group: org.jboss.aerogear.unifiedpush

fresh name packaging artifact id
UnifiedPush Server Model API jar unifiedpush-model-api
UnifiedPush Service Layer jar unifiedpush-service
UnifiedPush Push Message Model jar unifiedpush-push-model
UnifiedPush Server Model JPA implementation jar unifiedpush-model-jpa
UnifiedPush Common classes and utils jar unifiedpush-common
UnifiedPush Push Notification Networks jar unifiedpush-push-sender
UnifiedPush Push Notification Networks jar unifiedpush-push
UnifiedPush RESTful Endpoint jar unifiedpush-jaxrs
unified-push-java-client jar unified-push-java-client
UnifiedPush Server for JBossAS (WAR) war unifiedpush-server-as7
UnifiedPush Servers Parent pom unifiedpush-servers
UnifiedPush Server for Wildfly (Plain) war unifiedpush-server-wildfly
UnifiedPush Server for Wildfly (Keycloak) war unifiedpush-server-wildfly-keycloak
AeroGear UnifiedPush Server pom unifiedpush-parent
UnifiedPush Admin UI jar unifiedpush-admin-ui
UnifiedPush Auth Server war unifiedpush-auth-server
UnifiedPush Server Distribution Package zip unifiedpush-dist
UnifiedPush Database Migrator jar unifiedpush-migrator
UnifiedPush Model Layer pom unifiedpush-model-parent
java-sender jar java-sender
UnifiedPush Sender Module pom unifiedpush-push-parent
UnifiedPush Server (WAR) war unifiedpush-server

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