2
Arquillian Tomcat Managed 6.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-managed-6
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Remote 5.1.x jar arquillian-jbossas-remote-5.1
ShrinkWrap Container Undertow Integration Extension jar shrinkwrap-container-undertow
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Remote 6.0 jar arquillian-jbossas-remote-60
Arquillian Container OpenWebBeans Embedded jar arquillian-openwebbeans-embedded
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Remote 5.x jar arquillian-jbossas-remote-5
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Remote 4.2.x jar arquillian-jbossas-remote-4.2
Container-se-tests jar container-se-tests
Arquillian OSGi Container Felix jar arquillian-osgi-felix
Arquillian OSGi Remote Container jar arquillian-osgi-remote
Arquillian Container Parent GAE pom arquillian-parent-gae
Arquillian Container Parent GlassFish pom arquillian-parent-glassfish
Arquillian Container Parent JBoss AS pom arquillian-parent-jbossas
Arquillian Container Parent Jetty zip arquillian-parent-jetty
Arquillian Container Parent OpenShift pom arquillian-parent-openshift
Arquillian Container Parent OpenWebBeans pom arquillian-parent-openwebbeans
Arquillian Tomcat Container Parent zip arquillian-parent-tomcat
Arquillian Container Undertow zip arquillian-parent-undertow
Arquillian Container Parent WebSphere AS zip arquillian-parent-was
Arquillian Container Parent Weld zip arquillian-parent-weld
Arquillian Container - WebLogic Parent Project zip arquillian-parent-wls
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Managed 5.1.x jar arquillian-jbossas-managed-5.1
Arquillian Container JBoss Reloaded Embedded 1.x jar arquillian-reloaded-embedded-1
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Local 6.0 jar arquillian-jbossas-local-60
Arquillian Tomcat Container Parent pom arquillian-tomcat-container-parent
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Local 5.1 jar arquillian-jbossas-local-51
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Embedded 6.0 jar arquillian-jbossas-embedded-60
Arquillian Container Glassfish Embedded 3.0 jar arquillian-glassfish-embedded-30
Arquillian Tomcat Embedded 9.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-embedded-9
Arquillian Container GAE Tools 1.x jar arquillian-gae-tools
Arquillian Tomcat Embedded Container Parent pom arquillian-tomcat-embedded-parent
Arquillian Tomcat Managed 5.5.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-managed-5.5
Arquillian Container GAE Remote 1.x jar arquillian-gae-remote
Arquillian Container Tomcat Managed 8.x jar arquillian-tomcat-managed-8
Arquillian Container GAE Local 1.x jar arquillian-gae-local
Arquillian Tomcat Managed Container Parent pom arquillian-tomcat-managed-parent
Arquillian Tomcat Remote 6.x Container jar arquillian-tomcat-remote-6
Arquillian Container GAE GCloud 1.x jar arquillian-gae-gcloud
Arquillian Container GAE Embedded 1.x jar arquillian-gae-embedded
Arquillian Tomcat Remote Container Parent pom arquillian-tomcat-remote-parent
Fabric8 :: Integration Tests :: Arquillian :: Remote Fabric8 Container jar arquillian-fabric8-remote
Arquillian Container SE pom arquillian-container-se
Arquillian Container Weld Root POM pom arquillian-weld-embedded-root
Arquillian Container Aggregator jar arquillian-container-parent
Arquillian OSGi Remote Container jar arquillian-container-osgi-remote
Arquillian Container WebSphere Liberty Profile Managed 8.5 jar arquillian-wlp-managed-85
Arquillian OSGi :: Container pom arquillian-container-osgi-parent
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Karaf pom arquillian-container-karaf
Arquillian Container WebLogic Embedded 12.1 jar arquillian-wls-embedded-12.1
Relocation wls-managed-10.3 > 10.3.x jar arquillian-wls-managed-10.3
Arquillian WebLogic Managed 10.3.x Container Adapter jar arquillian-wls-managed-10.3.x
Relocation wls-managed-12.1 > 12.1.x jar arquillian-wls-managed-12.1
Relocation wls-managed-12.1.2 > 12.1.x jar arquillian-wls-managed-12.1.2
Arquillian WebLogic Managed 12.1.x Container Adapter jar arquillian-wls-managed-12.1.x
Arquillian WebLogic Managed REST Container Adapter jar arquillian-wls-managed-rest
Relocation wls-remote-10.3 > 10.3.x jar arquillian-wls-remote-10.3
Arquillian WebLogic Remote 10.3.x Container Adapter jar arquillian-wls-remote-10.3.x
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: JBoss pom arquillian-container-jbosgi
Arquillian WebLogic Remote 12.1.x Container Adapter jar arquillian-wls-remote-12.1.x
Arquillian WebLogic Remote REST Container Adapter jar arquillian-wls-remote-rest
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Felix pom arquillian-container-felix
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Equinox :: Embedded jar arquillian-container-equinox-embedded
Arquillian OSGi :: Container :: Equinox pom arquillian-container-equinox
Arquillian Container Jetty Embedded 6.1.x jar arquillian-jetty-embedded-6.1
Arquillian Container Jetty Embedded 8.x jar arquillian-jetty-embedded-8
Arquillian Container AppScale Remote 1.x jar arquillian-appscale-remote
Arquillian Container OpenEJB jar arquillian-openejb
Arquillian Container OpenEJB Embedded 3.1.x jar arquillian-openejb-embedded-3.1
Arquillian Container JBoss AS Remote 5.1 jar arquillian-jbossas-remote-51

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